Zetman Chapters 24-26

  » Posted October 1st, 2005 by Eldo

Yes, it’s out, believe it or not. After the long wait/absence, Zetman is once again active and Evil_Genius is proud to present you with chapters 24 to 26. With these releases, it concludes the end of volume 2. Yeah, I’m excited, ecstatic. You can get the torrent here: Zetman Chapters 24/25/26

There’s always IRC for those that can’t or refuse to use Bittorent. There is a revised guide in the forums that teaches you how to download from our channel, and hopefully you know the website link for the packlist by now.

You have Laik to thank for getting these chapters done on time. And also a big welcome back to psi29a, having just survived his wild honeymoon. Rumours say he’s as skinny as a straw now and also growing his first bald spot on his head after being locked in a cage and only fed bread and water by his wife. Of course, congratulations are in order. Best wishes goes out the happy newlyweds.

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