Zetman 213-215

  » Posted December 25th, 2018 by DrPepperPro

Merry Zetmas!

Well it’s been quite a while, but here’s the last 3 chapters of volume 19 of Zetman.

|| magnet torrent link ||

Volume 20 is in the works and should be released in the not too distant future.

12 Responses to “Zetman 213-215”

  1. Kino Says:

    Thanks a lot!!!1 and merry Xmas

  2. CowaK Says:

    Is the bt site down? I was trying to get some of the old releases.

  3. CowaK Says:

    And if show I’d like to at least try and get an archive of your releases up. I think a lot of folks might have missed out on these.

  4. Ziomnioxe Says:

    Big THANKS to you EG team, for your dedicated work all these years. In Berserk department, i hope 2019. is a busy year.

  5. Lucci Says:

    Holy shit! Didn’t think I’d see Zetman again. Thank you!

    Of course now I notice I missed the previous release back in September 2016. Any chance someone could seed it?

  6. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Damn, i tought you guys no longer worked on anything, I mean even Berserk is done as a collaboration; glad to know i was wrong.

  7. Tibit Says:

    Now that’s a happy surprise, thanks a lot and merry christmas/holiday season.

  8. A Friend Says:


  9. stargood Says:

    Thanks, it’s nice to have the whole volume now. Do you plan on releasing a complete Volume 19 as you have done with previous volumes?

  10. DrPepperPro Says:

    Yeah I’ll get around to making a torrent for v19 eventually.

  11. james Says:


  12. Wilcox Says:

    I really wanted to read the manga Legend of the Wolf King, so I offer help in editing.

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