AMV, MMV, and other treasures.

  » Posted June 30th, 2007 by psi29a

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a nice influx of people into the forums which is great because they have brought to it such wonderful things that I’ll post below. It you want to get the latest scoop of what is going down join us in the forums.

Sweet Dreams – MMV

Wonders at your Feet – MMV

Forces 1.5

Forces Super Mix

Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

28 Responses to “AMV, MMV, and other treasures.”

  1. Alb Says:

    They all looked great. I liked the 1st, 2nd and 4th. I didn’t bother watching the 3rd all the way to the end. The second is the best out of the 4. Though the 4th one was really good too and i’m curious to know where you managed to get that CGI footage. Was there any kind of movie made of it? Because, the CGI footage looked awesome.

  2. Joel Says:

    wowwwww…i didn’t know about bersek…but now…i think i will reconsider my position and star reading it…..

  3. uncempt Says:

    Wow, that sweet dreams one was amazing. I guess I should read the berserk forums after all. Hats off to all of you for kicking arse.

  4. Farla Says:

    @ Alb: It’s from the game that was released a little bit ago for the PS2. Ooooh if I could get my hands on it…and read Japanese…

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  5. Augusto from Brazil Says:

    Nice videos. I really liked the first one.


  6. BROOKLYN otaku Says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! those cgi seqences in the fourth vid!!?? where are they from!!!?? i knew there were other games out besides the dreamcast version”which rocks” but i never new it had animated scenes from after the end of the band of the hawk!! wow, but they dont show actual gameplay, is it an rpg or what.they wereobviosly japanese versions but damn..i gotta research, ..ohh yeah and @joel…you lucky bastard, just getting into berserk?, fresh like a virgin? i envy you dude

  7. El Burro Says:

    i have the ps2 game(don’t understand anything though) its a hack’n’slash. Pretty boring gameplay, cutscenes and bosses are cool though.

  8. Jethro Says:

    I love that Dark Tranquillity – The Wonders At Your Feet video, it’s just amazing work and I do honor Sir Lagsalot for making it.

  9. Cower Says:

    They’re all just Pure Greatness
    (4-th one ftw!!!)

  10. c45j Says:

    PS2 Game berserk is kinda boring.. only good thing is the boss fights, and seeing scenes from the manga animated.

  11. Patrick Says:

    The Dark Tranquility video is amazing. I’ve seen the high quality version over at

  12. BROOKLYN otaku Says:

    do YALL think its more boring than the dreamcast version “cuz i enjoyed that mindless shit”,,,well it dont matter CUZ I JUST BOUGHT THAT BITCH ON EBAY!!!! COME TO ME BABY!

  13. Alb Says:

    Farla, i see, thanks.

    …I don’t care if it’s boring or not…all i want to do is look around the enviroment coz i realy like medieval stuff, it’s one of the reasons i read berserk.

  14. psi29a Says:

    @BROOKLYN otaku:

    Does typing like that make you cool?

  15. Thyrius Says:

    If you haven’t played Berserk for the PS2 your missing out. Sure the gameplay was slighly repetitive, but I will still always love it to death. It doesen’t matter if its in japanese unless your unfamiliar with the manga.
    Chip your ps2 and download if your lazy like me, or don’t what do I care. But GET IT NOW.

    Great MMVs! =)

  16. Kagrath Says:

    @Patrick:- Would you post a more precise link, searching for it with the key words “Dark” “Tranquility” and “Berserk” bears no fruit…

  17. Ahmed Says:

    i think the last two sucked bad
    but “The Wonders At Your Feet” was the best that’s for sure, ever since u first posted it and i even sent the dude who made it an email lol O.o

    the first one wasn’t as good, but it had REALLY juicy scenes XP

  18. Ahmed Says:


  19. Neikius Says:

    You should have searched for “wonders at your feet” ->

    First time seeing the first and the last, so good of you to put it up ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks!

  20. Swordxman Says:

    First, EG thanks for always deliverig the goods.

    Second, Has anybody been able to download and play the sweet dreams amv, so for i downloaded it twice and i can’t get it to run.

    Thanks again

  21. Maelstrom Says:

    If you like the sweet dreams one here is a link to a much better quality version!

  22. Ahmed Says:

    EG is da bomb yo.
    and thank god for once in my life i actually found (i dunno, ppl in charge ?) who talk smack like psi29a and Femto LMAO, y guys are hularious XD

    i may have commited suicide if it wasn’t for you scanning Berserk (typical after-effect of the terribly short anime)

    I.O.U my freakin life lol !

  23. Rogue Says:

    The first one (Sweet Dreams) was good, but I was annoyed at the captions showing the lyrics – it really distracts from the images, which should be the focus. The second video (Wonders at your Feet) came out as better when taking this into account.

    Other than that, it was great! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. remus Says:

    the fist and the forth are realy grath, the second is noto bad but the picture are alerdy existiting see at

  25. Trea45 Says:

    Hey guys if you liked these check out this one on youtube.
    Don’t know if you will like it. But I sure did.

  26. kuroikenshin Says:

    fourth is mine xD I can’t believe it’s here!! xD

    long live evil_genius!!!!!

  27. BROOKLYN otaku Says:

    @psi29a NAH DUDE! do you think i’m cool, thanks a lot son

  28. Henrik Says:

    Berserk + Dark Tranquillity = teh win

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