Angel Heart 172, Berserk 311, Biomega 35

  » Posted February 12th, 2010 by miyagiCE

Mad props to DrPepperPro for almost single-handedly editing all these chapters here. Enjoy. Berserk returns February 26th.


You can look forward to new Zetman before then, though.

Also, we made a minor mistake in the last Berserk chapter, so here are the fixed pages for those that care.

Page 21
Page 22

62 Responses to “Angel Heart 172, Berserk 311, Biomega 35”

  1. veiko100 Says:

    to Selfproclaimed expert – read thous mangas again :). An Egg of Perfect World took Guts child into itself to bring him into this new world. Trough that child reborn. But Griffit came from ceremony. So it is different. Besides Griffits body has allways being childish.
    Casca run for Griffit not because he was her child, but because he reminded her old days (somehow). Notise that when approaching to Griffit, her brand started to bleed. But when they meet her child on the beach, brand didn`t react.

  2. Morshu Says:

    I’m curious as to the appearance of the girl; immediately upon seeing the girl in the manga I was hit with a sense of familiarity, but I couldn’t tell what I was reminded of; upon cruising’s message boards I remembered.

    Around last June or July the good folks at sent out a letter to Miura sama to thank him for personally responding to their inquiries; in this thank you letter, one of the patrons of by the name of Grovel sent a bookmark crafted by his daughter, and along with it a picture of his daughter who is an adorable freckled redheaded girl with saucer sized eyes.

    If you think about it, Miura took a great portion of last fall/winter as a sabatical and what releases he made focused on the action on the high seas; he couldn’t exactly draw the girl into a scene on a frigate in the midst of battles with pirates, this is the earliest he could pen the girl in.

    I’m going to see what Miura names this little girl, but my bet is that this is his token of appreciation toward Grovel’s daughter’s craftwork.
    If this turns out to be true I would be blown away by such a gesture.

  3. Selfproclaimed expert Says:

    “Notise that when approaching to Griffit, her brand started to bleed. But when they meet her child on the beach, brand didn`t react.” woah, dude.. Do you really think the child on the beach was theirs? o.o I mean, Really? *sigh*

  4. convict Says:

    I love the side track to kick some more god/demon ass i hope the manga never ends :)thx again EG

  5. Wrath Says:

    So now we know who to blame. Grovel’s daughter. Thanks to her we now wait like fools for Berserk to actually make sense again.

  6. Phireo Says:

    One more day… and actually… sometimes, when Miura takes a vacation, he just stays in his home playing some new game on Playstation… But every mangaka has a hobby… better Games than something more lethal, dangerous or debilitating.

  7. Morshu Says:


    Well, I don’t know about blaming his daughter for Miura’s sabbaticals, but maybe if you send Miura a picture of your grandma he can model an apostle after her =P

  8. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    @Morshu lol. you totally made my day :))

  9. Anime Shippuuden Says:

    They should follow one piece and only do a filler that’s a few episode once after 3-4 long arcs

  10. lombax Says:

    I’m waiting patiently for Berserk 312 from evil genius…

  11. revealer Says:

    Can we expect new Berserk withing next 6 hours?

  12. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    it’s been forever now

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