Berserk 300, Angel Heart 130, Zetman 99

  » Posted November 28th, 2008 by arke

Number three hundred! Here’s to the next 300. Hopefully it will take less than 19 years.

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  1. Wazzabie Says:

    What do you mean by “Hopefully it will take less than 19 years.” Are there gonna be 300 more?! O.o

  2. BerserkBerserk Says:

    eating dog is a preferance. I dont give a shit what people eat as long as it doesnt cause problems. Thats preaty much how I feel. As long as it doesnt cause serious problems or piss people off I dont give a shit, and if it does cause a problem we need to look at the problem for what it is. This is why I know what is right and what is wrong because I accept other peopls right and other peoples wrongs. WHich is what guts stands for. He is the open minded guy who knows how to get shit done and Griffith is the opinionated dictator who uses the mask of virtue to get what he wants.
    But in the end we all are human and we can all agree when something seems off about what people are doing. You want to eat dog go right ahead. You want to cook rabbit and hunt ok w/e, but you dont over hunt for sport, and you dont go around killing the neighbors dog just because your hungry, and you dont judge people for eating rabbit or not eating rabbit. Its all just common sense that people forgot.

  3. Berserk Says:

    Well, a more extreme example would be cannibalism.

    To cannibals, eating human people is seemingly normal, and they believe it’s right, acording to what they have been told by their parents, their education, etc.

    But for you and most people, since we have been taught to treasure human life and not to kill other people, that seems wrong.

    Will you still say you don’t care about it? And I’m not talking about eating one when trapped on a snowy mountain with no food whatsoever and freezing to death (real story, pretty well known), I’m talking about eating humans as a normal kind of food, when they could easily survive by eating plants and/or other animals.

    And there are people who consider eating animals wrong, and believe in eating plants only. Humans are quite a hard bunch to please, really. There’s always someone with a different opinion about something.

    Also, just because you don’t care about eating dogs doesn’t meant it’s not right or wrong. It just means you don’t have an opinion about it, or rather, that you consider it right if it’s part of the person’s culture, but perhaps wrong if it’s a crazy person eating a dog just because. Not all things are completly right or completly wrong, even when seen by the same person, because sometimes it depends on the situation.

    Also, something that’s common sense to you may not be so for someone from another country. Do you have a problem when someone is talking to you with his hands on his pocket, or even just one hand? In Germany they strongly dislike that, and it’s common sense to not talk to someone like that. In my country, we don’t even notice something like that. 😛 People are different from one another. That’s a good thing, but also bad. 😀

  4. BerserkBerserk Says:

    well for one thing, I never said i didnt give a shit, I said I didnt care as long as it didnt cause a problem, and cannibalism causes problem. and if your gonna judge some one by the way you put you hands in their pockets, you are a douche bag who needs to stop thinking so high of yourself. This statment is not directed to you, but to all people who judge like that. I’m not gonna get into myself. I dont need to explain any more on some forum. I’ve already gotten a grip on my own beliefs, maybe you all need to take a look at your own.
    Lets just get back to our common love, berserk.Enough of this useless bickering and debating.

  5. Eldo Says:

    Woah, BerserkBerserk, no need to get defensive. We’re all just discussing points here, and after reading few Berserk’s post, I don’t think he was directly attacking you at all. This is how amazing Berserk (the manga) is, it’s so complex that we’re still discussing events that happened many, many years ago.

    Now, my thoughts do echo Berserk’s posts. We are not condoning or attempting to rationise what Griffith has done, but instead we are trying to explore his psyche and mind as to how and why a man of perfection would sink so low to sacrifice his friends. We are trying to understand his downfall, not condoning it. One situation is, say that you’ve become a vegetable, and the devil comes and makes you an offer to become normal again, but you have to kill your entire family. Of course you’ll say no. But, you have to admit that in moments of anger, you might lash out at people or things and regret it later. Sometimes you can’t control your feelings in extreme cases. It is impossible to remain calm under every single situation. That’s why we have manslaughter. If you guys read any US comics, you would know that Spider Man sold his marriage to the devil to save his aunt. People still freak on about that, and about how wrong it is. Similar situation here.

    Now, with Griffith’s situation, this is a man so near perfection that he’s never failed or made ANY mistakes in his life (that we’ve seen). He’s such a complex character, that he is completely different from us, so it’s pointless to attempt to rationalise him as if you were in his shoes. So when someone like him makes a mistake…they make it to extreme lengths. That’s what I believe in anyway. Remember, Griffith would do anything for his ambition and dreams. Of course, what he did, to us as readers, was incredibly wrong. I remember how I pissed off I felt when Casca was raped by Femto when I first watched the anime. Boy, was I angry. I had read the manga but hadn’t read up to that point.

    And yes, cannibalism is wrong, but not to cannibals. I would not mind discussing the above mentioned topic because I personally find it quite interesting. We’re bound to have conflicting opinions about subjects, but we’re not out to prove that the other person’s opinions are wrong, but just to state your own articulately and clearly.

  6. BerserkBerserk Says:

    Well like I said before I didnt meen my statments as an attack on any one but I feel like I was being judged/ I just hate griffith because as a human being I want to stand up and say we are all equal. People like corkus in the anime make me pissed.
    “You are not special and you will never be griffith’s equal”
    what a douche for saying that. Its guys like that who need to get a grip on relaity and realsie we all have the potential to be somebody and beat some one at something. perhaps even surpass them.I may have my ethics but I’m still a man and you can’t expect people to act calmy in every situation, just as you said,but we must also realise that it is te ability to harness this anger and use it in one form or another or another that makes us able to look at a situatuin and judge it accordingly. I can not tell you: “this is right and this is wrogn ok you are left to fend for yourself and use these strict guidelines and make sure to avoid grey zones”. It is as obi-wan kenobi said – “Only a sith deals in absolutes”. meening, it is wrong to think so narrowmindedly in life and to find truth, we must accept everythign and judge it accordingly. what is wrong one day will may not be so bad if in a different situation and ect.

  7. Eldo Says:

    Perhaps you’re a bit sensitive BerserkBerserk, because to be honest we can’t even begin to know who you are in order to judge you. Furthermore, I don’t believe any one has directed any personal attacks on you, so there’s really no need to be angry.

    However, to make it all moot about equality in Berserk (the manga), you can argue that nothing is equal in the manga, because it is all preordained by fate (Idea of Evil). Griffith is above all the rest of the people in a way, because he was fated to become Femto. Yes, we are all equal in real life (or at least, supposed to be born equal), but what we aren’t equal in is socioeconomic situations and the such, but we aren’t here to debate that. I guess the point you’re trying to put across is that life as a value is equal, and that’s the doctrine most Christians and the such go for. But hey, to be honest, in Berserk we know that the peasants will be born peasants, and nobles will be born nobles (same goes for that era). This is because that was reality of the world back in that era, and Berserk reflects that. Griffith is special because he was born a peasant/commoner and he rose to defy all odds to become a nobleman. Which is why the pure blood nobles got their pants in a notch when Griffith was standing along them equally. A peasant with equal standing with nobles? Disastrous.

    As for you example for harnessing anger, some people can, and some people can’t. Which is why, as I mentioned before, we have manslaughter. But of course, this is not an excusable offense, so there’s a jail sentence attached to it. Using anger/emotion as an excuse to do shitty things is not excusable. But it does happen, let’s not deny that. Not everyone can harness their anger or whatever and use that energy for painting or whatever. Which is why Griffith’s actions were inexcusable, but we can understand how he had came to that decision and how his mindset differed from his pre-tortured, pre-vegetable state.

    I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t know where you’re going with explaining your views and using Star Wars references and stuff. I’m still trying to figure out how that fits in the context of Berserk. You can feel free to express your views on the values of humanity and all that jazz, but it sounds like you’re trying to defend yourself. Don’t worry, you’re not being judged here, and frankly, nobody can’t judge you based on the wall on text there. You don’t have to defend yourself to me (or anyone), to be honest, I don’t really care how you are like in real life. I don’t know you personally, and I don’t care what religion you follow in real life or what you do as a job and I really don’t have an interest to know. Just chill, dude. We’ll just talking about Berserk, here. So feel free to channel your thoughts in relation with Berserk.

  8. oida Says:

    BTW, the Predeterminism/Good-Evil setting in Berserk reminds me of the Legacy of Kain series somehow…

  9. cabbagesoup Says:

    Eldo, what you said is quite interesting because up until now I haven’t seen things under that light, I more or less severly condemned Griffith for his actions (especially the Casca rape). But one thing I was ok with though is when he slept with the old man to have money. It’s perhaps the most altruist action he’s ever done in the manga, sparing the lives of his army and sleeping one night with a pervert (though it was totaly calculated I agree). I remember how bad I felt for days after watching the rape scene in the anime (and even more in the manga. The mere fact that so many people were shocked, disgusted, appalled by Griffith’s act show how much that old fool of Miura masters his shiznit! How many mangas, books or even movies invested us this much emotionally? But anyway that’s only a small digression…Eldo, don’t you think that Griffith would have done what he did even if not under such severe circumstances? Say if he had been given the choice with all his mental and physical abilities? I think he would’ve at least strongly considered it and maybe even accepted it…Griffith is one heartless son of a bitch (who just happens to live his half hour of glory right meow)

  10. MelroseMan Says:


    “Not everyone can harness their anger or whatever and use that energy for painting or whatever.”

    That was so funny the way you put it.


    I agree with you on many points. Morality itself is a man made illusion that supposedly favors happiness and survival for oneself or a group, no matter what situation you are in. Everyone has a moment of weakness. EVERYONE has had (or will have) a moment in their lives they don’t give a damn if other people die, even their loved ones.

    Also, on the subject of “self-determination vs. fate”. It could be said it was gatz’s fate to survive the seemingly unsurvivable (referring to his birth) in an emotional way. Plus, he’s been treated in the worst way as a child and it’s expected that when big things happen unexpectedly that’s the time he does things by pure instinct. His mind will always survive in the end, even though he doesn’t plan ahead.

    Gatz is a planner and, unlike gatz, when things happen that aren’t apart of the plan (or at least when he loses a very important resource for his plan) he falls apart.

    The spirit of gatz and caskas offspring is still in him, and has some affect on his psyche when caska and gatz are concerned. I wonder how it will turn out.

    I believe griffith is evil because he’s a very good deceiver, like hitler was. If the whole truth was known to everyone, they wouldn’t follow him. He’s the kind of person that offers a piece of candy made of poison, even though you get that satisfaction of sweetness you die a miserable death, and it was all your choice. lol

  11. Eldo Says:

    Cabbagesoup, if Griffith was given the choice and offer that he made at the eclipse, say, before Guts left, I’ll have to say that he’ll refuse. That’s because everything was lined up for him, so he didn’t need to make the choice. Anyway, he loves playing the game and he was good at it. That’s why he’s playing up the whole saviour role right now.

  12. Fendo Says:

    The Hawk of Darkness is about to raise, as the false savior of Midland.

  13. Big L Says:

    is griffith supposed to bring in the age or darkness or the age of light? as femto i thought it was the former, but didn’t the behelit monster wish for reincarnated griffith to fix the world? i kind of got the feeling that being reincarnated ended the age of darkness and griffith really is the hawk of light

  14. Michael Says:

    I hate to break it to you guys but arguing about griffith is going to be useless here at some point because gatts is going to pull his arms off and beat him with them the first chance he gets

  15. Mad Pete Says:

    Havent been here for a while… That huge post from Berserk is directed to me?
    Can’t see how I could upset someone like that with my post….

    Anyway, it’s tomorrow isn’t? One more berserk?

  16. Core Says:

    “Number three hundred! Here’s to the next 300. Hopefully it will take less than 19 years.”

    Here’s crossing my fingers.

  17. Fizban70x7 Says:

    I’d rather not be reading berserk into my forties, but I will to finish the story. Of course, I’ll be royally pissed if Guts dies at the end and Griffith wins. Oh well.

  18. Phireo Says:

    Yeah, New Berserk Chapter is out… next chapter is not announced… (Tsuzuku… translated means continue)
    And yeah, another chapter of the Great Battle for the Midlands!!


  19. Berserk Says:

    @Mad Pete: Which huge post? I’ve made quite a few in here… 😛

    No, I wasn’t upset about anything said (or rather, written) here. I just felt like showing my own way of seeing it, though I can’t seem to just… “make it short”, lol.

    Well, hope 301 comes up quickly. So, next chapter release wasn’t announced? I hope we don’t have to wait several months again, I was just starting to get used to these fast releases.

  20. vashfanatic Says:

    Bad news, folks:

    *sigh* Will we ever see Griffith actually fight? Will Guts and company ever make it to Elfland? Or will Miura kick it before he finishes the series because of all the freakin’ hiatuses?

  21. Koroshiya Says:

    To those un-aware, damn Miura has decided to take a looong
    break again from Berserk serialization and get back into
    moe-lolicon stuff (he supposedly is a huge fan of the stuff)
    so… NO BERSERK FOR A WHILE. He also bought an X-Box (not 360) to use during his spare time. Just damnit… He just got started with a good release schedule, and here he goes off again… Snagged by the moe-lolicon trash… I can’t believe this crap. The same goes for Takaya. Hirohiko is the true winner, making the most stuff (since early 80s, to this day) and always on schedule no matter what happens to him (death in family members, etc.) He truly IS a mangaka GOD. (afterall, his manga has the 2nd most # of volumes in manga history altogether). Anyhow, ENOUGH. Let’s wait for #301 to get scanlated. Hopefully it won’t take long.

  22. Suavo Says:

    He bought a 360 to play Idol Master. WHAT”S THIS PS3 FANBOY THAT I SENSE?

  23. phozokk Says:

    Yeah… Just shows that Miura doesn’t give a damn about his readers what-so-ever. Shigeno is pretty bad, but not as bad as Miura. Once Miura makes up his mind, there’s no stopping him. Berserk might go-on, say stretched in this manner for another 10+ years, who knows… We apparently DO know that
    Miura can dogg around in this fashion for ages, and all that we can really do is just suck-it-up and endlessly debate various future outcomes for Berserk, until Miura decides to come along and carve into stone whatever plot he had in mind
    before of-course taking the usual vacation marathon.

  24. Berserk Says:

    Bad news… Not really want I wanted to hear (or read, for that matter)

    But, damn, an XBOX and moe-lolicon? I think we, as his readers, should be held a bit higher than that… Like, a next-gen or something 😛

    Well, a break is good once in a while. For him, that is. Not for us.

  25. DamnedBones Says:

    Miura is taking another break???
    Oh crap, not again…

  26. lilaceboy Says:

    Son of a nut, It’s going to take another 19 yrs for the next 300 chapters. I hate this love hate relationship with Miura

  27. MysteriO Says:

    Indeed. Shonen Jump crap like Naruto and Bleach get plopped out on weekly basis like that big dinner dish you tend to get on weekday nights. Very plain, simple and stupid. On the other hand, Berserk, Guyver, Steel Ball Run and Gantz are monthly/bi-monthly mangas which have had thought put into every single panel. They are also good enough for us to stay interested in no matter how long the breaks between each chapter tend to get. But nontheless, Mr.Miura just had a long break, released 3-4 chapters, then decides to take an even longer break for very inexcusable reasons. Purely unreasonable.

  28. ultra lucky cat Says:

    What’s up with all these breaks? Is he getting sick of making Berserk after these 19 years?

    And what the heck is moe-lolicon? Do I even want to know…?

  29. Berserk Says:

    Moe is a term for über cute, not pretty or beautiful, but super cuteness. And lolicon is… well, someone who likes lolis (lolita complex). You do know what a loli is, right?

    Moe-lolicon, well, it’s 2 in 1, I guess.

    Yep, he’s into that, and worse of all, it’s because of that (and an XBOX) that he’s delaying Berserk? Talk about bad reasons for a hiatus…

  30. DamnedBones Says:

    You’re joking right??:D
    Does he really like that?
    I just can’t stop laughing, he’s nuts…

  31. SwordsRCool Says:

    Moe doesn’t really necessary mean cute.

  32. BerserkBerserk Says:

    Miura is a fuck nut. thats it and it is proven.
    now we know the truth that he doesnt care about his fans at all.

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