Berserk 365 & 366

  » Posted June 23rd, 2022 by LordMune

With Berserk’s rebirth, we’re taking the opportunity to try out some new things:

* On title pages we’ll be (more consistently) rendering the names of the people that make up Studio Gaga in English, to properly credit them.
* You’ll also notice that these are “Episodes” 365 and 366 — aligning us with the more official Arc/Chapter/Episode nomenclature used by the publisher to divide up Berserk’s storyline. So this release is the Fantasia Arc, Elf Island Chapter, Waning Moon’s Quietude and Eye of the Maelstrom Episodes.
* Finally, we’re moving on to a new typeface. It has a bit more personality and flexibility, while retaining the familiar feel and all of the readability we know and love from the old standard Wild Words.

Please support Mori Kouji and Studio Gaga in upholding Miura’s legacy! Buy the licensed volumes, and consider purchasing current issues of Young Animal directly; either physically from or digitally from Hakusensha.

365 – Waning Moon’s Quietude
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366 – Eye of the Maelstrom
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22 Responses to “Berserk 365 & 366”

  1. Jeb Says:

    Wow! Thanks team. I think everyone in this community will be absolutely thrilled with how good this looks. Your work translating and editing is amazing, thank you all so much

  2. BerserkerDog Says:

    Thank you!

  3. Gyo Says:

    Thanks for the chapters !!

  4. Theozilla Says:

    You guys are continuing to do great job with the scanlating. The added creative credits and sound effects being translated are much appreciated too!

  5. ArgenCR Says:

    Great work as always.

    And the quality of the chapter, I knew Studio gaga was great, but honestly if you didn’t tell me I would never have guessed this wasn’t made by Miura.

  6. Rioda Says:

    Well that escalated quickly. Thanks for the chapters!

  7. Gand Says:

    Thanks so much! The quality of your work is outstanding! I hope you decide to continue past the Fantasia arc!

  8. Ailton Says:

    Hi, could you give me the name of this new font? Please.

  9. kenryu Says:

    Nice job, but I feel a retrogation level drawing in certain passage…

  10. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Quality seems to have taken a hit all around, still better than nothing, Farnese looked way off but i kinda liked her new design better.

  11. Thomas Says:

    I love you for doing this!

  12. LordMune Says:

    @Ailton IIRC it’s the Blah Blah Blah font family

  13. Krommr Says:

    Thank you for the work you have been doing.
    I am grateful and full of deep appreciation of the work you are doing.

  14. jmedinazo Says:

    Gracias, excelente trabajo, Sigan adelante.

  15. Ailton Says:

    @LordMune Thanks

  16. kewl0210 Says:

    Thanks! Good luck from here.

  17. Manga Says:

    Wonderful and beautiful

  18. stug Says:

    mixed feel’ins here. love berserk, but i can see the “not muira” parts already by how noses are drawn and muscles/bodies. its really evident in that side nakid shot of griffith…the story telling will take time…but griffith smiling like that does seem on pace currently. conflicted

  19. kr Says:


    > how noses are drawn

    They’re still tracing Miura’s own sketches and panels so the facial line work is still Miura’s.

    > its really evident in that side nakid shot of griffith

    Nah that’s actually just the less detailed line work you’d expect when pumping out panels at a weekly shonen rate. The more significant stylistic differences are in the general level of muscularity and slenderness, especially around the neck-line and arms. Basically, like Duranki, just about every charterer in every panel has very long and slender limbs especially compared to Miura’s preference for 80-90’s bodybuilding level of muscularity.

    Regardless, Miura himself changed his style all the time (especially around 2018-2019 when he switching to a mix of digital and analog workflow) so we’ll get used to it eventually I guess.

  20. luisuchiha004 Says:

    hi, i would like to help you, i know how to use photoshop, i can do redrawings and typesetting, but I don’t know how to contact you, my email is

  21. LordMune Says:


    Appreciated! We’re fully staffed at the moment, but will be in touch if we need extra help.

  22. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Thanks EG, we’re pushing through to the end, although the master is not with us any more. Not sure if it’s a false memory or not, but I somehow remember an old poll about finishing Berserk and there was an answer option about Miura dying before finishing it. Who would have thought those who voted that option would end up being unintentionally right.
    Anyhow, was one hell of a ride, and glad you are with us till the end.
    Cheers !

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