Moar Aynjel Hart!

  » Posted September 23rd, 2009 by miyagiCE

W00t! Done with the volume!

12 Responses to “Moar Aynjel Hart!”

  1. Starnum Says:

    Wow, we’re really spoiling you guys lately. Well, don’t get too used to it! J/K, enjoy! 😛

  2. DamnedBones Says:

    Indeed 😀
    Anyway, thanks for the release EG.

  3. MrAmerica Says:

    Nice chap. Relax and get some sleep for the upcoming berserk chapter. Like sleeping trough the next day =D

  4. Baldulf Says:

    “Well, don’t get too used to it! ”

    Awwww! ;_;

  5. ekiow Says:

    Seems like the Joy story is about to end (next chapter perhaps)…
    Well Hope that stupid fortune teller stuff isn´t next.

  6. Kain Says:

    I doubt that it ends with Ryo a,d Joy together, that would not be very… city hunter.

  7. Hikaru_b Says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much!!

  8. ekiow Says:

    @ Kain
    So you didn´t see the Anime?
    Well, though the manga is better, it´s not that a bad adaption.

  9. jo Says:

    thx for the update ^^~
    appreciate it <3

  10. Andre Says:

    Another? Hellz yeah, you guys rock

  11. 4Hl0v3r Says:

    Yay, thx for the lovely chap.s! I am *totally* in love with this manga, I’m looking forward to more! Keep up the good work, please!<3<3 🙂

  12. Deezel Says:

    Lovely, and yes, you have certainly been spoiling us lately! I can’t say that I mind^^ Thanks for the work ppl!

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