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  » Posted August 2nd, 2007 by psi29a

We are a day late and a dollar short, but we should be back on track now. This release was brought to you by Nominomo and Mystic for the translations and the Herculean effort of LordMune to edit both when real-life got the better of our main Berserk editor. So congratulations are in store for LordMune for not only doing this but also for his Birthday tomorrow! Give him your thanks as he has worked hard to cover a lot of ground.


So here is the game plan folks: September 14th is the next installment of Berserk in YA. During this lull in action, we will be catching up on our B.Reaction!, Angel_Heart, Biomega, and NHK. The objective is to wrap up work on NHK and B.Reaction! and focus exclusively on getting the rest of the serials up to latest. So enjoy and have a great weekend!

hbi2k’ Berserk Abridged: Episode 13

Update: The files inside 288 rar are listed as 287, but are really 288. I’ll go out back and shoot myself now. 😛

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  1. Dyhalto Says:

    As if the D&D Band of Heroes thing wasn’t bad enough, now we have a love triangle worthy of a soap opera and stereotypical pirates.
    Oh well. I’m in for the long haul.

  2. MrFelony Says:

    jesus, did we get this many responses on the thread in the forums? go to the forums you people 😛

  3. MrFelony Says:

    oh and the abridged was hilarioud

    bad woody allen accent: alright guyth we managed to outrun a woman on her period

  4. Coruga Says:

    I had a dream today for Berserk scene in the future. The csene is: A old vilage and there is Caska (She is in the same condition like before and she have a knife in her right hand) and Guts who fight against strange apostole and all of the company. The apostole have a human face, ckinny body but great dexterity and have ability when he touch someone to make him see that what the apostole whant to see (to see illusions). Guts, Caska and the company somehow are touched from him and start to see illusions, and the apostole make them to don’t see him (He is invisible for them) and becouse he have great dexterity they can’t hear him. Caska is on the ground and Guts try to raise her on foots to protect her, but then Caska start to see Guts like brawn monster which body start to decompose. She go drown in Guts body and start to pull off from him, but this is illusion – the apostole just want to distract them and furst off all to kill Guts after that and the others. Guts with him strenght raise her on foots and in that moment Caska saw the apostole in him spiritual form behind Guts ready to kill him with knife and she reach out her right hand to cut the apostole head. The apostole in the last moment see Caska knife and he jumped on 30 meters away suprised from that attack. Caska pull out from Guts hands understanding only she can see the apostole and run to the front side of the apostole to kill him. The apostole start to shoot her with ninja stars but Caska with very fast movements go on a meter from him and cut one of him legs. In that moment the illusions is go away (The apostole is distracted and can’t keep the illusion energy on everyone) and just before the apostole to reach him second DEVIL FORM granted from the ANGELS :), Serpico from 20 meters cut him head with the air spiritual sword. After some seconds Caska run back to Guts crying and give him big hug and in the same time Guts hug her too.

    Here my dream is finished but i think Guts and the company reach the Elf King island there was a apostole who wait to kill them. But the Elf King grant Caska to see the spiritual form on the apostoles for a while. The BEST thing is when she is not crazy and her mind is clear, she still LOVE Guts and she want to be with him (This is my assumptions).

  5. GWZ Says:

    Ow snap! And I voted “Needs more cowbell”, which usually is my default line. The abridged series is sheer upper-crust.

  6. Core Says:

    As usual, really appreciate the latest Berserk Chapter. It was bitter sweet.

  7. asianp3nis Says:


  8. InterRage Says:

    An apostle who touches people and throws ninja stars? That’s rich.
    Guts hugs people? is this the same guts from berserk?
    why is there water under the boat? Maybe it needs more cowbell.
    The Elf King is the Emperor!!

  9. LoverofHokuto Says:

    Work got the best of me this month so I just got my fix. Therefore, I offer a belated thank you to the EG team and a special thanks and a belated happy birthday to LordMune.

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