Are you ready for some B.Reaction?

  » Posted November 18th, 2006 by psi29a

Yes, you heard right… B.Reaction, chapters 4 through 8. This a retranslated, re-edited version of 4 with 5,6,7, and 8 being brought into the lime light so enjoy! We also have more Zetman, NHK, and certainly last but not least, Biomega!


Have a great weekend everyone and look forward to more goodness soon.

— psi29a

44 Responses to “Are you ready for some B.Reaction?”

  1. Akumu Says:

    still no word of berserk im guessing? oh well, nothing we can do but wait…

  2. storm Says:

    I really think that there will be very few or no berserk at all until next year… Lucky of me the other mangas still coming out. Great work guys.

  3. ogar555 Says:


  4. xoni Says:

    thanks for some more awesome BReaction.

  5. Lurker Says:

    Many thanks for continuing with BReaction releases.

  6. Fire Says:

    Woo – Biomega is a pleasant saturday night surprise. Thanks guys.

  7. aleron Says:

    yay~ thanks for more Zetman

  8. gats Says:

    hey guys i got an idea u might think im crazy but don matter
    i just wanted to write a letter to this guy (the one that makes berserk manga) that we are freaking nuts guys waiting for more berserk manga….
    maybe he’ll think about it and … it could works u know jejeje

    i dont know his name isnt he kishimoto or something like that jejejej if u agree with me please help me im getting mad waiting for more berserk…
    thanx guys

  9. SAMfh Says:

    This Berserk drought is getting pretty crazy. If we have to wait until January, I won’t be responsible for whatever violence may randomly occur.

  10. Dei Says:

    Ah yes, I was waiting for some B.Reaction releases. God bless you Evil-Genius.

  11. Dagda Says:

    More Biomega, you say? Hell yeah!

  12. Levortas Says:

    Many thanks for more Zetman and stuff. You guys rock. =D

  13. stoil Says:

    thank u, thank u 🙂

  14. Guyver84 Says:

    Oh thanks for B.Reaction. I love it! You have done a great job. Please release more of B.Reaction in the future.

  15. LordMune Says:

    I think we should all go with gats’ suggestion and e-mail Masashi Kishimoto about our crazy need for free Berserk.

  16. psi29a Says:

    a true fan indeed 😛

  17. Cower Says:

    Biomega 16 – YAY!!!!

  18. smashingtofu Says:

    possible divergence of nhk anime and manga…

    the manga looks like its going towards an extremely depressing climax

    for our poor dysfunctional characters … : p

    I’m glad you guys are still doing nhk, if you ever need a hand in editing any manga I’ll be glad to

  19. ZombieToaster Says:

    “I think we should all go with gats’ suggestion and e-mail Masashi Kishimoto about our crazy need for free Berserk. ”

    hahahaha, then maybe he will make naruto abit bloodier 😛

    thanks for the biomega.

  20. psi29a Says:

    @smashingtofu: We are glad that you are glad. ^_^ If you would like to help out and be apart of the EG crew, hop on over to the forums and introduce yourself and leave contact info.

    Our translation and editor sign-up app (of sorts) is here:

  21. Vicequaizer Says:

    Nooooo, where is my subscription of AH!? 😛
    J/k, I still appreciate you guys greatly for all your hard work. 😀

    By the way, sorry to be repetitive, but is chapter 56~58 of AH still down?

  22. yojimbo Says:

    evil genius you guys are the best i was loosing hope if there were going to be any more B-Reaction chapters but you guyz published them thank you very much and please keep publishin or scanlating them in the future. i beg you guys. so if you read this please keep scanlating B-Reaction. Thanks again for your hard work. you guys are the best

  23. fin089 Says:


    thanx for zetman

  24. Phireo Says:

    Well, maybe Miura is working on “Japan” right now…


  25. LordMune Says:

    Uh, why? Japan was only one volume long and finished years ago, was it not?

  26. Lucifer Crow Says:

    Hay thanks for the BReaction, great work, keep it up please!

    by the way… has anybody else noticed that all the chapter tittles are Van Halen songs?

  27. KCBeserk Says:

    i need more nhk or im gonna die. like everyone else in nhk

  28. KLAU$$ Says:

    UFFF BERESK?! ……but Breaction is good to!! nice work!!

  29. Reiketsu Says:

    Nomimono did a great job. Well done, dude!

  30. LordMune Says:

    Yeah, Nomimono is awesome.

  31. havedeath Says:

    thanks for the new zetman!

  32. Wintypes Says:

    /me is NHK fan.

    I’m glad to have found someone who takes the time to translate such a consistently good manga such as NHK ni youkuso.

    Thanks alot!

  33. Assire Says:

    well, i have a question – will be more Elfen Lied?

  34. KLAU$$ Says:

    it will be more of this breaction beacause its fun…!!!

  35. Daiceman Says:

    Any news of berserk in the issue of Young Animal released today?

  36. Jacob Says:

    A-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to BERSERK! Argh! When will it come?????? Need to know!

    // Love to the translator and writer from a fan.

  37. Lone Wolf Says:

    Well yeah thats nice but…I WAN’T BERSERK!!!I just need to know what is gonna happen!

  38. Daiceman Says:

    For all you people who don’t visit the forums, it seems the next release wont be untill sometime in Janurary.

  39. Daiceman Says:

    Oh, it could possibably be later too, though.

  40. Reikon Says:

    Whats with the forums being down? Anyways could you hit me up, I would like to leave contact info for helping out with editing also email a few scans I have done to see if I’m of any real use.

  41. psi29a Says:

    It moved to to better mesh with EG. Still here 😀

  42. fin089 Says:

    Pü!! Murai!!!! So I hope you n´t christmas cringe

    because January is loooooooooooooooooooong!!

    when´s the next chapter of zetman airing!!

  43. red riding hood Says:

    yay! i hope you continue translating breaction. me like-y

  44. TRONYCA Says:

    DUDE IS B-reaction a monthly manga

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