Changing of the guards

  » Posted August 1st, 2008 by psi29a

It has been 4 years since I’ve been apart of Evil_Genius and I am proud of everything that we have done. However my time these days is limited and I can no longer act as the technical liaison for EG, so I am taking a step back from the scanlation community as a whole to focus on my new life in Belgium.

I am pleased to announce that my replacement will be Mr. Arke and he is the right man for the job as he has been with us for many years. Things look bright for EG and it will continue to release Berserk and more far into the future for that there no doubt.

I’ll poke my head in from time, but I’ll no longer be the goto guy with the banhammer. ^_^

Many thanks to Evil_Genius, DigitalPanic, MangaUpdates, and everyone who has helped me personally, in particular the following people.

Wandering_Mystic, Eldo, Lord_Mune, Oro, Lucky_7, Kaiserfuchses, 10sigh, arke, killfile, Fuji Nagase, and Laik.

You all are fantastic human beings.

— psi29a (

26 Responses to “Changing of the guards”

  1. Doge Says:

    We wish you the best, friend.

  2. krazyivan Says:

    @psi29a: Thank You for all your work! You will be missed!

  3. Ben Vb Says:

    Alvast bedank voor al het werk dat je gedaan hebt. Ik heb er al vast veel plezier aan beleefd. Thx

  4. Borges Says:

    Oh, looks like the comments are working again. Well, thank you psi29a, and good luck!

  5. Helius Says:

    Good luck, and thanks for running EG for so long.

  6. Eedze Says:

    Hey psi29a

    i don’t know you in person. i am not that active on the forums and i’ve never been in IRC. but i know about all the work that you did for all of us. I really appreciate it that partly trough your work we are able to enjoy Berserk for such a long time already. 4 years is long time so its your well earned retirement. I hope you will be proud of what you accomplished. and that you will be enjoying all that free time you have available now.

    thanks for all your hard work and I hope to see you around


  7. inimitable Says:

    We all appreciate all you did for us… Even those of us who never comment or appear in IRC. πŸ™‚

  8. EC Says:

    Thank you, really very much for all your work. Hope your life in Belgium is awesome.

  9. DS Says:


    Your retirement has compelled me to post here for the first time. I’m a long time Evil_Genius fan, but never had anything to add.

    Although words are not enough, I’ll try:

    “Thank you!”

    DS from Amsterdam

  10. shcnoff Says:

    thanks and good luck!

  11. psi29a Says:

    Thank you for the well wishes. πŸ™‚

    The real heroes are those that are still here, especially Mr. Eldo and Mr. Arke as they are the persistent ones making this all possible.

    Eldo has always been the backbone of the group after Oro left. He is a good mate to have. If I ever meet you, I’ll buy you a whiskey… because I know your asian ass can’t handle it. πŸ˜›

    The About-Us page needs to be updated, we have many more active members now.

    EG will continue on. πŸ™‚

  12. miyagiCE Says:

    Sorry I’m so late on this. Haven’t been able to access the site for days (partly due to my own stupidity), but that’s a whole different story.

    I wanted to express my eternal gratitude and bid farewell to thee. Psi, you’ve been a real awesome guy for the short time that I knew you — always trying to find ways to improve the EG experience. You’ve always been friendly to us, even at times when you were the one who needed to hear some friendly words the most. You even went out of your way and tried out editing manga yourself when EG was having a very serious shortage.

    There’s so much more to say, but I’m sure nobody wants to bother reading a wall of text, so I’m ending it here. It’s not a “real” departure anyway, I hope. You’ll still be around every now and then to have a chat with. πŸ™‚

    To cut a long story short: Have a good one!

  13. Verid Says:

    Well, I’m one of the silent ones – waiting patiently for the next release of favourite manga.
    I don’t know what are you going to do now but I’d like to thank you for all your hard work you put here and……be happy whatever you do.

  14. Alb Says:

    Thanks a lot mate, you’ve done a great job. Hope you like Belgium, I lived there for 2 years and the people are very friendly, at least in Ghent they were.

  15. lilaceboy Says:

    @ psi29a

    Much thanks for all your work, it was always a pleasure to see your name next to eg’s updates and releases. Good luck. Live long and prosper * weird hand sign* =).

    And much thanks for all of EG for their work

  16. Val Says:

    Same goes here , i discovered berserk scans through EG three years ago.

    Thanks for the hard work and good luck in Belgium !*

    PS : I live in belgium xD

  17. LoverofHokuto Says:

    This might be a slightly late comment, but I’m on holiday so I think I can be forgiven πŸ˜‰ I just wanted to say a big thanks to you for your hard work, and of course a big thanks to the team who will continue to produce the top quality scans that we all enjoy. Now, I’ve been to Belgium and I can’t really call it the most exciting place in the world, but I’m sure you will get comfortable there. Anyway, good luck, take care, and I look forward to seeing you pop in from to time at Evil Genius πŸ˜€

  18. jistanidiot Says:

    Sounds like you’re just looking for an excuse to slack off πŸ˜€

    oh well, in the short time since I found this place I can say, if you want to slack off you certainly deserve to do it.

    Good luck in Belgium!

  19. Val Says:

    I don’t what place you visited in belgium but i can swear you , Bruxelles is great!
    The only bad thing i can think of is the growing number of tecktogays…
    Well anyway πŸ˜€

    **Sorry for the low english

  20. Ogmios Says:

    Good luck man with your new life. πŸ™‚

  21. jenova930 Says:

    Good luck with everything you’ll be up to in the future and many thanks for everything!

  22. scout Says:

    thanks so much for your dedication towards scanlations and evil genius. without people like you fans wouldn’t have the kinds of wonderful resources you and evil genius have provided for us.

    now we send you off with love and tears like doting parents to your new life in belgium. and extra underwear with “i love you pumpkin!” sewn on the hem to embarrass you in front of your new friends. because that’s what parents are for? umm yeah this ended in a totally random metaphor lol.

  23. LoverofHokuto Says:

    I lived in Bruxelles or Brussels πŸ˜‰ for a while, but I didn’t like it as much as other European cities I’ve lived in, or the American cities I’m living in now for that matter. I also visited the north of Belgium, which I liked very much (i.e. Brugge/Brugel, Gent/St.Peters, Knokke, Ostende etc) so I saw a decent amount of Belgium. It’s not a bad place, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I’m more of a sea and mountain person, or at least a river in the centre of the city person, and Bruxelles lacks those features in bundles. Don’t take it personally, it’s just my personal opinion.

    Ò€œi love you pumpkin!Ò€ lol…hahahahahahahahahahah!

  24. baka_neko Says:

    @scout thank you for all your hard work. And thank you for feeding my addiction Berserk.

  25. crazyankan Says:

    You have done a great job over the years psi29a.
    Hope you will be back after you have refilled your energy in the land flowed with chocolate and waffles. =)

  26. Walmar Says:

    hello any one who can tell me about b-reaction. i can’t understand why it ended so sudden and i have started to wonder bout there’s another series that continues like Girl saurus did (girl saurus, girl saurus DX)i would love to hear any kind of news in this matter so just contact me at my email its ( i really loved B-R and you guys did a great job just tell me if i’m the only one who is disappointed in the series disrupted ending

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