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The three Big B’s release!

  » Posted October 1st, 2007 by Eldo

Berserk is out after a relatively long wait. Enjoy, guys. I think this will spark some interesting conversation, and take the time to enjoy the pure awesomeness of the first couple of pages. In other news, new chapters of Biomega and Breaction.


Please help out and seed. It’s the least you could do. There’s some problem with the Biomega chapter download, as the seeder thing is a bit screwy right now and couldn’t detect that. So there might be some brief periods of shutdown for that file until psi or arke becomes available to fix it. Alternatively, you could go to the IRC channel and download the file(s) there. To be honest, the chapter was done over 3 hours before the generation of this post, but I was trying to get everything working; and obviously, it isn’t. I think I’m to blame, since I haven’t really slept that much. I hope you guys all enjoy these chapters.

Miura is taking a small break (again), but Berserk continues in issue 22, on sale Nov. 9! Yeah, we know it is going to be badass: Griffith vs. Ganishka — Final Battle at Windham!

EDIT: I know that the next chapter is said to be on the 11th on the scanlation; THAT IS WRONG. That’s an error on my part when I typed it in. I wasn’t paying much attention, sorry. The correct date is on the 9th.

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Berserk 289 and B.Reaction! 12

  » Posted September 15th, 2007 by Eldo

Last but certainly not least, here is Berserk in all it’s glory. From Miura to Mystic and Eldo, to you all. Enjoy!


Hopefully other chapters of the other mangas will come soon and in time for the next Berserk release. 290 of Berserk should be out on the 28th of September, so mark it on your calendars.

Episode 15: Pants of Curse II
By hbi2k

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There is no spoon…

  » Posted July 15th, 2007 by psi29a

But, there is Berserk! Not to mention Angel Heart, Biomega, NHK and B. Reaction! The whole crew worked hard on these releases, with LordMune spending an unbelievable maddening time cleaning up Biomega for all of you, same with Eldo in working with NHK and Mystic for slugging through real-life and coming through with a wonderful translation of Berserk. Also, without the efforts of kangxi, Nominomo, uncempt, Vicissitude, we wouldn’t have much of a release. Great job gang!


For the curious, Berserk 288 should be out in Japan on July 27th. And now for something completely different, more Berserk Abridged from hbi2k.

Episode 12.5: Zodd and Phil’s DTV Pitch

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Berserk, BReaction, and Zetman… oh my!

  » Posted February 9th, 2007 by psi29a

The moment you all have been waiting for. I present to you all, the goods:


The response so far has been fantastic, more than I imagined. We are not done yet, every little bit helps. That being said, thank you guys SO much for helping us out. Words can not express our gratitude for your generosity, it is literally humbling! You guys rock. We are at the half-way mark already! 😀

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Are you ready for some B.Reaction?

  » Posted November 18th, 2006 by psi29a

Yes, you heard right… B.Reaction, chapters 4 through 8. This a retranslated, re-edited version of 4 with 5,6,7, and 8 being brought into the lime light so enjoy! We also have more Zetman, NHK, and certainly last but not least, Biomega!


Have a great weekend everyone and look forward to more goodness soon.

— psi29a

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