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  » Posted October 19th, 2005 by Eldo

Yep, the Berserk prototype is done, just to appease the hard core fans of Berserk. Enjoy 40+ pages of Berserk goodness. Note that Muira planned this as a prototype to Berserk in college, this would be what Berserk is today if he continued down the same road as the prototype. Anyway, enough of my raving, get on with the links.

BT download for Berserk prototype

For downloading from the bot on the IRC channel, type ‘/msg EG|Vicar xdcc send #2’.

I’m actually about a day late in updating this on the website (as usually), but I bet nobody visits the website to check the news anyway. *Mumble*.

If I don’t have a massive workload, Zetman should be released by this weekend, yay for me, I guess, to an extent. Sigh. I’ll try to remember to update the website with glorious news. Which nobody visits.

11 Responses to “Berserk Prototype”

  1. Zackarotto Says:

    Awesome and cool! I liked the eye patch… and Gutts’ lazy expressions.

    Uh, I check the news.

  2. WApolu Says:

    That’s not true!!! I do visit and check the news on the website.

  3. Magni Says:

    I check the news as well… all the way from Iceland at that!

  4. Magni Says:

    plus… that expression on Prototype-Gutts kinda reminds me of Zoro from One Piece :oP

  5. mistake Says:

    Thanks for all of the hard work!

  6. PsiLocKe Says:

    aaaw cmon big guy! you know we love you! you bring me berserk goodness, i give you good lovin. it’s a give-give relationship! i’ll check the news everyday if it makes you feel better

  7. emem Says:

    I read the news too !!!
    This site is pretty cool. I am fond of berserk so there is nothing to add :p

  8. ruri Says:

    This is my only Berserk manga source I have, so I check your news everday. I’m such a Berserk freak that I have a Gutts and a Griffith plushie sitting in my car.

  9. Brando Says:

    I love Berserk, but the manga is taking way too long! I am more interested in Zetman! Feed me Zetman addiction! Feed it! Feed it or it will FEED ON YOUR DREAMS!

    Where is my Zetman?! Give me Zetman!


  10. Ominae Says:

    Keep the berserk coming! I do also check the news from time to time with hopes of a new berserk chapter, sure does take awhile, oh well. Have you guys ever considered subbing Dorohedoro? Or am i not even supposed to ask? Omanga (only subbers who sub it that i know of so far) takes about 6 months to release a chapter (not exaggerated). Oh well i’ll be reading Blame! mean time, till the next berserk chapter comes out, hey a Gutts plushie? Damn i’d love to get one, Zodd one too if there is any.

  11. olka Says:

    keep up the good job. ;))
    this girl in that looked familiar:) maybe she is gryffith prototype

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