Berserk 278 Preview

  » Posted August 7th, 2006 by psi29a

Just another tid-bit to get you guys through the week.

Berserk 278 Preview

*grin* Begin the speculation now!

In other news, I’ve updated the tracker code and the list is now up on the right hand side. This should help those that said they couldn’t download the torrents. Just to let it be official, we do not update our past posts with updated torrents. It would be too time consuming. We however _NEVER_ just get rid of releases, most of the time it is either because we:

So there ya have it, what you see on the right hand side is exactly the same as what is listed at so there shouldn’t be any confusion.

90 Responses to “Berserk 278 Preview”

  1. lfe Says:

    I thought Zodd was human. locus thinks he’s a man of bottemless depths.

    evil people doing good things, good people doing evil things…it gets so confusing.

  2. psi29a Says:

    Just a heads up gang, the raw is being translated as we speak. We at a release in next 24 hours. Get some sleep. 😀

  3. Tyler Says:

    24 hours? (vader yell)

    IFE, Zodd is an apostle, he’s just one of the few who uses his power for something simple (searching for the Ultimate Strong One, which has now been found in Griffith/Femto and thus serves him)

  4. Harkan Says:

    Isnt Zod searching for the strongest one so that he could die by the hands of a stronger one. Serving Grifit is prolly the same reason why the others serve him, to kill as much as posible. Butt still, i wonder when he wil tell about his past, how he became an apostle and why.

  5. Tyler Says:

    I pretty much think Zodd’s search for the “USO” is officially over. He recognized Griffith as such for removing his horn (aka, defeating him) and in a sense “bowed down” to him, he submitted his “use” to Griffith’s cause for this (i’m not entirely sure, it’s been awhile and I can’t remember it all, yet I’m assuming that, someone else can clearify)

    Zodd isn’t on a death-wish either, I don’t think he’s the “Fortune” of Berserk, he’s not looking for someone capable of killing him (otherwise, he would have let Griffith do it for him, or Guts/Skull Knight for the matter) he’s just looking for worthy combat, and has been doing such for over 300 years (to my knowledge). He still respects Guts to a degree, which may lead to the events of this chapter in his favor.

  6. karl Says:


  7. badmood Says:


    Hush now, patience!

  8. emem Says:

    Maybe I am completly wrong(I am very often wrong)but I think that the history of gutt can t be completly understand without the story of the skullguy and zodd one(since i guess there are link in some way)Moreover gutts and zodd aren t truly ennemie to my point of view they don t have the same target.And Zodd like gutts and maybe…(i won t say anything else or everyone will disagree :p)
    To put in a nutshell I think that Femto won t loose by only gatts hand(i count his allies with him).And I think we surely don t know enought to be sure of anything right now(but it is still my point of view)
    ps:sorry for my english(I am french that is why I said ealier that the translation got no sense at all lol)

  9. Tyler Says:

    Emem, you are right. Guts has relied on Skull Knight before, and has (in a sense) been “spared” by Zodd multiple times now. I highly doubt Guts will be the only one to battle Femto (in the sense that he does it without ANYONE’s help) But I will foresee Femto “losing” to the hand of Guts alone.

  10. Magik. Says:

    It looks like Zodd’s horn broke in this upcoming chapter. Either that or gut’s sword shattered- look at the pieces on the ground. What do u think they are?

  11. karl Says:

    did any one ever think that my been viod and the skull knight where once friends?

    like guts and femto?

  12. lfe Says:

    I think that thing that floats around and wears that mask will kill the Hawk.

    Tyler: where’s your proof that zodd is an apostle and not some demonic warlord.

  13. psi29a Says:

    karl: it has been speculated for a long time now and fleshed out in detail in the forums since it’s inception in 2004 and longer at since 2003… and longer still since the mid 1990’s. You wouldn’t be alone. 😀

  14. emem Says:

    I agree Karl that is for sure skull and viod know each other…But to say they were friend I don t know…I hope all story are different.
    Lfe the proof is zodd can transform himself and i am pretty sure it is said at least once in the manga that zodd is an apostle…

  15. karl Says:

    rember when they where going to save griffen from the town and they where talking about the king, and caska drops the torch and we see all the bodys?

    think of this… what if viod is the king and the skull king is really just some guy like guts and not the king

  16. psi29a Says:

    karl: there is a connection, but for right now everything is speculation and talked about already. We won’t know more until Miura gives us more so it is pointless to speculate. we cover this in the berserk section’s FAQ.

  17. karl Says:

    upload it dammit

  18. psi29a Says:

    karl: pardon?

  19. karl Says:

    sorry I just want to read

  20. Jim Says:

    re: Karl

    Patience is a virtue. =)

    Though, I’m loading this page much too frequently. =/

  21. psi29a Says:

    Then wait, we are not done yet.

    Manors are important, as we are quick to anger and have no problems banning IPs.

  22. karl Says:

    sorry DEAR GOD DON:T BAN ME!!!


  23. psi29a Says:

    ^_^ just a friendly warning… we have had to put up with a lot of loser shit on IRC already.

    You all should read our rant threads on the forums, once we take a step back… it is hillarious.

  24. karl Says:


    hey whoo! friendly. Let me sell some cds to some friends of mine and I will donate some money~

  25. michael Says:

    Zodd shouldn’t be an apostle otherwise Gatts would spray blood from his neck as soon as Zodd gets close, and as far as I know there haven’t been any scenes depicting Gatts having a brand reaction to Zodd; if I’m wrong just let me know though.

  26. dany Says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome! 😀

  27. lfe Says:

    don’t tell me u sell berserk to your friends…

  28. Deen Says:

    What vol that zod’s horn was cut? I might have miss that chapter >

  29. KLAU$$ Says:

    lool i am reading for the first time this manga and i thing it is the the best.
    at what interval its apearing and how can i make a donation ?
    who i must contact to make a donation?
    and one more thing whath wrong whith caska why is she like this ….
    she will ever be herself??

  30. Tyler Says:

    By chance are you “Klaus the German Guy” who makes the Berserk flashes?

    Deen: A lot of people (Even myself) wind up skipping the Chapter where Zodd loses his horn, people here may be better capable of helping you than myself.

    Michael: There have been only 3 canonical encounters with Zodd since Guts received the Brand.
    1)Berserk Oblivion Herbs Arc (DC Game)
    2)Hill of Swords
    3)Right now

    Zood was in the presence of Grunbeld, an apostle, and to my knowledge they did not “emphasize” his bleeding, ever since showing Guts bleeds in the presence of an apostle, there has been less empasis on the brand’s reaction. ALSO, it has been partially “quarantined” (in a sense) by magic, so it may not bleed at all in the presence of Zodd (this also cannot be proven with Griffith, who already was causing guts to bleed at the hill of swords and therefore Zodd would be indistinguishable)

    I have no doubt in my mind Zodd is an apostle, it’s very obvious.

  31. KLAU$$ Says:

    no!! i am not the one you mention! i am in spain right now and i am a romanian!!

  32. Tyler Says:

    ah alright Klau$$ my mistake

    Michael: for further confirmation, read chapter 278 just released.. an apostle addresses zodd and states”an enemy to us apostles” and zodd even offers to eat guts (a common trait of apostles to eat sacrifices). So yes, this should dispel that doubt that should not be present 😛

  33. KLAU$$ Says:

    geez man !! iwaz telling miself that i am crazy about this storry but…i am not the only one

  34. KLAU$$ Says:

    where can i download it?? the 278……

  35. lfe Says:

    you proved nothing so far.
    i have one reference where an apostle calls zodd a man. u have one where an apostle refers to himself and others as apostles who want to kill gutts but guess what zodd doesn’t feel the need to which is more evidence to why he isn’t an apostle.

    it makes sense that zodd is an apostle but u just can’t assume that. he’s very different from all the others and he’s much stronger than most apostles. the only way to find out is if we get a story of how zodd came to be or someone specifically states it and explains why locus calls him a man.

  36. Tyler Says:

    It’s not an assumption, Zodd clearly states in the current chapter “We can’t do our selfish desires”, to feast on humans is the apostles purpose, zodd serves god hand and griffith, just as the emperor is an apostle and broke that chain of command. Zodd is an apostle, it is even mentioned on his art of war statues “apostle” form >>.

  37. lfe Says:

    that logic is flawed. first off zodd’s desire is to fight gutts but he chooses not to. he doesn’t say since i’m an apostle i’m going to eat u but i can’t cuz i gotta obey the hawk’s orders. before he threatens gutts that he will tear him apart and eat him he wants to see him get up. his desire is to see him get up and fight not eat him.

    second, i don’t remember zodd ever eating humans.

    third, there are apostles that don’t eat humans they rather just torture, maim and kill them.

    no idea what your talking about when u say art of war statues. if it’s in the manga then that proves it, if not then it doesn’t.

  38. Anbu_Loki Says:

    Berserk is the best manga i’ve ever read!!! Thanks for the hard work

  39. gats Says:

    im still waiting for the next chapter i hope comes out soon..

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