Berserk 301, Angel Heart 131, Zetman 100

  » Posted December 13th, 2008 by arke

Bloop blooop. More Berserk. Plus Angel Heart and Zetman!

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  1. Ripper21 Says:

    to Kntrville :
    Basillisk is really great manga and anime you should read it!

  2. Ripper21 Says:

    to Harold:
    I start Zetman as I promise you m8 and you recommend and it’s really good(I have read the first 2 volumes) It’s not a masterpiece as berserk (in my opinion,,, so far at least) but it’s really great!I don’t want to continue it because there are only 8 volumes and I ll piss of waiting after for the new chapter every month or so lol (as I do for berserk and one piece) ..I ll see what I ll do tomorrow lol
    I now read again berserk lol…
    I look the other you told me in 2-3 days (then I be again in my home)
    Welcome are all your suggestions

  3. Ripper21 Says:

    to Berserk

    I ll read GANTZ as you recommend I just wanted to hear the opinion from a person that read that one.Be sure that I ll tell you my impressions soon !

    thanks for the answer and happy new year to you too! 😀

    ps please somebody tell me when hew berserk comes out 🙁 it took 19 year (it start the year I born Lol )for 300 chapters I hope the rest come sooner

  4. BiTurbo88 Says:

    Check this must have theme for soni ericson 320×240

    I made it myself and I like to share it whit every Berserk lovers

  5. Gatsu Says:

    Next Berserk release will be in 2012.

  6. BiTurbo88 Says:

    Your probably right Gatsu

  7. Rikeka Says:

    Any update on Berserk?

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