Berserk 288 Preview

  » Posted July 28th, 2007 by psi29a

海戦 – Sea Battle

Berserk 288 Preview

It was released, here is the proof. 😛 I personally just got back in town from a week of work related stuff, but as per usual the team is on it like white on rice. Warning that the raws we do have are of lower quality, but we are currently looking out for better ones. So, if by the time the translation is done and we still don’t have the raws, we will push forward.

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  1. Nydhogg Says:

    We already know her mother was hanged..probably considered guilty of some crime or being a witch…as for the father maybe someone raped her..but I don’t really think that would ruin anything cause it doesn’t even matter to this story =/

  2. Nojuego Says:

    Guts’ birth mother was already revealed, she was hanging from a tree when he was found crying in a pool of blood and afterbirth. Now if his birth father was to be revealed to be an apostle, it would explain alot about how he does the stuff he does. His abilities are way above that of any human being regardless of how hard he trained throughout his life. Remember how he gave Zodd a good fight back when he was still a Hawk and his real training didn’t even begin until after he left the Hawks. Who knows, maybe he’s the Skull Knights son. Not to say I would want the story to turn that way but I wouldn’t be surprised if Guts’ has some kind of special lineage.

  3. Rau LeCreuset Says:

    I seem to remember getting my ass handed to me when I argued that Guts could have been the Skull Knight’s son. Reason being, we can pretty much be certain that Skull Knight is the current identity, or form, of the once mighty emperor Gaiseric. He lived, what, close to a thousand years before the current era? It’s kind of hard to argue against, considering Skully and Gaiseric both wear the skeletal helmet into battle. Kinda old to be Guts’ daddy, isn’t he? Even if he was an immortal, or at least untouched by time, I don’t think that it would be Miura’s way to write that into the plot. I think it adds to the sense of darkness in Guts’ was something of an “Idiot’s Guide To Suffering”.

  4. Saruto Says:

    Still someone has to explain the fact that Guts can kill Apostles with or w/o the Berserker’s armor. And it’s not just the Dragon Slayer doing all the work. Also I keep wondering how he’s going to be able to kill Griffith when he couldn’t even get close to him as Femto (back in like Vol. 2). If they use the whole “he’s been reincarnated into a human form so he’s killable” dealy that’ll be kind of cheap and obvious.

  5. Rau LeCreuset Says:

    Just a quick question to E.G. here; is it your team that posts the new chapter onIsohunt or other Bittorrent sites?

  6. DeMs Says:

    Why can’t Gut’s parents, or Griffiths as well (we have nothing about them that we know of) just be human? Just to add a bit more depth and storyline to things that were already happening before the birth of Gutts… It doesn’t need to be “oh it’s Zodd’s son” or such things that I can’t help but say are the worst scenarios you could ever think of. They don’t even make sense, either.

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