Berserk volumes 30-33

  » Posted October 8th, 2009 by arke

Berserk volumes 30 and 31 are available from Dark Horse and so I removed them from the tracker. Please support Dark Horse and Kentaro Miura by buying them.

Also, I collected volumes 32 and 33 into single volume files to keep the clutter down. I’ll do the same to volume 34 in a little while.

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  1. The Prince Says:

    What happened?

    Did you delete the forum discussion board as well?

  2. The Prince Says:

    Oooops forget that! 😉

  3. MortalArtist Says:

    I’m big fan of Berserk, when I have some cash to spare. I will buy all his work, for reference purposes. And cause I’m a big fan. Can’t wait for next release.

  4. Henrik Says:

    Blah blah. Make with the new chapter!

  5. Thana Says:

    >Blah blah. Make with the new chapter!

    I support Henrik. Draw faster!!1
    Stupid book bindery…

    To be serious: I personally appretiate it. If I ever start again to collect Berserk the volume form is the best to have at least some overview in that bunch of folders.

  6. DrPepperPro Says:

    Sorry, we’re still on the stick figure planning stages for this chapter.

  7. Dex Says:

    so do we have to buy the issues or are you going to post them up here soon? thanks for the scans ^_^

  8. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Any Books/Chapters are are released in America you have to buy its like 15$ for a book is more expensive than most manga but its worth it. The only stores I know that carry it besides manga shops is like Borders. They are all worth it. I still need to buy 31 one though have the rest and 32 comes out in December. Lol @ Berserk in America catching up to Japanese

  9. DaimonHand Says:

    hm maybe if the dola goes more down i buy the Dark horse mangas XD but i hope for a greek release because im from greek XD also a release in other contrys would be better and it would *i hope* be cheaper ^^ like in germany where i fas in holidays and by one big volume (2 berserk mangas in one) with the fantastic price of 10 euro -^_^-
    also i think the japan price is also very low …
    suport Berserk and Gantz the best quality ^^

  10. Berserker Says:

    wasn’t there suppost to be a berserk release today? *scratching arm

  11. WorldColide Says:

    I alwasy buy the manga! If it wasn’t for sites like this Evil genius thing I’d never know Berzerk ever continued and I’d never want to keep reading the story! But thanks to sites like this one I buy the manga all the time! I have one copy of every volume ever sold in america! That’s about 300+ dollers spent so woohoo yeah you better believe I do what I can to rock N ROLL with Berzerk and keep it going!! WHo do you think I am?! Don’t answer that shit!

  12. carlos Says:

    Yes finally new chapters! trolls suck f@cking balls!

  13. Eldo Says:

    Carlos, there is absolutely no need for you to insult here or at other websites. I don’t think it’s appropriate to do so here, and we certainly do not share your hate or be associated with it in any way. If you have nothing else to say besides blasting, then it’s probably best you shouldn’t make a comment at all.

  14. WorldColide Says:

    Carlos, say what ever you want because a forum is meant to express opinion.

  15. miyagiCE Says:

    Except this is a blog and not a discussion forum about Shut up WorldColide.

  16. Thana Says:

    Seems my former comment vanished… WorldColide, if you read what carlos wrote you see that he hasn’t even read arkes post. No has said anything about new chapters.
    And if you read this blog here more often you know that the last part of his distiches always is “ sucks blabla”…

    That’s spam… Stupid repititions of empty phrases… and it tastes aweful!

    Oh, I miss the time, in which we used to discuss about Berserk here. And I don’t mean illustrious topics like “Is Miura f**king lazy??ß”… 😉

  17. WorldColide Says:

    Why make a big deal outa it? let him rant. Its all good. Just skip his comment if you want.

  18. Reber Says:

    just checked if the new chapter of Berserk is already available, finally back to Gatts 🙂

    BTT: Wanted to say I’ll buy all Volumes of the Berserk-Mangas I get here in Germany. Something you enjoy that much is worth every cent, spending this few bucks on Berserk doesn’t hurt and its a way to show appreciation for Miuras work!

    By the way, something I did not understand in the last chapters was, if Griffith was leading the skullknight into a trap to kill ganishka and make his kingdom possible. Would be nice if someone could explain that, cuz I didn’t find it that clear in the manga…

    Hope my english isn’t too bad to understand and the new chapter arrives here soon 🙂

    Last but not least; thank you Evil Genius for ur great work!!!!!

  19. Henrik Says:

    I also agree people that are just out to insult other sites need to grow up. I like because I can go there to see samples of the new chapters early on. I come here when I want the final quality stuff. The two can co-exist, so stop with the childish games. We are all Berserk fans.

  20. ekiow Says:

    Seems that even in this remote country of mine Berserk 33 is already out (Germany), but no release date for 34 so far…

    Sadly I don´t even know what is… And my browser don´t seem to trust it…
    Well to lasy to do reserch.

  21. revealer Says:


  22. Henrik Says:

    Hint – that’s not the real domain, think of a character in berserk with those initials. Won’t go any further for fear of mod wrath 😛

  23. miyagiCE Says:


    As Henrik says, is short for And let me repeat: We have no problem with them whatsoever. We don’t want people here to start flamewars, so if anyone has a problem with them, go to their site and tell it to them personally. We’re not SK Victims Anonymous.

  24. Good Imbecile Says:

    speaking of S.K. Its so fucked up the left Skullknight out of the anime…. wonder why they did that…

  25. DrPepperPro Says:

    Probably to save time. There was no need to show him because they knew they were stopping at the eclipse. Same reason they cut the first 3 volumes down, they were focusing on the golden age with the hope of the eclipse leading the viewer to the manga.

  26. Thana Says:

    Berseks… that sounds so wrong… 😀

    Btw: I found this jewel. It is the cause explained by Mr. nerd rage himself, carlos. I remember the game – it sucked. If you want to find what I found you just have to google for “carlos”.

    >Carlos says:
    >September 29, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    > sucks balls, Patrick when I was on their forum, the >administrators bashed my first game cause it was creative >and not mainly based on the manga. well guess what? it was >on the “creative station”, the idiots don’t even run the >forum right.
    >Then they started lying and bashing me, then I flip them >off! and got banned, lol.
    >Patrick if you can add the new section for berserk 1 and 2 >game, and the 3 demo, I will start act 3 soon, I got to >finish some of my university stuff.

    I studied myself and I wonder how low the standards must be nowadays. Since when are children allowed to study? However, as miyagi-sensei wishes, lets stop that before it becomes a flame war. Regarding this topic I’m out.

  27. Thana Says:

    Sorry for double posting, but this one is really my last one to this topic:

    I know it’s “teh interwebs”, but I haven’t encountered so much amount of rudeness and stupidity before…

  28. Kanzaki Jin Says:


  29. Henrik Says:

    Nobody cares Thana

  30. Berserker Says:

    this shits turning into a soap opera lol MORE BERSEKS NOW!

  31. Tolaki Says:

    Relax guys. You do you, and let worry about themselves.

    Life is too short to sweat some internet drama. You know? 🙂

    Also, I’m really looking forward to this next chapter. I’ve been checking this site like every 20 minutes, no joke.

    Wanted to say thanks again to the staff of this website for being so freaking awesome. Keep up the great work guys, your labors do not go unappreciated.

  32. Henrik Says:

    I’ve seen real internet dramas.. this is not even making me bat an eyelid. But agreed, Moar Berserk needed. On to Guts & Co.!

  33. Thana Says:

    >I’ve seen real internet dramas.. this is not even making me bat an eyelid. But agreed, Moar Berserk needed. On to Guts & Co.!

    You’ve commented it several times – you don’t realize how much you care ;p

    Anyways, gimme BERSEKS!!1

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I’m gonna side with the “DUN CARE MOAR BERSEKS!!$&%^” crowd here…

  35. revealer Says:

    so, umm..whats taking this long? 🙁

  36. vashfanatic Says:

    I really want to say thanks for you doing this. Sites that keep backlogs on all chapters, even those available in the United States, get shut down by Dark Horse really fast. I’m glad you take the proactive approach and get rid of old volumes. If you really love a series, you should want to buy it, is my opinion. That, and I prefer reading stuff in book form, not on a computer screen.

    Well, more Berserk from you soon, I’m sure. Thanks for everything you guys do!

  37. WorldColide Says:

    Yeah, what happened to make us miss out on our Berserk?

  38. oolong woodstool Says:

    maybe tomorrow…

  39. Legato Says:

    At least tell us when to expect the next-next chapter (308)
    That way I can decide wether to wait for that one (and make it a double feature) or not…

  40. Starnum Says:

    Berserk and more is up now, go check it out.

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