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Start of May treats!

  » Posted May 3rd, 2008 by Eldo

Remember last time when we promised Biomega and Breaction? Well, here they are.


Breaction chapter 18 is the last chapter for the series. So yeah, have fun with it. We certainly have. It is our second completed project, so yay.

Hope you guys enjoy the releases.

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A (somewhat) timely release!

  » Posted March 15th, 2008 by psi29a

Hello gang, once again we are proud to bring you Berserk 294, B.Reaction! 17, and more. 🙂


Now for some bad news, we’ve removed NHK Volumes 6 and 7 because Tokyopop has already released 6 on to store shelves and 7 is being worked on now.

There has also been a rash of ‘raws’ request for Zetman and B.Reaction. B.Reaction! is almost finished (18 is the last one)… so what is the point?

We have one gentleman post from a Brazilian IP address claiming to be Tew of udanraws. Considering that we are friends with Tew, we chatted him up to see if he really wanted our scans of Zetman Volume 8 that our team patiently paid for and scanned. Here is part of that conversation:

[16:03:22] Tew | | IP:
[16:03:22] Hi, i’m Tew from #udanraws, can [evil_genius] upp the zetman volume 08 raw to post in #udanraws?
[16:03:22] Mar 11, 4:29 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Better late than never
[16:04:13] lol tew imposters
[16:04:34] lol
[16:08:55] I'd just go for "No, you're not." and if I really wanted to spend time on it I'd add "We know Tew." and that'd be it..
[16:10:07] look look.... there goes tew importer :P
[16:11:19] haha, reverse lookup:
[17:22:49] You wasted your time; There was a 100% chance that it was a brazilian :P

A few days later, Eldo gets this in IRC:

[11:08] Hello, man where you found zetman vol8? I searched in share and winny but i didn't found

Jina is * Atomic
Jina on #[Evil_Genius]
Jina using The IRCHighWay Network
Jina End of /WHOIS list.


So there you have it folks. This is how low some groups will go to get their hands on things. We at EG don’t really see the point of all this cloak and dagger bullshit. There is no Volume 9 out now, and if we rushed to get all of Volume 8 out the door, then there would just be a long ass wait again till we decided to buy Volume 9 and scan it ourselves, like always.

Since people are interested in the scans of Zetman, we are tempted to release them, but it won’t be our fault that they are crap quality. Blame it on the Tew imposter and myriad other groups out there.

EDIT BY ELDO: You’re probably wondering, ‘what the hell is this Watanabe?’ Well, it’s a new project, a short 3 volume manga. If you’ve read a little gem called Chocolat, then you’ll love this, because not only is it by the same mangaka, it has the same style of humour. It’s a comedy of sorts, about an alien named Watanabe who traveled to Earth for his research thesis into understanding the Earthen culture and all that jazz. Watanabe not only looks ridiculous in his body suit, but also speaks in an olden Japanese tongue that we have tried to faithfully convert to English.

Anyway, tell us what you think of it in the forums in this thread here whether you hate or love it, all opinions are fine.

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Angel Heart, Breaction, Zetman releases!

  » Posted February 3rd, 2008 by Eldo

You heard right, releases are here!


So yeah, I kept my promise of having at least 5 releases. We could have more, but I got lazy. We’ll have them ready for the next release batch. Hope you enjoy them. Still, no Berserk, so don’t ask. I heard from a little elf that, for the next chapter to appear, each person must buy a 100 copies of the volumes. So, uh, get cracking. It’s all up to you now.

EDIT: Because some people didn’t get it, my remark about people buying 100 copies of the volumes…was a joke. As in, an amusing and supposed witty device to provoke laughter. It doesn’t seem it was that funny to some people, who took it seriously and thought it was Miura’s word. Heh, no, that was all me. I thought a demand of this ludicrous nature was obviously a joke and people would get it. What Miura really wants is to you to save the Nigerian princess by giving all your bank account details so she could transfer billions of dollars into your account and run away together so no one would know of your secret love. Now, if you don’t get if that is a joke or not, I give up (and just in case everyone is that dense, no, Miura did not say anything of that sort, and no, don’t give your bank account details to this ‘Nigerian princess’. I’ll spell out what is a joke next time).

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Happy Holidays!

  » Posted December 24th, 2007 by psi29a

From everyone at Evil_Genius, happy holidays everyone and may you have a great new years. 2008 is almost here and it has been a great 4 years since Oro first founded EG. We started out as part of DigitalPanic, a swell group of people in their own right that helped incubate us in our Gantz and Berserk speed scanlation days.

We did eventually outgrow (and piss off a few people) Oro decided to strike out on his own and with a bit of help from Mindwerks we are now self-hosted and have developed slowly over time into what you see today. While Oro has moved on to bigger and better thing, he is still the founder who guided us into what you see today. So, many thanks to Oro for pioneering the way and I hope that we at EG have kept your flame alive and made you proud.

Now, time for the torrents! 🙂


Yes, you read that right… Blame Academy, B. Reaction!, and AngelHeart! Woohoo!

Take care everyone and enjoy the holidays!

hbi2k Presents Episode 20: “Swing and a Miss”

EDIT: Also, we are in need of experienced editors. Please contact Eldo if you are interested in helping out, by emailing him at eldoes at gmail dot com or PM him at the forums. Some projects are idle with no editors at the moment, so we would very much appreciate the help.

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Happy Berserk Day

  » Posted November 23rd, 2007 by psi29a

To those in the States, happy turkey day… to the rest, merry berserk day. 😉 Get your Angel Heart, B.Reaction!, and lovely Berserk.


Many thanks to Vicissitude , Eldo, LordMune, Starnum, Uncempt and Mystic.

Have a great weekend gang!

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