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  » Posted June 21st, 2009 by arke

I’ve condensed most of the releases into single volume torrents. Apologies to the few that were still downloading them, however now it should be much easier to download past releases. In addition, because Dark Horse now sells through volume 29 of Berserk, I have removed volumes 27, 28, and 29 from the tracker. I know they’re still trivial to find, but please support Miura and other authors by purchasing the volumes.

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  1. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Yap i have all the berserk books in hand too. totally worth the 15$ kinda sad to see the english manga is finally catching up to the japanese.. haha now everyone that is reading it in book form will have to wait just like us MUAHAHA

  2. DaimonHand Says:

    nice i aqree
    i had some berserk mangas and i enjoy reading them more when i had the paper in the hand >__<‘.
    but i really dont get it
    why the volumes from Dark horse are so expensive
    i buy the german volumes from ‘Planet Manga’
    there i get 2 volums in 1 (400 pages) and it cost me 10 euro
    from dark horse 14 $
    but because i am not in america (im in europe) it cost me 17 euro the volume (200pages) O.o
    anyway Berserk FTW!… maybe some blame too but 😛

  3. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    yeah, it’s kind of a general problem in Europe. 15-17 eur per dark horse volume. But the print quality is good. Translation is a bit weird in some places. hawk’s translation seems to make more sense but heck, i can’t understand Japanese so i can’t really tell which one’s more accurate. Anyway considering they ship the volumes a pretty long distance the price is not that bad. I started buying half a year ago and got 1-7, 8 on the way. I’ll catch up in no time 😀

  4. vashfanatic Says:

    Thanks for taking down the released volumes. Dark Horse has had some online sites (such as onemanga) take down *all* of the series they’ve licensed, so you’re playing it safe and helping to ensure we’ll still get the most recent chapters by supporting them.

    I personally prefer to read things in book format myself (easier to curl up with them).

  5. branko7171 Says:

    My thoughts exactly. I’m glad you are supporting Miura.
    I’ve bought only one Berserk volume since they are a bit expensive (15-17 eur. as you said), but I plan to buy all available eventually.
    I only wish the volumes were cheaper and easier to find…

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