Berserk 305 And Friends

  » Posted June 10th, 2009 by miyagiCE

What’s up people, this is miyagiCE speaking on Eldo’s behalf. Guess what time it is? Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Naruto 451! You can download the torr–wait, what? Oops, wrong group, wrong post. It’s Berserk time of course, and you get releases for most other projects to boot! What more can I say? Big thanks to LordMune and DrPepperPro for their l33t editing skills. The next chapter is slated for June 26th, so hold tight until then! Maybe we’ll prepare some Naruto too! (Only if you ask nicely though.)

Without further ado, here are the torrents:


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  1. bobtx81 Says:

    my prediction is that godhand is going to physically make an appearance…i’m a little confused…notice how miura showed the earth changing from the moon’s p.o.v., showing the mind blowing scope of which the world of berserk is being changed…then boom! unicorn!…unicorns are, like, a universal symbol for fantasy, and what was unique about berserk was its absence of an overt fantastical presence in the beginning, Zodd, SK, Puck,etc. being the exceptions. is Miura using the dramatic close up of the unicorn to symbolize a new world totally infused with magic now? or where the unicorns always there, like in hiding, and then Ganishka’s “essence”(yuck)cased a manifestation of evil(harpies, hydra-snake thing, etc.)? Or did Ganishka’s dispersion also bring the unicorn? if thats the case then the effects of Femto’s actions not only bring evil but also good, ’cause we’d all agree unicorns are not evil. Obviously there has been a break down of reality…

  2. convict Says:

    berserk and zetman sweet dear god thank you!

  3. Phireo Says:

    Femto says it. Gannishka was apposteled twice, thus having some of the other dimension energy/body inside him. The sword that riplese through dimensions just cut him and released that enormous power on the world, thus as you could seen, melting the Astral world (and maybe some others too) to the material one, that’s why the dark creatures (Hydra) could chase the Astral ones (Unicorns) and the material ones (Humans).

    Remember Berserk Prototype, the idea is still the same. Griffiths being the dark King. The way of telling the story changed but I don’t think he change the world too much or the idea he had!!


  4. DamnedBones Says:


    “ehy is biomega a dissapointment? what happens? do you know hot it ends?”

    Because it was rushed, that’s why.
    Biomega was really promising at the beginning, but after the events on Earth everything went downhill.
    Anyway, Biomega was already scanlated into English, so you can see for yourself and take your own conclusions.

  5. DesoNoto Says:

    I can proudly say that I have finally caught up with the current Berserk chapter. All I can say is that it was well worth it, and this has got to be one of the most intense cliffhangers I’ve seen. xD Thanks for the speedy releases E-G. =P

  6. Core Says:

    Thanks for the latest chapter of Berserk super awesome evil genius team…(and zetman as well)

    To bad it was only 16 pages… and half of them in my opinion were cheating as a manga artist.. “And the light covered the world” and then he showed said light covering the world.. rip off.. I wanted to have more story, more gutts.

    Anyways cool none the less, but it just makes me want more chapters.

    Anyone happen to know what was happening to Gutts on pg 6? or does anyone have any theorys?

    And what’s with the ‘Fantasy covers reality?’ … I mean there were already weird creatures, such as the witch the elves, skull knight?

  7. Phireo Says:

    Well, there was some story. As the world is everything and not just Gatsu, Miura wanted to show what happened. Imagine if he continued the the story without mentioning the huge war, the pope or the battle against Ganishka and Scull Knight’s intervention. When the story would finally arive to the point of Gatsu returning to the Mainland… we would all just say WTF?!.

    As for the weird creatures, they could only exist in special places, where the material melted with the astral, like nearby The Apostles or mages. Remember that Pakku lived with that traveling group which had that Gipsy Witch and then was in a town near the Snake apostle. Same way the Trolls started to attack after the rebirth of Griffith.

    I just get the sense everything is connected and has a purpose, as small and in detail as it may be!


  8. Core Says:

    @ Phireo

    I appreciate people like you who pay attention easily to the details.

    Thanks for the explanation.

    I guess the artist is doing what he did for a reason. I still miss “Gatsu”.. how long is it going to take him to reach elf land!?

  9. Mad Pete Says:

    I thought the unicornes and hydra-snake were just normal horses and snakes that got transformed after being bath in that fog-light….
    Well, wait to see

  10. Henrik Says:

    Perhaps he wants to really give a sense of what a long journey it is to elfheim.. more effective for those of us who follow the manga in real time of course…

  11. Robin Says:

    Im happy to see that the evil geniuses here are still doing mircales called ‘scanned manga’!
    I have not read Berserk for… yeah, ’bout a year.

    Off the record: It sucks to live in Sweden with our lame manga supply… I FOUND volume 1-3 in swedish… They stopped translate it after 3 volumes… Gah.. We dont even sell Naruto..


  12. Crush-Zombie Says:

    Holy shit, Unicorns, a Hydra and Harpies ;;

    A million thanks, EG <3

  13. Good Imbecile Says:

    what the hell are ya yappin aboot lad? they sell naruto every-goddam-where over here, the call the shadowclone mysic doppleanger hehe..

  14. ZetMan Reader Says:


  15. herlock99 Says:

    @ Phireo

    Since you seem to understand things further than me, how do you interprete in chapter 304 the yin yang ribbons that Femto is kinda holding just afer SK misses his blow?
    the shape is symbolic of what?
    is this yin yang thing a kind of materialisation of what remains of SK blow?

    hope you can understand what I mean, but I miss sharper words in English

  16. BadNews Says:

    Guys bad news. The raw is out, and the next chapter comes September 25.

  17. Phireo Says:

    @ Herlock99

    There might be, but I fail to see it. Actually, the direct meaning is pretty straightforward. He warped it like that so that the blow finished on one point and continued from the other, so the blow got the Emperor, directly, not harming Femto at all. So, Yin and Yang in this sense could be viewed and interpreted as an absolute power, incorporating every force and also, in methodical Buddhism, to be at the center of the wheel, thus out of the Karma, actually inside nothing, spining Dharma, so changing the Destiny of others if he really wants to. That’s Femto for you, one of the Hand of God!


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