Berserk 309, Angel Heart 160-161, Watanabe 11, Zetman 125

  » Posted October 24th, 2009 by arke

Time for some releases!

Thanks once again to Xandarg for scanning Berserk in glorious high resolution. We know you want nothing but the best and we aim to deliver.


59 Responses to “Berserk 309, Angel Heart 160-161, Watanabe 11, Zetman 125”

  1. devilpyro Says:

    strike the dark with darkness instead hohohoho

  2. Jin Kanzaki Says:


  3. Quirinus Says:

    I love you! 😀

    Berserk for the win.

  4. Core Says:

    Were all gonna Die before he Finishes the Berserk Manga.

    *sighs* Or he will die of old age first. One or the other.

    Anyways, Chap 208 and 209 were good reads. Although, with everything that actually happened, he could of put it all into chapter 208…

  5. Mr. America Says:

    So… any news about an expectable release date for the next chapter?

    And his entrance kicks ass.

  6. Moss Says:

    “So tell me, this thing edible or what?”

  7. krazyivan Says:

    “yes, but it will give you painfull diarrhea”

    “I’m so there”

  8. Legato Says:

    Wow I didn’t realize it until now, but it already had been more than a month since the latest Berserk chapter -_-

    Just when things are getting interesting.
    (stuff has been interesting for some 20 years now, but hey)

    I guess it’s just another hiatus?
    Just hope Miura isn’t sick or anything like that…

  9. krazyivan Says:

    Miura is going to relese the final chapter as soon as he finishes playing the second add-on to duke nukem forever:P
    I just made that up but the wait for bersek somwhat reminds me of waiting for this game: a minute of action and a few years of waiting – it’s a bit of a budhist experience – You are not really hoping for progres but learning to accept the lack of it.

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