Angel Heart 171, Berserk 310, Zetman 133

  » Posted January 21st, 2010 by arke


By the way, the count is nine. Maybe next time it’ll be everyone.


85 Responses to “Angel Heart 171, Berserk 310, Zetman 133”

  1. Thana Says:

    Ok, next:
    Apples or oranges? Which are more awesome?

  2. kntrville Says:

    At last!! this is a grand day for mankind!

  3. Stele007 Says:

    Nice chapter. It’s interesting to compare it to the artwork around volume 15-16 when he (first?) did that move on the grasshopper and beetle demons. The artwork back then was good, but it’s so much better now… Loved that first swing.

  4. buttobasu Says:

    Yepp, Miura definitely hasn’t lost his touch.

  5. Berserker Says:

    Apples are better

  6. Thana Says:

    Orange pwns apple easily!

  7. EvgenijM86 Says:

    buttobasu, I meant, that One Piece is mostly about water, ship and pirates, and that’s what happening in berserk now πŸ™‚

  8. InterRage Says:

    This berserk chapter reminds me ALOT of the second movie of Pirates of the Caribean.

  9. Thana Says:

    Uhm, yeah… but who of the pirates is Roderick’s father?

  10. InterRage Says:

    Roderick’s father is a pirate? where’d you get that?

  11. Thana Says:

    I hope he isn’t serious πŸ˜€

  12. Berserker Says:

    Loo loo loo, I’ve got some apples
    Loo loo loo, you’ve got some too…

  13. buttobasu Says:


  14. InterRage Says:

    ok, looks like you got something else goin’ on.

  15. Starnum Says:

    Roderick’s father is Gol D. Roger? πŸ˜›

  16. buttobasu Says:

    Only if Roderick just got PWNED by an Admiral.

  17. Thana Says:


  18. Kshatriya Says:

    Where can I find this picture without signatures (RAW) – ?
    Please share, if anyone have

  19. Phireo Says:

    4 more days…


  20. Mad Pete Says:


    Somebody knows about that crazy owl???

  21. Sasaki Says:

    just a question, do evil-genius need editors to help with Berserk?

  22. geroprog Says:

    Raw is out!!!
    Next Chapter will be in feb.26.

  23. ZETo MANo Says:

    when will you release next zetman?

  24. Phireo Says:

    Actually… yeah, RawParadise seems to have obtained a YA 3 days before release. Raw is out.

  25. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    great πŸ˜€ i sense goodies on the way

  26. DrPepperPro Says:


    It’s one of the posters in v34. Here’s the raw:

  27. gatsu Says:

    u guys r amazing
    I love u

  28. Kshatriya Says:


    Great, thanks!

  29. buttobasu Says:

    God damn it, Roderick..

  30. Wrath Says:

    When is the English translation of chapter 311 coming out? Will there be one or is E_G planning on skipping it?

  31. Mr. America Says:

    I believe it’d be a first for E_G to skip a berserk… Man, have some patience!

  32. Mad Pete Says:

    If you’re in such a hury, go learn Japanese and let EG do their work in peace.

  33. Thana Says:

    That was stupid… Wrath’s question, that is.

  34. Ela Says:

    EG are no skipping Berserk 311.
    They are just taking the same habit as Miura.
    The student just follow their master πŸ˜‰
    Hope it will be translated soon, but real life comes first.

  35. InterRage Says:

    I’m hoping they translate everything that I saw on the raw, which I’m betting will be a long time to do, no reason to be a baby about it. besides I can’t wait for it, this chapter is gonna be awesome, I can feel it!

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