Berserk chapter 262

  » Posted September 9th, 2005 by Eldo

Nothing critically important this week. Except something about a Berserk chapter 262 coming out. You can get it as usual from our BT tracker (should know by now which site it is) and the packlist of the bot on our IRC channel. As usual, you can thank Nazgul and Wandering_Mystic for their hardwork.

The Berserk chapter 262 BT download is right here.

Notice that the next release date for the RAW is at October 14th. Please don’t ask about release dates within or leading up to that time. I know, I’m sad too, but it seems our leader already anticipated and prophesized that would happen. It’s as if he recieved a premonition…no, he knew it was going to happen without the crazy visions. Such are the ways of the Evil Genius.

In other breaking news, Eldo was seen wearing a hat. More news next month.

2 Responses to “Berserk chapter 262”

  1. wanka Says:

    wow great job once again too bad next chapter is gonna be on oct 14 looking forward to it

  2. Malignus Says:

    Thanks guys, keep this great job 🙂
    Evil Genius rulez!

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