Angel Heart 172, Berserk 311, Biomega 35

  » Posted February 12th, 2010 by miyagiCE

Mad props to DrPepperPro for almost single-handedly editing all these chapters here. Enjoy. Berserk returns February 26th.


You can look forward to new Zetman before then, though.

Also, we made a minor mistake in the last Berserk chapter, so here are the fixed pages for those that care.

Page 21
Page 22

62 Responses to “Angel Heart 172, Berserk 311, Biomega 35”

  1. Miki Says:

    New chapter of Berserk. Great! It’s definitely interesting :-).

  2. CyberNinja Says:


  3. LoverofHokuto Says:

    Much thanks!

  4. revanchist Says:

    Thank you!

  5. Dex Says:

    thanks for Berserk 😀

  6. Mr. America Says:

    Yes, another awesome arc is straigth ahead =D

  7. Mad Pete Says:

    It worked!!!

    I knew that if I woke up late because yesterdays beers EG would had already translated the new chapter!!!

    Wow, when I took a look on the raws in japanese, I tought they had already arrived in Elfheim… Looks like I was wrong…

    What about the owl?

  8. Sa[ff] Says:

    Yay! Thx a lot for new chap of Berserk and fixes for the previous.
    Also grand thx for Biomega!!! Waiting for further releases. Hope you finish this awesome manga soon.

  9. Thana Says:

    Nice, a new chapter. Haven’t read it yet, will start right away.

  10. Breads Says:

    Sweet, sweet Biomega! Thanks so much for the continued work!

  11. xpym Says:

    Now berserk goes all lovecraftian on us, lol

  12. wollfyn Says:

    Cool! Really looking forward to Biomega. Thanks!

  13. Everton Says:

    Eu pensei que iria demorar um pouco mais para chegar na ilha dos elfos, podia aparecer um demonio poderoso como o LEVIATÃ que e considerado o deus dos mares
    Parece que esse ano nao vai ficar essa demora como o ano passado

    I thought I would take a little longer to get to the island of the elves, a demon could appear as powerful as the Leviathan and considered the god of the seas
    It seems that this year it will be this delay as last year

  14. Mad Pete Says:

    I think that crazy owl is inside that cave, just waiting for Gatts crew.
    But I bet Gatts would take that mad owl down

  15. buttobasu Says:

    Thanx for the new Berserk chapter. Looks great, can’t wait to see how this arc will escalate.

  16. DamnedBones Says:

    Thanks for Berserk and Angel Heart.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  17. Ethan Says:

    Aligato! :)

  18. Mad Pete Says:

    Everton, eles não tão na ilha dos elfos ainda não, essa é uma ilha qualquer no meio do caminho

  19. Kain Says:

    No, these stupid pirates aren’t dead yet, why keep them alive?!

    Well when they are gone the story gets a lot better, such a strange island. Except that she is a girl the ‘aborigine’ kinda remind me of the boy that caska was so fond of while the crocodiles attacked, before they arrived at the city-port.

    Anyway thanks for the translation, as always!

  20. Ratatosk Says:

    yay, a remote island that worships Cthulhu! thanks guys

    I liked the pirates, the only reason they’re annoying is they turned up in the middle of huge gaps between chapters, when everyone was expecting more significant plot development, instead of beautifully detailed sea-battles against giant squid-genitalia. Plus the way the ship randomly disappears underwater reminds me of something Michael Moorcock thought up on too many drugs..

    Isidro made me laugh eyeing up the girl :) glad someone was around to stop him going into that sea-cave..

  21. dude223 Says:

    Thanks gang. Though I was hoping there wouldn’t be anything else in their path on the way to Elfheim. I’m a little disappointed with the side track.

  22. guren no kishi Says:

    I knew it: sea battle postponed and no Elfheim on the horizon. It takes a lifetime of patience to be a Berserk reader.

    Thanks EG for the release.

  23. Anon Says:

    awesome job guys

  24. t0rek Says:

    thanks from costa rica

  25. Mad Pete Says:

    I was just re-reading from vol-29… And four years ago, we were in v31ch269, and they were figthing their way to the boat… FOUR YEARS!!! It will take what, half a decade to get them inf Elfhell?

    Just imagine then how long it will take to they return to the continent to kick Griffith ass… I’ll probably be dead by then

  26. Dead Pete Says:

    I sure hope so.

  27. random berserk fan Says:

    That Berserk chapter was awesome and the quality of the release was even more awesome. But, hey, that level of awesomeness is the usual one for both Miura-san and Evil-Genius! Thank you guys!

    Regarding the chapter, I really liked the creepy atmosphere… Who knows, maybe that “sea god” is an apostle?

    random-berserk-fan, from Europe

  28. MelroseMan Says:

    would you rather have him take his time or get chapters of complete shit

  29. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    yeah, big thanks evil-genius 😀
    this chaptel was actually quite nice

  30. pantaril Says:

    Who could this “aborigine” girl be? She looks like the mysterious black haired boy the party met while traveling to the Vritanis. But he is aging too quickly and changing gender:) I realy think there is some connection between him and Guts’s and Casca’s child.

  31. Wrath Says:


  32. Sir Mi Says:

    Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS MIURA DOING WITH BERSERK??? THAT CHAPTER WAS A FRICKIN ….! Man, how long will take to Guts’ crew arrive in Elfhelm? 30 years?? I can’t understand why they have to stop at that island, i can’t think anything important to story that can happen there and can’t in elfhelm, and of course, why the pirates?? Seriously, Berserk was better.

  33. 0DarkBlade Says:

    I luv you guys, im gonna read Berserk for my Bday Yay! keep up the good work!

  34. Mr. America Says:

    huh? That girl has a connection to that child? She seemed more spiritual to me. I don’t know for sure, but to me it seemed like she was some kind of spirit, like a “Spirit of rural hunting” or sth. . Atleast at first…

  35. veiko100 Says:

    Berserk – nr 1 in the whole world!! I think reason why Miura takes so long breaks is he has to think his story trough before new releases. Probably he has some kind of quidline in his head, but presice layout has to be specified and think over. So from that point of view I am willing to wait.

    But then again, it WOULD be good idea to releash new chapters with greater speed.

    About girl – don´t think she is Guts and Cascas child, becouse he/she was dark haired and acted differently. Pirates were little pit anoying. Some kind of random encounter – or at least you would think so in first. But then think about the strange wind they mentioned. Maybe (because the world has changed) all who are evil in heart are becoming more likely apostels than before. It`s like, you know, the world is now more magical. IMHO.

  36. Dequer Says:

    Awesome mangas this week good show.

  37. Sheepy-Pie Says:

    Well i think her hair looks very similar in style to young Griffith’s so maybe G has been getting it on while the story has been hanging.

    What’ll be interesting is to see what Shierke thinks of her.

  38. basquel Says:

    NEW BERSERK KICKS ASS. CTHULHU + BERSERK = WIN. Even though I would prefer to see a fight between Guts and Yog-Sothoth.

  39. buttobasu Says:

    I totally thought the 1st option on the poll said “Sex God” at first…

  40. nocturnal Says:

    i think the pirates are gonna be the team rocket of berserk. :o. Hurry murai! show everyone that batman is in that cave!

  41. Thana Says:

    It’s very exciting how different the audience of this manga can be… Berserk, that is. The one above me is talking about Team Rocket – hmmkay. We got WorldColide, who talks about dicks, and there was that other dude, who was all about slaughtering and stuff. Fascinating!

  42. Selfproclaimed expert Says:

    Huys. srsly. Re-read it 12 times like I have (whole manga). you’ll soon realise that Gut’s and Caska’s child is no more alive. In the part where that Egg guy apostle crawls up to the tip of that tower, he devours their child and the child is then reborn as Griffith.

    Proof of that can be found when Griffith returns to the graveyard of swords that Rickert made. He feels a small beating in his chest, he feels a small part of the childs feelings. Read properly before proposing that the girl on that island is their child. srsly.

  43. DrPepperPro Says:

    It’s pretty unlikely that that girl is Guts’ child, but you are wrong in saying that their child is dead. You’ll need to read the manga 9001 times to figure out why though.

  44. Starnum Says:

    But that’s OVER NINE THOUSAND times. 😛

    In all seriousness though, there’s a lot of people out there (myself included) who believe that the kid on the beach was the “reincarnated” child of Guts and Casca. Whether or not that’s true, for now, we can only speculate. How could this be possible, when Griffith clearly has the child’s body? Well, reincarnation by nature is having the same soul, but a different body. Now how the child came to be reincarnated in another body of the appropriate age, I don’t know. I’m guessing that will be revealed later. We will see that kid again. That whole scene was too significant for that character not to reappear. Finally, why do we think that kid is Guts’ child? Well, just look at how Casca reacted to him (I always assumed their child was male.), and think about how he somehow magically protected them. Some think the child’s reincarnation may have been the work of Hanafubaku (the king of the elves), because of the child’s supernatural abilities, but I doubt it. I think the child is just gifted because of everything it’s been through. It seems to have some kind of connection with the monsters. Which makes sense if you think about it, because before it was kind of one of them. See, and I inferred all that without even reading the entire manga 12 times.

    Oh, and while the girl on the island has similar hair to the child on the beach, they’re clearly two completely different characters. :)

  45. Selfproclaimed expert Says:

    “It’s pretty unlikely that that girl is Guts’ child, but you are wrong in saying that their child is dead. You’ll need to read the manga 9001 times to figure out why though.”
    I’d say that the child is dead. Sure, it’s not dead, but it’s not in the form of their child if that’s what you think. Don’t try to tell a Selfproclaimed expert stuff. The kid became the host for Griffith. I stick to that.

  46. Duskwalker Says:

    Lol, silly arguing over that. xD anyhow, why hasn’t Zetman come out yet? Q.Q

  47. Thana Says:

    I don’t get the ruckus about the girl… To me she is just like Roshinu: Another young apostle.

  48. fendigucci Says:

    the new berserk 312 raw is out.

    its a lovey dovey chapter…

    no sight of elfhelm either..

    and miura gonna take a break again after this chapter….

  49. buttobasu Says:


  50. random berserk fan Says:

    fendigucci, this is NOT the place to discuss ch.312, so stop spoiling it for us (although what you say was easily foreseeable without having to read the raw).

    Regarding the pirates: I always thought that the whole pirates-keep-coming-back-and-getting-defeated situation was Miura paying homage to the recurring pirate joke of Asterix. I know that the chances of Miura having read Asterix are slim, but he is known for his numerous references to other works of art (and not only the Ninth Art!) so it’s not impossible.

    In fact, Asterix popped immediately into my mind the first time we saw them coming back, right after Roderick and Co. began their journey. I remember I thought “this cannot be a coincidence!” So, I ‘m finding very strange that nobody else has mentioned the similarities here or in the forum. I am not a regular lurker there, so I may be wrong. Or… maybe the American audience isn’t as familiar with Asterix as we are here in Europe? Your thoughts?


  51. veiko100 Says:

    to Selfproclaimed expert – read thous mangas again :). An Egg of Perfect World took Guts child into itself to bring him into this new world. Trough that child reborn. But Griffit came from ceremony. So it is different. Besides Griffits body has allways being childish.
    Casca run for Griffit not because he was her child, but because he reminded her old days (somehow). Notise that when approaching to Griffit, her brand started to bleed. But when they meet her child on the beach, brand didn`t react.

  52. Morshu Says:

    I’m curious as to the appearance of the girl; immediately upon seeing the girl in the manga I was hit with a sense of familiarity, but I couldn’t tell what I was reminded of; upon cruising’s message boards I remembered.

    Around last June or July the good folks at sent out a letter to Miura sama to thank him for personally responding to their inquiries; in this thank you letter, one of the patrons of by the name of Grovel sent a bookmark crafted by his daughter, and along with it a picture of his daughter who is an adorable freckled redheaded girl with saucer sized eyes.

    If you think about it, Miura took a great portion of last fall/winter as a sabatical and what releases he made focused on the action on the high seas; he couldn’t exactly draw the girl into a scene on a frigate in the midst of battles with pirates, this is the earliest he could pen the girl in.

    I’m going to see what Miura names this little girl, but my bet is that this is his token of appreciation toward Grovel’s daughter’s craftwork.
    If this turns out to be true I would be blown away by such a gesture.

  53. Selfproclaimed expert Says:

    “Notise that when approaching to Griffit, her brand started to bleed. But when they meet her child on the beach, brand didn`t react.” woah, dude.. Do you really think the child on the beach was theirs? o.o I mean, Really? *sigh*

  54. convict Says:

    I love the side track to kick some more god/demon ass i hope the manga never ends :)thx again EG

  55. Wrath Says:

    So now we know who to blame. Grovel’s daughter. Thanks to her we now wait like fools for Berserk to actually make sense again.

  56. Phireo Says:

    One more day… and actually… sometimes, when Miura takes a vacation, he just stays in his home playing some new game on Playstation… But every mangaka has a hobby… better Games than something more lethal, dangerous or debilitating.

  57. Morshu Says:


    Well, I don’t know about blaming his daughter for Miura’s sabbaticals, but maybe if you send Miura a picture of your grandma he can model an apostle after her =P

  58. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    @Morshu lol. you totally made my day :))

  59. Anime Shippuuden Says:

    They should follow one piece and only do a filler thats a few episode once after 3-4 long arcs

  60. lombax Says:

    I’m waiting patiently for Berserk 312 from evil genius…

  61. revealer Says:

    Can we expect new Berserk withing next 6 hours?

  62. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    it’s been forever now

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