Berserk 368

  » Posted August 11th, 2022 by LordMune

As the clock strikes midnight in Japan, it’s Berserk Day.

Next chapter episode in mid-September.

Please support Mori Kouji and Studio Gaga in upholding Miura’s legacy! Buy the licensed volumes, and consider purchasing current issues of Young Animal directly; either physically from or digitally from Hakusensha.

368 – The Worm-Eaten
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6 Responses to “Berserk 368”

  1. Vikos Says:

    wow, thx very much

  2. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Good chapter, seems like Mori struggles with the drawings the same way Miura did and keeps drawing Guts really slim in some panels (specially the arms), the story got a better pace this chapter but not so much, it’s like Berserk went back 15-20 years to the past in every sense. Seems like he’ll get better at least

  3. Juice Says:

    The contrast is so low, that it’s sometimes hard for me to even recognize what Studio Gaga is trying to depict, like whatever exactly happens on the final page or in the top panel on page 8. Shame. Nonetheless, thanks for your translation, as always, much appreciated.

  4. mr.america Says:

    A struggler can’t become complacent. No Peace for guts 🙁

    Thx for the translation.

    I don’t fully understand how I feel about post-miura berserk yet, I’ll have to see a complete arc I guess to form a proper opinion.

  5. Annarek Says:

    it may not be the quality we were used to but at least we will get to see how it will all end. thanks for translating guys

  6. Daichii Says:

    We have to keep on struggling even thru this new art, but just imagine Miura’s version and all is good… this version is just a visual aid. Thanks for the chapter!

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