Holy shit!

  » Posted June 27th, 2007 by psi29a

Can you believe it? A long delay in raw acquisition, then DoS attack, a server move later…


Thanks goes out to those kept up the enthusiasm, it really does help us push forward through tough times. We hope to get back into the groove now that summer has arrived and everyone is finished with classes.

Remember, July 13th is 287 in Japan.

82 Responses to “Holy shit!”

  1. Alb Says:

    What, what, the next issue is going to be out on the 13th july ? Really, that fast ?

    Well, sugoi then =D

  2. Chriii Says:

    🙂 Thanks a lot guys!

  3. Bleach Says:

    Yeesh, Gutts has a new set of scars.

  4. Pandemos Says:

    I too, was praying for some Biomega, but hell…I’m not gonna cry when I have fresh Berserk on my plate! E_G is the best in scanlations[period]

    Is it just me, or did they wrap up Gatsu’s canon arm in bandages?

  5. Schrananapuss Says:

    Woot Woot… it was one hell of a long wait, and i must be honest.. this issue isnt anything of what i was hopping for, but i spent a good 20 min looking at the first 2 pages.. that boat is another fken masterpiece of pencil and paper… I’m amazed once again.. thanks for the new issue, and then you VERY much to EG.. you are awseome 😀 😀 😀

  6. Schrananapuss Says:

    RE: @ Bleach
    “Yeesh, Gutts has a new set of scars.”

    yeah i noticed that too.. maybe its just burns from the lightning and stuffs.. i think that might clear up next issue, Guts is just in “recovery” mode.. he’s just to pimp for bandages is all 😀

  7. Hikarub Says:

    Awesome work! Thanks so much for the Angel Heart. When you say “We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline, which includes lots of AngelHeart…” do you a mean lots, or LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS?!

    😀 Thanks again!!!

  8. City Hunter Says:

    this just might have made my week! i haven’t even started downloading it and i’m already excited!! Many thanks for the awesome work you guys do @ EG

  9. Alb Says:

    @Pandemos, I noticed that too. Wtf is up with that…I hope it wasn’t a mistake and was done on purose. I mean it’s not like Miura just started on this project.

  10. Joyrock Says:

    THANK YOU, Thank you very much love the jobs you do, your like my very own magical elves that makes shoes while I sleep but instead it is berserk.

  11. Lazarus Ledd Says:



    keep on rolling 😀

  12. BROOKLYN otaku Says:

    WTF!! ISIdiro did a streetfighter 2 “vega” move!!! and damn guts look’s seriosly fu@Ked up, dude needs some neosporin stat! HEY EVIL G!!! GOOD LOOKIN PIMPIN!!!

  13. LoverofHokuto Says:

    Much appreciated 😉

  14. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    Whoa, that astral body is a real being! Few years ago i was interested in magic like that and i used the astral body for a few seconds twice! Is Amazing how Miura is interested in every field of mythology, religion and magic!

  15. Orthanos Says:

    Maybe guts arm is bandaged so they could keep his scary cannon arm a secret form the rest of the crew.

    Remember that guts & co. are with normal people now and require the best cooperation they can.

  16. koro Says:

    i m wonderig if Guts regeneration potencial is unlimited or will he “break down” soon?
    Anyway – THAAAANX for the Berserker 🙂

  17. Pitt Says:

    Thank you!

  18. 27thArsonist Says:

    lol next Berserk chapter= Friday the 13th

  19. HappiestGuyInSpringfield Says:

    Farnese in the nude while Shierke gives her a rub down… TOTALLY worth the 2-month wait. ^-^
    Now Serpico has a good way to beat the loneliness of the ocean while he’s alone. ^_-

  20. LonelyGhost Says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG Its HERE! YAY! *goes off and reads* Well at least its not soo Longe before the next chapter!

  21. MoreEnthusiasm4uE.G. Says:

    You guys are vital to various parts of a happy sane day.

    -with deepest thanks and praise
    THANK YOU!!!

  22. Clubbavich Says:

    Hrm… I have a 91:1 upload ratio, and the torrent has 400+ seeders and only 20+ leechers… I think I’ve done my part =P

  23. Jabu Says:

    Thank you soo much evil_genius. I actually have summer school =(

  24. 0l0 Says:

    I’m so glad that Farnese had an OOBE! (Astral Travel)

  25. Qfel Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m impressed, after all that happened… You rock!

  26. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    I’m an italian member and i noticed some different translation of names…someone can tell me the original japanese pronunciation?
    For example we have
    Gatsu, that is the translation for Guts
    Shilke For Shierke
    Bejelit for Behelit(but this is a mistake)
    Isidoro for Isidro(and in the videogame Guts calls him isidoro)
    Grifis for Griffith(another mistake of us)
    and Phemt for Femto…
    Can Somebody help me?

  27. psi29a Says:

    @Reinhart :

    I can only reason that you like Legend of Galatic Heroes from your name. One of my new passions!

    As for the names, the official English translations from DarkHorse which is fully supported by Miura are as follows:

    Guts, Behelit, Griffith, and Femto.

    The others haven’t been touched on yet.

    The difference in spelling could be the localization of your publisher, so no real worries. We all know who the people are regardless of how you spell their names. A lot of confusion comes from the romanization of purely Japanese Hiragana/Kanji names. For example, r and l are interchangeable.

    For a comprehensive guide:

    We at EG try to stick as closely to the naming conventions of DarkHorse.

  28. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    Ok thank you psy29a…and…i’ve actually never heard of that galactic heroes…I’m a “mangaka-to-be” and that Reinhart is a charachter of a comic of mineXD

  29. DeSpawn Says:

    Thank you so much EG, I really should pick up your other releases to tie the time over until Berserk comes out again. 🙂 Was it really 2 Months like some have said? Felt quick to me, maybe because if you forget about it for a while the time flies by… either that or i can speed up time itself…

  30. Aetherfukz Says:

    Woo, on with Berserk! My weekend is saved, thanks for the hard work guys!

  31. Boaventura Says:

    You’re the best! Keep up the amazing work, you’re making the difference

  32. Clubbavich Says:

    Remember EG… Take good care of your pirate ninjas

    Never forget to FEED THEM..or we won’t get the scanlations done anytime soon…

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