Radio comes to EG, be afraid!

  » Posted July 20th, 2007 by psi29a

The sonic noise that permeates many of our member’s speakers while reading Berserk, Biomega, and more have now been graphed, analyzed and has kindly provided us a widget for EG to use.

The widget itself can be manipulated any number of ways, either inline while reading the page, or by popping it up in the background so that you can click links without losing that tune you where jamming out to.

Also, the more members that join the EG group on, the more music will be added to our radio and more likely will it resemble the music that the majority of EG members listen to. So, if you wish to join in the fun, grab a account and download a ‘scrobbler‘ for your iTunes, WMP, winamp, xmms, or what have you and help EG make a bitchen radio. Linux, Mac, Windows… we got all your numbers.

Obviously some people prefer Synthpop sound of Wolfsheim and Seabound over that of the Metal sound of Dragonforce or Iced Earth, or vis versa. Who knows, you might find something you like that you have never heard of before.

It is our hope that you all enjoy the radio while reading our releases.

27 Responses to “ Radio comes to EG, be afraid!”

  1. Maelstrom Says:

    Last time I tried it their software didn’t work with many music files format and I didn’t go any further.

  2. psi29a Says:

    There are many other scrobblers out there that work with iTunes, WMP, xmms, and etc. Mostly as plugins. It’s only job is to just read the id3 data, but won’t upload if your tagging /id3 info is lacking.

    Not to say you don’t have a problem, you very well could. The client however works for most of us.

    I personally use songbird and iTunes. Songbird has a scrobbler built into it, and iTunes has several different 3rd party scrobblers.

  3. Maelstrom Says:

    In fact the problem was that it couldn’t read APE v1.0 or APE v2.0’s tags used with the .ape and .mpc files at least.
    But it’s true that there shoudn’t be that many peoples out their using that ^^. I just happen to be one of them :p

  4. psi29a Says:

    Haha, touche. I wonder if there isn’t support via xmms with ape and scrobbler. I take it you have done most of the leg-work in trying figure out what works and what doesn’t?

    All my stuff is in mp3/ogg format, some of which spans back to 1995 when Fraunhofer IIS first released their wav2mp3 encoder on the Internet. 😛

    At least you can still listen to EG’s radio via the flash widget.

  5. MrFelony Says:

    seeing how I am under the belief that my music tastes are better than anyone else’s, i’m dling the scrobbler right now 😉

  6. Ahmed Says:

    Extra sweet with a sugar topping ^_^
    thnx EG

  7. Maelstrom Says:

    The group is growing pretty well 🙂

  8. lazydorkk Says:

    this may sound pretty dumb…but how do i join the group >.

  9. Cellar Says:

    Just wondering…Will there be more to the EG comic to come?

  10. psi29a Says:

    @Cellar: There is more comic to come, Fuji is heading that up at the moment.

    @lazydorkk: You have to sign up with, but that is only if you wish to help contribute to the music that the radio station plays. Obviously, if you can’t, no worries. Their scrobbler works for some of us just fine, and so far it tags mp3s and ogg just fine. I’m not sure how it fairs against AAC (encrypted) or other file formats.

    To join the ‘EG’ group (not EG itself), you go to their group page as linked to in the player or follow this url:

    Then click join group. Simple.

    @idiots: You can post questions, just don’t be dicks about it. Abusive comments are tossed in the spam bucket. You are treated as you treat others.

    No one ‘uploads’ songs, that is not the point. It scrobbles, aka records your songs information and uploads it to to help build a list of songs to play on the radio. That is all it does.

  11. CladInShadows Says:

    Hm I personally found Dimension Zero’s Silent Night Fever to be quite befitting while reading the Emperor of Terror chapters… quite brutally befitting for all the weird demon-birth-giving and massive slaughter… ;D… just wanted to say that

  12. Daiceman Says:

    I noticed you guys haven’t posted a preview of berserk yet. Is this a bad omen? (such as, supprise! no chapter kind of omen)

  13. Phireo Says:

    So… 27th…


  14. guren no kishi Says:

    Well, it is among the contents of this number of Young Animal on the website and it is also on a roundspot on the magazine cover…so, it should come out. Sadly, at presnt no Berserk is scheduled for the next issue of august 10; time for summer vacation I guess.

  15. Phireo Says:

    Also… old preview…


  16. Fenrisulfr Says:

    EPISODE IS OUT. It’s called Seabattle (1).

    And now you can cry , because Miura’s taking another break and next episode will be released…




  17. Maelstrom Says:

    I’m going to hang myself X_X

  18. guren no kishi Says:

    Summer vacations are rightful for those working constantly on a tight, fixed, schedule…and for the famous ones, it seems. So, not only I won’t have my Nana fix this month, but Berserk too for all august. And also Bastard won’t appear on the new issue of Ultra Jump. At leat Kishiro and Araki aren’t going to fail me…

  19. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Next chapter Septembr 14th…

    SERIOUSLY, Miura has officially become a part-time mangaka.

  20. Wickian Says:

    Counting this upcoming chapter, hasn’t there only been 3 or 4 chapter even SHOWING Guts since late ’06?

  21. guren no kishi Says:

    What I’d really like to know is HOW MUCH THEY EARN FOR A PAGE OF THEIR MANGA. They have to make a profit from their job and at the same time be able to live paying taxes/bills/drawing materials/assistants and so on and they publish so rarely and such few pages. It bugs me. Really.

  22. Maelstrom Says:


    IIRC the last time I’ve heard about it, miura had sold about 30 millions Berserk volume! He must be pretty wealthy now and earning money may notbe his prime motive anymore (if one day it has been!)

  23. HappiestGuyInSpringfield Says:

    Damn it. Will that man finish Berserk while he’s alive?
    I’m starting to have my doubts now.

  24. Phireo Says:

    Hey, he’s in his early forties. If you consider the high life expectancy of the Japanese he can draw berserk for another forty years. (Volume 99?) Also mangaka and famous people, if they don’t commit suicide or someone kills them have an average of ten years above that of the population…

    It is very possible that most of you kids will read the last chapter of berserk on their deathbeds (while the elderly of the club won’t have that comfort…)

    So, people. GO! 行け!(You know, like Pakku says it in the PS2 game) Spread the legacy! Reproduce! Make your kids dress like Pakku, Gatsu or Caska for Carnival/Halloween! So your grandkids could read the last volume!!!


  25. curious Says:

    any news about the next berserk chapter??

  26. serpico Says:

    could it be possible that Berserk is getting low feedback (and so, less money) so the publisher decided to cut down the space reserved to miura’s work?

  27. Spokesman Of Madness` Says:

    Sooo what’s going on with the cahpter that was suposed to come out on 27?Is the date moved to 14th of september?

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