At Long Last!!!

  » Posted October 12th, 2009 by Starnum

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, the return of Gatts & crew starts…NOW!


That’s not all! Oh no, we’ve got lots more. How about some Angel Heart and Biomega.


Still not done? Oh, it’s true. Need your Zet fix, or can’t wait to see what happens next in the thriller manga “Zero”? Well, here you go! Enjoy!


78 Responses to “At Long Last!!!”

  1. WorldColide Says:

    WHy is it that only people who disagree with me post back? No one agrees with what I had to say? Ever? What evs. This whole pirate thing is Boring. ELf-land! Now that is where the story needs to be.

  2. tsubaimomo Says:

    Why is it that I only post to disagree with someone? Can I never agree with what anyone says? Never? Blah Oh Well. This whole pirate ghost thing will surely lead to some action involving Guts and others, which will be Interesting. Elf Island! Once Guts does these guys in, the story will move along to there in short order I suspect.

  3. evilgod Says:

    Hei guys,

    Here is a comment from Portugal fan (sorry any mistakes).

    Im a big fan of anime and manga and after seeing berserk anime i just gotta see the manga 😀

    Already waiting for next chapter.

    Please continue the good work.

    Best regards

  4. Thana Says:

    That was awesome, tsubaimomo 😀

    But I’m not sure the pirate ghost battle will even happen. The ghostly silhouettes resemble very much to Pucks chestnut faces… Maybe Gatts group will enter the ship and be welcomed by an elven army – would be funny 😉
    Wouldn’t explain the bleeding of his curse mark, though… Well, seeing Gatts decimate something with his sword hasn’t happened in a while, so a ghost battle would be fine, too!

    @WorldColide: Behold my usage of eventualities!!1

  5. Andres Says:

    Thanks, (thanks + Thanks*9)^inf

  6. trollface.jpg Says:

    Jebane chuje nie zamieściły mojego posta. ;(

    Dammit, I’m getting sick of these two annoying little elf-shits with cute, unfappable faces. Probably I won’t be able to find sum of mah inner strength to read this arc.

    But thanks to the Zetman, I’m not going to die of boredom. Yet.

  7. trollface.jpg Says:

    Yeah, ghost are fine… as long as there are no cats.

  8. LWP Says:

    Thank you for clearing that up 🙂 I sure hope you give us this cool stuff as soon as possible, but you are probably preserving it for another “dry” period of no Berserk releases 🙂

  9. devilpyro Says:

    hmm.. i was afraid maybe gutts will face whole world of people, not just griffith and other apostles. haha yeah, an anti hero indeed..

  10. revealer Says:

    tnx a lot for release..
    and i miss my DUN CARE MOAR BERSEKS!!$&%^ poll option 😀

  11. Thana Says:

    New browser icon! What happened to Pingu? 🙁

  12. WorldColide Says:

    Alright, so-We have these pirates and I’m guessing they don’t know they are dead, yet? Then there is Guts who doesn’t give a “fuck” (haha) and he get’s ready for battle against a…..ship! A freakin’ ship! How? Idk. Thoughts on this? AND!……how do we find out when the next chapter is gonna be out? Another 4-6 months again? Totally possible at this point.

  13. Berserker Says:

    i saved berserk for about a year and yesterday i read from chapter 299 to 308. best 20 minutes of the year haha. just kidin’. but srly, i’m fellin just like a crackhead on a relapse now, NEED MOReS!

  14. Berrystrands Says:

    The old logo wasn’t Pingu, it was Tux (the Linux mascot).

  15. Aleksandrs Says:

    About that poll ‘will Casca or not regain her memories’. Did she really loose her memories? I always thought she just went insane from experiencing all the drama when Griffith sacrificed the Band of the Hawk…

  16. Thana Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, Berrystrands…
    I feel smarter now…

  17. Phireo Says:

    New Berserk’s out!!


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Teehee is that blackface I see on page 13? Guess the PC bull has’nt really gotten through to Miura yet ^__^.

    Also, Trollface, ‘unfappable’?… I really hope thats a spelling error.

  19. fendigucci Says:

    CHP 309 RAW is F!$@#$%ING OUT!!!!!! HURRRAH MIURA!!!!

  20. WorldColide Says:

    IS there any rounded out date as to when 309 will be available to us? Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks maybe? Just an estimated time frame would be good.

  21. Phireo Says:

    Well, it says Next time, Continue… That’s usually when the waiting will be long, moreso, on the official site it doesn’t note Berserk to be on the next YA issue of 13th of Nov., so I am pretty sure that the 310 chapter is coming “Next Time”…
    Read “Next Time” as next time the chapter will be ready along with all the others for a few consecutive releases, meaning, no release date! Still, enjoy all the 20 pages of the new Berserk, 309 when EG publishes it!!!


  22. The Prince Says:

    Unfortunately rumor has it that there will be another delay after this release.

  23. smokeesid Says:

    Chapter was boring nothing actually happened. Uber slow pace but what kept it good was nice presentation and drawing but I hope this its not going to hiatus. Its a bit unfair for fans

  24. WorldColide Says:

    There really has to be a place where fans like us can voice our opinion on how unfair and cruel it is to keep up with this ridiculously slow pace. And it has to be able to get to Miura. Weren’t there Donations made? That didn’t help? Or did it not happen?

  25. Megaman Says:

    Making a good story up and putting the adequate drawings down for it takes time.
    Either way it’s started releasing at a faster pace now, so I really don’t see why you’re complaining.

  26. Henrik Says:

    If you’re referring to what I think you’re referring to, that was a joke dude.

  27. Nami Says:

    SCREAM!!! Thanks so much for Berserk! 😀

  28. gestures Says:

    So glad to come back here and find more Biomega available!

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