Angel Heart 174-176, Biomega 36, Zetman 137-140

  » Posted April 8th, 2010 by arke

We haven’t forgotten about the rest of our projects. We have a mega-release for everyone today. Eight chapters! And yes, some more Biomega.




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  1. Henrik Says:

    I’m leaning towards Jinbei’s translation of it. Not out of false hope but nothing from that analysis is very indicative of him saying “sorry guys, show’s over”. What Miura is saying sounds clear enough: That anime today is in a sad state, and leaning more towards weird crap or girlie stuff, and that we need more masculine anime out there because there is a demand for it. That seems to be a very clever clue without going ahead and saying something definitive, as a creative person promising something is usually a curse on it. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a new anime, but I’m distanced enough from Berserk to not go and huddle in the corner rocking and crying if it doesn’t happen. Though I will say I’m more interested in seeing the post golden age arc in animated form than what we’re getting now. It will seem fresh again.

  2. Thana Says:

    I might be wrong, Henrik, but the shield of the fat knight in the background looks like one of the Knights of the Holy Iron Chains. I can’t see his left hand but he wears a coat and full armor. While killing the 100 men he stripped most of his armor and he definitly didn’t wear a cloak.
    The second pic is, like you mentioned, Caska after the Eclipse.
    Pic 3 and 4 I can’t recognize, although Zodd has clearly 2 horns, which means it happened before the Tower of Rebirth. But why should there already be pics of the story so far away from after the Eclipse? Could be a flashback. Because of the effects in those pics it look different compared to the old anime.

    Well, would be nice to see the later arcs as an anime but it’s not a must for me…

  3. Henrik Says:

    Yeah I was thinking flashbacks myself, or they were simply, as I’ve read elsewhere, demo animations from the pitching process to show what the series would look like.

  4. Henrik Says:

    Also, I think you meant to respond to Jinbei not me.

  5. Thana Says:

    I think, it’s been written in delirium… by me, that is 😉

  6. Jinbei Says:

    Right, yeah. I figure the Zodd pic is from when he first appears to Guts to do his “You gonna die” bit before taking off through the ceiling.

    Could be flashbacks… in fact, it would be weirder to NOT have some kind of “previously on Berserk” bit at the start of the series, considering the time gap between the two.

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