Berserk 360

  » Posted April 24th, 2020 by DrPepperPro

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29 Responses to “Berserk 360”

  1. Ziomnioxe Says:

    Miura you motherf….r!

  2. aR-Kei Says:


  3. abscess Says:

    if it’s not a chapter about griffith, it’s a chapter of cute witches doing cute things…

  4. Jimichin Says:

    time is ticking for him, thanks guys

  5. Maradona Says:

    To be continued means hiatus?

  6. Bazooka Says:

    It feels like there’s a hiatus after every new release.

  7. Phil Sheldon Says:

    By now any news of Berserk seem like a dream, is this real?

  8. Jeb Peter Says:

    Thanks as always EG, you guys are legends. The quality of the scans and translations are second to none! Fingers crossed for another chapter soon, I love whenever Skull Knight appears. Thanks for all your hard work

  9. Derik Says:

    Just another teaser chapter. At this rate it will be another decade before Casca and Guts have an actual conversation like semi-normal people.

    As far as I’m concerned Miura is just dragging his heels at this point via writer’s block or something. He’s the manga equivalent of George RR Martin.

  10. roku Says:

    Farnese: I’ve been practising magic for 3 months
    Me: Feels more like a decade to me…

  11. Ojah Says:

    Thanks for the scan. I always wait now until yours are out before reading a new chapter even when the anticipation is killing me. The one time I jumped the gun and read the first translation available because I just HAD to know what happened (you can guess what chapter that was), I found the dialogue bland, disappointing, and confusing at times.

    Then I read your release of that chapter when it was out, and it was truly night and day for how incredibly you conveyed the tone of what was written. It’s never just a basic functional translation with your releases, the depth of emotion carries over as well. It made all the difference, made every panel part of a deeply satisfying whole.

    That said… dammit, Miura. More, we need MORE. It’s remarkable that he can revisit characters we hadn’t seen in what, fifteen or twenty years? …and make it feel like no time has passed at all, he never lost the sense of who that character is and what their circumstance are/were. But I don’t wanna wait years at a time for the story to progress around little moments of brilliance.

  12. phillipRT Says:

    thank you very much EG 🙂

  13. Copper Says:

    Why mangadex?

  14. huirulka Says:

    I was initially confused, since the chapter was uploaded to mangadex first and no entry here on the site. But since there is now an entry:

    Thanks as always for your continued work on this masterpiece.

  15. punpun Says:

    upscaling/sharpening was a bit too much imo, the raws looked fine as they were (other than the uncorrected levels ofc)

  16. LordMune Says:

    @11. Ojah
    Thank you!

    @15. punpun

  17. Jojoko Says:

    Can someone explain on page 11 what the phrase ‘bring one fruit to staff’ means?

  18. Name Says:

    Thank you!

  19. Jackson Says:

    Thank you, EG, for the incredibly high-quality work and consistency!

  20. LordMune Says:

    @17. Jojoko
    The spirit’s way of speaking is deliberately vague and unclear, but it’s talking about what it’s about to do: possess one of the apprentices and eat their apple, make them flail about, etc.

  21. hgcgatts Says:

    Thank you so much EG for your unwavering dedication to translating these chapters so beautifully!

  22. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    The strongest manga continues! For one chapter… I’ll take it. And cute witch girls being silly is something I can live with.

  23. Vextron Says:

    And so another year of the Great anticipation begins..

  24. Dazzar Says:

    been reading this since uni days and thats 20 years ago and still ongoing ! hope it can move faster , thx EG ! lol

  25. patience=4_virtue Says:

    @11 Well I just read ch. 340 roughly 5 years after it’s release. I once catched up, NEVER again.
    Since the “evil” Miura does roughly 3/4 ch a year I read 2 a year and then I rewind and start from the beginning until I reach “my latest” chapter and then wait for the next chapter.

    @EG To me you guys are the 4ever mvp’s. Imo it’s a real feat you guys are still around, scanlating the work of another evil genius.

  26. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Thanks EG, amazing quality as always !

  27. Mr Q Says:

    Actually, according to /r/Berserk, the next chapter is June 26th 👀

  28. Annarek Says:

    any info about the new chapter? is 20 days past the date Mr Q said.

  29. Ziomnioxe Says:

    By Anime Scoope, 361 release date is july 22.

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