Berserk, BReaction, and Zetman… oh my!

  » Posted February 9th, 2007 by psi29a

The moment you all have been waiting for. I present to you all, the goods:


The response so far has been fantastic, more than I imagined. We are not done yet, every little bit helps. That being said, thank you guys SO much for helping us out. Words can not express our gratitude for your generosity, it is literally humbling! You guys rock. We are at the half-way mark already! ๐Ÿ˜€

38 Responses to “Berserk, BReaction, and Zetman… oh my!”

  1. Daichii Says:

    Oh Yeah!!!!!!!! That’s great guys, and what speed.. EG Rulz!!!

  2. seishi Says:

    GREAT work!! u know.. i love u guys… sniff..

  3. Lurker Says:

    Thanks guys! Glad to see more Breaction releases!

  4. Guyver84 Says:

    Another great release of B.Reaction! Thank you guys.

  5. Mook Says:

    thanks for the scanlation of Berserk.

    A couple of grammatical errors though, and the language you used sound awkward. You guys could use an editor, or a better editor if you don’t already have one.

    “The one who reigns THE over the largest empire…”

    “you look like you are suffering” Using “you’re” sounds better than “you are”

  6. KLAU$$ Says:


  7. aleron Says:

    yay~ =D thnx very much for Zetman ^^

  8. moozooh Says:


    The speed and quality combination is nothing short of being admirable.

  9. Water Says:

    you are the best!!!

    thank you very very very much

  10. ;o; Says:

    NHK33 and Biomega19?

  11. pato Says:


  12. Farla Says:

    Thank you for another fantastic Berserk release =D

  13. RancorX Says:

    thx for berserk. and so ive been waitin for zetman, finally some more ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Fatah Says:

    Thank you, and I don’t care so much if there’s a little grammar mistakes. As long as you guys scanlate this fast berserk, I am happy even if it’s in spanglish ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. ogar555 Says:


  16. fenrisulfr Says:

    guys, I cant use P2P softwares anymore since Im at the library.
    could any of you please send me the zip file to :

    I would really appreciate, thanks in advance for helping an Hawk in distress.

  17. Ruroni Says:

    Thanks for the B.Reaction. Not sure where to get the raws you need, can’t seem to find the books available other than v1.

  18. fenrisulfr Says:

    requesting the

  19. karl Hoffman Says:


  20. The BlackSwordsman - A Berserk Fansite Says:

    Chapter 282 Released…

    Check out Evil-Genius for the latest release.


  21. MiLKiS Says:

    nhk 33? I was sure it was going to come out with this update T_T

  22. salsudo Says:


  23. Kiklo Says:

    EG, You guys rule!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!

  24. Dario Says:

    Wow… Another Zetman release, really cool. You guys rocks a lot =]

  25. Harkan Says:

    cool that i find the new chapter the same day i see the lost chapter…man god is realy…wow

  26. manglosaxon Says:

    killer…….you guys are killer

  27. Sirax Says:

    Ummm the link to Berserk doesn’t seem to work ;]
    I thied a few times but i dunno …

  28. Sirax Says:

    nvm ๐Ÿ˜€ my computer is a piece of shit ;] THXXX KEEP IT UP!!!

  29. la6aam Says:

    where is guts?

  30. Eldo Says:

    Mook: Yeah, that ‘the’ part was an error on our part, we didn’t catch it in our QC process, we are only human. I will, however, remain to edit the manga, and hope that errors will be reduced next time during the QC process. By editor, I think you mean some sort of proofreader, the meaning of the terms are relatively different in scanlation and that of real life departments. We will try to be careful, but things do slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, as the editor of the manga releasing it quickly and in high quality as possible, I simply cannot cover all the bases. And we all come from different parts of the world, one might be asleep when I’m awake, so the release process may be hindered due to time zone problems. It was probably mentioned to me, but I guess I missed it. I’ll be more cautuous next time, hopefully. It’s not easy to handle it when I have a shitty computer along with a dozen other things to do.

    The language used is based on the context and word usage of the original Japanese, we strive to maintain the demeanor used by the characters. As for your other comment about the ‘you’re’, no, I won’t bother with that. I do think ‘you’re’ is better than ‘you are’. A matter of preference.

    A word to most of you. We are not perfect, nor will we try to be. We will give it our all to maintain HQ works, but we will not attempt to make it into pure perfection. If any of you demand perfect and flawless stuff, either learn Japanese and read it from the original Japanese copy, or wait and buy Dark Horse’s copy. We do not work for ANY OF YOU. Do not make demands; but constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome. Understand that we are not receiving any profit in doing any scanlation work, we all work for free and out of our spare time.

    And finally, I want to THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH FOR THE DONATIONS! You guys have been awesome! It’s been a privilege to have a fanbase like you guys, I am incredibly thankful of you guys. You guys are goddamn awesome. Everyone in the group thanks those who have donated and continue to support us. Thank you very much.

  31. Sixpack Says:

    Thanking people is our job. you guys don’t have to do that ๐Ÿ˜‰
    just keep up the great releases. and /care on the the little language issue.
    Its a great release *bige fat* .

  32. crimsonzero Says:

    you guys rock at eg! :3
    thank you very much for the scans ^^

  33. king Says:


  34. impetus Says:

    Great Zetman and B.Reaction! Always great quality!

  35. ~DeathGod~ Says:

    i want more B.Reation >.

  36. fiabundem Says:

    hey i have the raws for B reaction.15-18 do u guys want them or need them?

  37. psi29a Says:

    @ fiabundem: we have them as well, what we need is 10-14.

  38. fiabundem Says:

    k well ill keep looking but things are lookin grim cause i cant find them no were =(

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