Zetman 175

  » Posted January 1st, 2012 by DrPepperPro

Happy New Year. Good manga prospects on the horizon this year, 3 Berserk movies and 1 Zetman anime.


(also note, we’ve been having some problems with the tracker going down, so if a torrent doesn’t work, try back in some hours or the next day.)

22 Responses to “Zetman 175”

  1. ssjkakaroto Says:

    Great way to start the year! Thanks!

  2. Burnie Says:

    Thanks for the Zetman and happy new year!

  3. Sandwich Says:

    Wait, what? Three Berserk movies? We’re getting the whole Golden Ages Trilogy in 2012?! I didn’t know this!

    Oh yeah, thanks for the Zetman.

  4. Slumber Says:

    Lots of good news for the New Year, thanks.

  5. Argen Says:

    woo, thanks guys! and happy new year to all the wonderful people in Evil-Genius, my favorite scanlator without a doubt!

  6. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much Evil Genius!

  7. berggen Says:

    Thanks a lot and a happy new year!!!

  8. vee Says:

    thank you for zetman.
    my fav. manga from masakazu katsura

  9. kaizoku Says:

    awesome!! Thanks again for the release!

  10. Aldarion Says:

    So many new zetman chapters! Thank you very much 🙂

  11. Thana Says:

    Yep, thanks as usual.

  12. Ghengis John Says:

    Bummer about the tracker, but a happy new year, EG.

  13. stargood Says:

    Another Zetman chapter so soon!! I mean, I mean, I Love You, Man!!

  14. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    any news about the berkserker ? 🙁

  15. stargood Says:

    I still can’t download the .torrent file. Until the tracker is more stable, might I humbly suggest that you upload the chapter to one of the file hosting services?

  16. BlazeX Says:

    If you said we would get 3 Berserk chapters this year, i already would be beyond happy.

  17. Phireo Says:

    New Berserk Chapter on 27th with a nice B2 Poster! Also, don’t forget the first part of the film comes out on the 4th of February!


  18. annarek Says:

    for serius??? i cant wait!!!!

  19. iGrowPot Says:

    WOW, that really made my day! Wasnt expecting a new chapter till mid february or early march! Awesome!! Plus the first movie!

  20. Mystyc Vegeta Says:


  21. MmM Says:

    Thx Phireo !

  22. griffeth Says:

    “do I need a reason every time I save your life?!!!!”

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