Angel Heart 173, Mugen-tou 1, Zetman 135-136

  » Posted March 20th, 2010 by miyagiCE

Now for something to keep me busy till my cup noodles cool down to edible temperature. No Berserk in sight, by the way.

Still playing catch-up with the anime. Don’t worry though, sooner or later (probably later) we’ll have new material to present.

tsubaimomo and DrPepperPro have done it again. Mugen-tou is the full-colour first chapter of a new series about a colourful (no pun intended) island. We’re not sure if we’ll be continuing it though.

Shocking revelations on the Zetman front! Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

21 Responses to “Angel Heart 173, Mugen-tou 1, Zetman 135-136”

  1. TicO Says:

    FIRST !!!


  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for scanlating Mugen-tou! πŸ˜€

  3. Kimpan Says:

    TY πŸ˜€ love it!

    And the new manga Mugen-tou imo wasnt really good, but thanks anyways πŸ˜€

  4. Dille Says:

    Wow! Mugentou looks pretty sweet! I hope you’ll continue to scanlate it. πŸ™‚

  5. ekiow Says:

    And now, the story arc I hated the most finally began (most hated in the anime, that is).
    It’s kind of a shame but I thank you for your good (as usual) scanlation work anyway.

  6. ekiow Says:

    ^ Ups… I was talking about Angel Heart of course…
    (Don’t know if the other two have anime adaptions, but it’s probably worth the time, to investigate the answer to that question)

  7. Thana Says:

    Weeeee~! Zetman!

  8. Zetman Says:

    Thanks for the Zetman.

  9. Hikaru_b Says:

    Chapters 173 or 179? You guys have named the new chapter file for AH as 179. I’m guessing it’s a typo,or *GASP* you’ve posted 6 chapters?! Chapters 173 through to 179!?!

  10. tsubaimomo Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. The link was named wrong, it’s just chapter 173.

  11. DamnedBones Says:

    Thanks guys.

  12. geroprog Says:

    Thank you!

  13. hokujin Says:

    Thanx, no berserk but at least there’s AngelHeart and Zetman 8)

  14. Wrath Says:


  15. MrTeatime Says:

    thanks! although we, as always, need the real deal…B…

  16. Thana Says:

    … iomega? Wasn’t it finished? πŸ˜‰

  17. Kagano Says:

    I don’t mean to be nosy or be rude in any way, but if EG is looking for new manga to scanlate why not try something like a Go Nagai manga or some rare/hard to find ones like Togari or Sarai or the manga adaptation of Jin-Roh ( I had heard that it was something of a continuing serialization by the name of panzer police or some such). It seems like the mainstream manga at this point, both in the United States and Japan, is more about shonen and wacky themes like One Piece (ugh, terrible manga), so it would be nice to have some more quality manga to read (I’ll settle for some manga suggestions of your own if you aren’t willing or are too busy to start on another manga scanlation project.)

    Also, I’ve heard that there is another Miura manga aside from King of Wolves and Berserk by the name of “Japan” which is sort of a Japanese take on Mad Max and the whole post apocalyptic spiel. Might be worth a look see, if it isn’t just a single volume work like King of Wolves.

    If not, that’s cool too; like I said, just suggesting, not expecting anything =)

    Thanks, and I very much appreciate the work of EG!

  18. DrPepperPro Says:

    Japan – You can find a scan of it on the internet somewhere, it’s published by Dark Horse though. And ya it’s 1 volume. Also, Japan and King of Wolves are only drawn by Miura. They story is by Buronson, who made the story for Hokuto no Ken. There are two oneshots by Miura, both about 50 pages. His art is recognizable but much different from even the first volumes of Berserk. We might do them eventually, but that could be a long eventually.

    Jin-Roh – I agree it’d be nice to read those 3 that’re set in the Jin-roh world, but I can’t find raws of the first 2 series. The third has scans here:
    Though finding a translator is the hard part.

    Togari – finished by Viz, and looks like it’s got scans online somewhere as well. And the sequel only just started and will probably get the same treatment.

    Sarai – meh

    We will have the first volume of another new project released by/with the next Berserk. So look forward to it, I guess.

  19. Kagano Says:

    I see, well thanks for the info and I’ll definitely look forward to more releases. Keep on rockin’!

  20. basquel Says:

    HELL YES! I want a Go Nagai manga! Devilman would be great. Not meant to be rude – EG is doing a great work anyway.

  21. magallanes Says:

    Hi there:
    AFAIK :Mugentou is fine but is to far to the “editorial line” of Evil Genius, so if you want to cut it then go ahead.

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