Biomega 13 and NHK 26

  » Posted July 29th, 2006 by psi29a

Just when you thought the weekend couldn’t get any better… We have Biomega 13 and NHK 26 for you all now that you all have recovered from Berserk 277, well, some of us have recovered. πŸ˜›


Have a great weekend guys!

edit: updated with version 2 of NHK 26 which is better overall in terms of readability. ^_^;;

22 Responses to “Biomega 13 and NHK 26”

  1. silverado Says:

    Great release! Thx a lot for your hard work!


  2. Steve Says:

    Badass. You guys just made my morning, keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

  3. Hunter Says:

    question: where can i find chapters 2 and 3 of NHK? I found a torrent called [Manga_Inc]NHK_v01_c002-3 but there are no seeds…

  4. Loki Says:

    There are no ways on the internet to get NHK chapters 2 and 3 I think.

    NHK is getting pretty good. I want to know what happens when he meets Misaki again.

  5. John Says:

    NHK rocks my socks. Thanks!

  6. RuFi Says:

    Thanks!!!! I love you (L) πŸ˜€

    Hunter, have you tried in

  7. layzeegrimm Says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Two NHK chapters in two days? What more can I ask for?

  8. SS Says:

    I love the work you’ve done on NHK so far, but chapter 26 has some heavy dialogue/plot going on, and the extreme broken english is bothering me. Are you going to make a revised version in the future? Please say yes. ;~;

    I guess I can alway wait until Tokyopop’s release to actually figure out what’s going on…

  9. silverado Says:

    MU has uploaded ch 1-24 on megaupload


  10. psi29a Says:

    @SS: After investigating, we have concluded that we are at fault.

    We had a QCed a final script that didn’t get used, we are going over the logs with a fine-tooth comb to figure out what exactly happened and howto prevent it from happening again.

    A v2 of NHK 26 is likely, stayed tuned.

  11. SS Says:

    that is great to hear! you people are awesome.

  12. tenzin Says:

    thank you soo much for translating NHK, its a very intersting story, meaning i really like it.

    i have downloaded the anime as well, i like the manga, reveals more answers to what is really happening in the anime.

  13. Eldo Says:

    It was, uh, my fault, I released the non-QC, non-proofread version of 26 and it was probably one of the first drafts of scripts ever in history. I had both versions on my computer, and I uploaded the wrong one by accident. So, uh, yes, it’s MY fault. This will never happen in the future, let me assure you guys that. We take pride in our translations and quality, and this was a slip up that was entirely my fault.

  14. Albator Says:

    No don’t be so hard on yourself, the process was quite confusing. I say Eldo is doing a great job, and it’s thanks to him that we got so much manga on one shot, this is at least true for the chapter 26 of NHK.

  15. psi29a Says:

    @SS & Everyone else

    We released NHK 26 as version 2 with a better script. We are sorry for the original release, hopefully this one is much better for everyone.

  16. Cower Says:

    Huh ???
    and no comments about Biomega ??

    Shame on you!!
    Nihei Roks…

    And Bear now – “Kozlov” ^__^;
    Poor Kozlov. He is so thin now… Must be hard to be guerrilla in this wicked world >_

  17. psi29a Says:

    @Cower: Yes, Biomega rocks as does Nihei. πŸ˜› Happy?

  18. Cohan Says:

    THX guys!! keep it up!

  19. Creator Says:

    thx for translation NHK, my fav manga. with impatience waiting for c27

  20. jistanidiot Says:

    Hey I’ve been away for a while and am finally catching up. Just wanted to say thanks for your work. Also a big thanks for using a different font in Biomega. It’s finally legible!

  21. A Concerned Manga Reader Says:

    It’s been nearly 2 months since the last chpt of NHK was released by your group…what’s the holdup?

  22. Mikey C Says:

    Yeah please continue on releasing NHK!! plzplzplz^^?

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