Angel Heart 126, Biomega 28, Watanabe 6, Zetman 93

  » Posted August 3rd, 2008 by arke

So, I guess we’re supposed to release stuff or something? Let’s try these four.


28 Responses to “Angel Heart 126, Biomega 28, Watanabe 6, Zetman 93”

  1. shanak Says:

    are we suppose to comment?
    Waht about “thanks!”?

  2. Jarome Says:

    Much propz on the new chapter from this brand new volume of Zetman!!! That means another release should be coming real soon?

    Whatever, keep doin’ your thing guys…

  3. n00bito Says:

    how disappoint sweeper, and i thought that speed of yours was good for something

    well, anyway thanks for the chapter

  4. Sa[ff] Says:

    THX!!! That’s a release I’ve been waitin’ for. 4 pieces to read. Great.

  5. dude Says:


  6. Esper Says:

    Finally Biomega 28 !
    Thank you !!!

    On a side note:
    could you please translate the sound FX again ? It makes understanding some panels a lot easier !

  7. blackdragon Says:

    WTF!! That white sweeper got his ass handed to him. I’m soo piss off now.

  8. Lara Skadi Says:

    these links made me happy for 2 seconds – before I saw no Berserk. It’s been about 1,5 month now, I’m thirsty!! T.T

    well, I don’t read these other mangas, but I can see your hard work in there, so keep on moving guys! You’re awesome 🙂

  9. Dream World Says:

    More Zetman please!!!!!!!!

  10. ESP_r Says:

    Finally Biomega 28 !
    THANK YOU !!!

    Could you please translate the sound FX again ?
    Makes understanding the action easier !

  11. anonymous Says:

    Thanks! Always appreciate the E.G. releases.

  12. Bop Says:

    Thank you for the releases EG… Oh, good luck arke on the new job. Hope you have lots of fun dealing with us leechers.

  13. leo Says:

    OMG youre gods finally some zetman goodness THANK YOU SO MUCH! PLEASE KEEP SCANLATING ALL THESE GREAT SERIES!

    long live evil-genius scans BTW i wrote in capital cuz im screaming in joy ^^

  14. Sinistar Says:

    Thank you very much for Biomega.
    Now I humbly await Berserk.

  15. JG Says:

    Thanks a bundle. I loveth Zetman…

  16. Badr Says:

    Arigato EG, the new Watanabe project is promessing It’s strange but the hero resemble me a lot !!

  17. Sandra Says:

    zetman und biomega <33
    thank you SO much!

  18. The Prince Says:

    Any news (rumors) regarding the next possible release date for Berserk?

  19. Cower Says:

    Biomega – YAY!
    Zetman – Yay!
    Angel Heart – yay!

  20. mongo Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate you scanlating Zetman.

  21. Red Says:

    Biomega 28 brought tears of joy and awesome to my eyes. Thanks guys and keep on trucking.

  22. kntrville Says:

    finally! I feel overwhelmed with joy! thanks, keep on.

  23. Harold Says:

    started reading angel heart and so far so good. appreciate the hard work you guys are doing ^^. i’m sure you’ll do an awesome job when berserk comes out next week (fingers crossed heheh)

  24. lilaceboy Says:

    berserk will come out whenever it comes ppl. the writer loves taking his 6 month vacations >_>. lets not haggle the good ppl of EG

    thanks for the scans btw EG

  25. bruceleeroy Says:

    godammit eg, i am now hooked on zetman and always waiting for berserk, WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO. now i have to wait for more zetman T_T

  26. Phireo Says:

    I am sorry to say we will have to wait at least another month… No new chapters yet… Not announced either…


  27. Harold Says:

    that’s fine i can wait. it takes time to make a masterpiece like berserk. we just need a waiting montage.

  28. krazyivan Says:


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