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Angel Heart 138, Berserk 302, Watanabe 8, Zetman 106-108

  » Posted April 24th, 2009 by arke

Big release for you people! Looks like our Berserk plea sorta worked too.

Here’s a lovely picture of Femto, done by flangeloni from DeviantArt:
Femto by flageloni

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Watanabe 7

  » Posted January 9th, 2009 by arke

First release of 2009! Here’s some Watanabe for you.


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Angel Heart 126, Biomega 28, Watanabe 6, Zetman 93

  » Posted August 3rd, 2008 by arke

So, I guess we’re supposed to release stuff or something? Let’s try these four.


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Start of May treats!

  » Posted May 3rd, 2008 by Eldo

Remember last time when we promised Biomega and Breaction? Well, here they are.


Breaction chapter 18 is the last chapter for the series. So yeah, have fun with it. We certainly have. It is our second completed project, so yay.

Hope you guys enjoy the releases.

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There must be more!

  » Posted April 21st, 2008 by psi29a

Yet again, we are all lingering in the Interstice… waiting for our saviour, Mr. Miura to bless us with another episode. In the mean time, we hope you all enjoy your fix of our Angel Heart, Watanabe, and Zetman.


Next up is the final chapter of B.Reaction! and more Biomega… that is a promise. 😉 *whip crack*

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