There is no spoon…

  » Posted July 15th, 2007 by psi29a

But, there is Berserk! Not to mention Angel Heart, Biomega, NHK and B. Reaction! The whole crew worked hard on these releases, with LordMune spending an unbelievable maddening time cleaning up Biomega for all of you, same with Eldo in working with NHK and Mystic for slugging through real-life and coming through with a wonderful translation of Berserk. Also, without the efforts of kangxi, Nominomo, uncempt, Vicissitude, we wouldn’t have much of a release. Great job gang!


For the curious, Berserk 288 should be out in Japan on July 27th. And now for something completely different, more Berserk Abridged from hbi2k.

Episode 12.5: Zodd and Phil’s DTV Pitch

84 Responses to “There is no spoon…”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Berserk was awesome (really touchy)
    Many thanks and a ton of gratification

  2. muddtoad Says:

    @Maelstrom I hope Guts never get’s his eye and arm back. That would completely kill a huge component of the manga…

  3. sphax Says:

    Thanks for Biomega and the rest! great work as usual

  4. DeMs Says:

    Hmmmm Guts’ shape change many times during the manga, mainly with battle marks, dunno if he’d get his flesh any better; could give him a little refreshing moment, until something terrible happens, scarring him again and making him look even more nasty than he already is 🙂

    Btw in that scan, when his vision blurs and Guts panics, is it as if he was just about to go berserk WITHOUT the armor, explaining his reaction, or the sea bringing him again near souvenirs? I saw the bird during the blur, but I dunno if it’s supposed to have a meaning. Could anyone give me his thoughts on that?

  5. LoverofHokuto Says:

    Many thanks, you guys rock 😉

  6. Alb Says:

    @DeMs, I think the reason his vision has started to go funny is because, of extensive use of the armor. It’s completely draining him.

  7. KuroD Says:

    While it could be that it due to extensive use of the armor, i think guts’ panic was due to the fear of losing his sight completely and not that he was gona go berserk

  8. tojju Says:

    thanks EG for BReaction and NHK.

  9. kapataunporter Says:

    thanks a lot guys… you are the best

  10. Bleach Says:

    Another great chapter. Thanks you guys.

  11. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Thank you EG. Excellent job, as always.

  12. Harkan Says:

    Gah, i just noticed the new Berserk is coming out whille im away from computer, crap T_T

  13. Alb Says:

    Quick question.

    Do any of you know why Gatsu has pointy ears ?_? They look like elf ears. I just don’t get it, everyone else has normal human ears except for gatsu. Is it maybe that he may be a half-breed ?_?

  14. Maelstrom Says:

    Pretty much like Zodd actually 😀

  15. Alb Says:

    @Maelstrom, I can understand why Zodd would have pointy ears since he is a demon and all because, he can transform into this Jaguar faced, Bull standing, dragon flying creature =D

    It might not mean anything but, other’s opinions were on this.

  16. Alb Says:

    “It might not mean anything but, I wanted to see other’s opinions on this”

  17. Sparda Says:

    i think that there has always been speculation on the relationship between Guts and Zodd (whether or not they are somehow related)

  18. DeMs Says:

    I think it’s just for the character design, early in the manga he was designed to look like a devil somewhat; during the golden age before he becomes commander, he had some leather thingie looking like an imp tail – after all, he is the craft of bringing a demonic god upon his world

  19. Lone Wolf Says:

    Wow man…Guts has grown weak…This can be happening…

  20. DeMs Says:

    He isn’t exactly going weak, he’s a human being surpassing himself too much in a world with demons and using a cursed artefact, bad mix for a mere “squishy” ^^

    With what he said and thought about Caska, once he’s at elfhelm – provided they would get there, I’m wondering if he isn’t going to change his mind about curing caska. Maybe trying to let her stay in elfhelm while he goes back to midland, hmmm… Would give a weary ambiance. A suitable possibility imo

  21. Cellar Says:

    I hope Guts will leave caska at Elfhelm and go back to midland to fight some demons without caring much about her.

  22. InterRage Says:

    Caska has got a wierd way about her, whenever she sees griffith……like maybe she still worships him like a god.
    My little theory, which is gonna be so off I bet, is that she eventually joins griffith.

  23. InterRage Says:

    nvm, that’s way too f’d up to say.

  24. DeMs Says:

    When she saw Femto, he was in his “Griffith” form. And maybe she knows something we don’t, like Femto deep in his mind somewhere he has some regrets, who knows; the baron in the first volumes proved that “eggmen” can have hidden thoughts and feelings. It’s just like when Gatts saw him for the first time again as Femto, he paused when Gatts taunted him in an answer to a few things – Femto then said “yes, you were a good sacrifice”

    Maybe Femto’s wish is not to kill Gatts anymore, unless forced to. It’s just when that moment Caska saw her (but she never saw him again with the Femto looks ;)), he just came and warned Gatts, trying to tell him he won’t stop now even if he puts himself in the way.

    Yet again, if he’s truly evil to the core, then maybe he’s been doing this just for his own intrigues, calculating Gatt’s reactions.

    Therefore, could it mean Gatts maybe has the possibility to beat him after all? Not only that, but didn’t he crushed his human ambitions and is Bad Luck wherever he goes 😉

    Just speculating again 😛

  25. bardoftheberserker Says:

    In the dark horse translation immediately following the eclipse skull knight said something along the lines of maybe you are connected to the elves. I’m beginning to think that there is more to Guts than meets the eye and there is probably more back story to him than what was shown. I wouldn’t doubt that elves are able to move agianst causality freely but since Guts might just be a half breed he was potentially caught somewhere in the middle sort of like a free moving puppet that still has a couple of strings attached to it without it ever realizing that they are there.

  26. DeMs Says:

    Hmm maybe, would be odd but somewhat why not… Dunno, doesn’t sound plausable to me; “worst” would be Gatts appearing to be the elf king himself -_-

  27. bardoftheberserker Says:

    Guts…Elf King? I’d very much doubt it I’d say the chance of that being the case is from 0.00% to 3.33% from happening and if so that is the case Miura sure as hell has to do alot of explaining. As far as whats been foreshadowed since the first eclipse is that the elves have played some major role in the history of berserks universe but its not been clear as to what and how.

  28. Cower Says:

    I think there would be much more FlashBacks now.
    SkullKnight said that Guts would lose his senses eventually – and he IS loosing.
    I doubt that Casca or Guts would be cured in Elfhelm, but hope for it 😉

    Yay! for Biomega
    Yay! for Berserk
    Yay! For Angel Heart…

    Now waitnig for Zetman.

  29. Phireo Says:

    Is it possible… that the 27th of July is meant for 2008? Still no preview…


  30. Core Says:

    Appreciate the latest release of berserk. I know you guys work hard to bring it to the fans. And were all truly grateful for it.

    On another note, Guts looks like he’s needing a vacation.

  31. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Folks, for those who stick to this thread, know that the episode is OUT.
    It’s called “Sea Battle (1)” and the next episode will be out on September 14th, therefore making Kentarou Miura (at least in my book) a part-time mangaka. That sucks.

  32. e Says:

    Actually also Grifis have pointy ears. He had them also when he was human.

  33. surveyork Says:

    Has NHK ended? Chapter 38 is the third chapter in volume 8. NHK volumes use to have 5 chapters each but chapter 38 really looks like the end of the story.

  34. Raijin Says:

    NHK finally thanks EG

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