Berserk 299

  » Posted November 14th, 2008 by arke

Seriously! We were just as shocked.

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  1. Dude23 Says:

    I’d like to see Caska kill Griffith instead. Guts just paves the way.

  2. Lara Skadi Says:

    that’d be a great scene too πŸ™‚
    Even though it’d give me heart attack, I’d like to see Guts hurting (badly) Casca while berserk hehe (she shouldn’t die, though… I wouldn’t accept it :s)

  3. Harold Says:

    maybe… miura’s age is affecting him somewhat and it’s because he’s going through some changes in his life (whatever they may be) that he is struggling to continue with this dark story line. thus the long breaks.

  4. Lara Skadi Says:

    well, maybe he’s just in the mood for it (with no paralel stuff happaning to his actual life), or the story has reached the point where it’s impossible not to be like it.

  5. BerserkBerserk Says:

    Dude, gutz will try to avoid the actual godhand as much as possible and would only like to just kill griffith. But idk. The godhand are everywhere and will def. try to stop guts from killing their prince of darkness. And who knows how much of a help the Elf King will be. The Elf King might give them the uber key to destroying the godhand or maybe be able to transport them straight to Griffith. After all, how the hell is Gutz supposed to find Griffith? Storm midland? That’d be awesome.

  6. Lara Skadi Says:

    Well, I don’t think the GH are so worried about protecting each other like that. If Guts’ got to challenge Griffith, it’s his fate to do so, they’d think (not quite untrue…). But if Guts could, I guess he’d pretty much enjoy killing them all.
    Also, there’s no point on giving us false hopes and tips about what the elf king might do, it’s just not Miura’s style. If he just transported them back to griffith it’d be a REAL waste of time and plot. Guts’s not ready to beat him too, he’s not strong enough and the scenario is not set up, he and Casca must see hat he attained afterall with their own eyes (by that time, anywhere they go will be Griffith’s territory anyway…)

  7. Gattts Says:

    That chapter was kick ass, and new one in 2 days wiii, really hoping that Miura doesn’t take another break cuz already know it’d be long :/

    And the only manga I can compare with Berserk is “Shin Angyo Onshi”

  8. Gattts Says:

    That was a badass chapter, and a new one in just 2 days wiii, really hoping that Miura doesn’t take a long break again cuz no doubt that it will take forever :/

    And the only manga I can even compare with Berserk is “Shin Angyo Onshi” (b’-‘)b

  9. Harold Says:

    the elf king may give guts a choice of being transported to griffith when griffith is at his weakest moment because he just fought ganishka, or curing caska.

  10. cabbagesoup Says:

    I love to read all these suggestions of what will happen because never was anyone right…so it’s more of a what will NOT happen kind of discussion

  11. BerserkBerserk Says:

    I wouldn’t call it false hope lara. I’m throwing suggestiongs and posing questions out there so that we can get some ideas circulating.

  12. Lara Skadi Says:

    No, I wasn’t saying you were the one giving false hopes ^^ I said that if Casca wasn’t healed and if anything happened at all at Elfhelm, all Miura’s been doing would be giving false hopes…
    Anyway I still don’t see the Elf King being able to “teletransport” (or something like that) anyone. I suppose he has the same abilities as normal elves, but stronger.

  13. arsecrab Says:

    I have a niggling suspicion that the lesser apostles (the ugly monster-like ones) are going to be sacrificed in battle, so that when everything is all said and done, you’re left with Griffith and his knight apostles. From his ascension to God hand to his rebirth, each event was a violent destruction of life in an order to progress his ambitions.

    Would probably makes Gut’s job easier ;p

  14. RedSamurai Says:

    The big day is coming again (Tomorrow) so yaaaaay!!!
    I know it’s very unlikely, but I would love the battle to end in this chapter, or that the story switches back to Gatsu-tachi… But yeaaaah, I know it won’t be either of them πŸ˜€

    Anyway, it’s still GREAT to have been able to witness some steady release pace.
    I know it’s gonna sound strange, but do you know how I read the chapter? I open the ‘next issue’ page FIRST, and check the release date and only after that I read the chapter from the beginning πŸ˜€ *really?? what’s wrong with that guy o.O*

  15. Lara Skadi Says:

    hahaha… it’s weird, but somehow I understand you
    and yes, yaaaayyy!!! \o/ 28th’s tomorrow!!!

  16. Reginald_P_Funkenstein_The_Third Says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has asked, or for that matter answered this question, so I will humbly ask that you excuse me for throwing it into the mix.

    What, or who, comprises this Studio GAGA that I see in association Miura? Is this merely printing/formatting assistance or are they actually acting as co-producers/artists/writers of the manga? I was under the impression that Miura, and only Miura, was running the show.

    On a side note, it’s almost too bad that there aren’t any plans for a anime continuation to Berserk if for no other reason than the Miura interview that would likely come with it; I’d like to see what sources he is using for further inspiration for the plot of Berserk.

  17. Marte Says:

    Found the raw for ch. 300. Another action packed chapter. Next time, 12/12.

  18. Pokes Says:

    Thanks to Evil Genius for the speedy translations!

    My hunches/expectations: Puck is in some way related to the Elf King. Casca either gets her memory back or is killed. Also, i’m getting sick of Casca’s single memory being Guts trying to rape her while possessed and acting scared/angry with him all the time, even while he’s saving their asses. Silatt and his bakiraka will join Gats, having seen Ganishka for the demon he is. Farnese and Roderick will get it on. Oh by the way, you know Griffith can’t touch Gats right? because he offered him as a sacrifice he can’t hurt him. Anyways, they all get along fine until Gats’ armor takes over him, he kills eveyone in his party and then Griffith, the end!

  19. Stele007 Says:

    Reginald, an artist’s studio will typically help drawing the panels and maybe designs of some characters (if you look closely whenever you see masses of townsfolk, you can occasionally see another artist’s style on someone’s head). Most manga would take forever to draw alone, so assistants help quite a bit with it… but they are acting under Miura’s direction. The editor probably helps with the content, though.

    I’m sure each studio is different, though, so don’t take this as absolute truth. But it does generally seem to be the case.

  20. ultra lucky cat Says:

    Chapter 300 out soon?! We should send Miura a cake πŸ˜€ (or a fortune cookie that states that bad things will happen next time he takes a break :p )

  21. Kntrville Says:

    haha a cake?he’ll surely apreciate that.. pokes did you say Griffith can’t touch Gats? that’s interesting

  22. RedSamurai Says:

    About the Griffith-Gatsu touch story (I don’t mean it that way :D), it’s quite interesting in fact… I’m not sure whether it’s really the case or not, can’t remember much about that, however even if it’s the case, there’s still a loooooong horde of “bodyguards” he’ll have to beat before having to clash swords with Griffith. And, we’re at least sure that he can “touch” those, since he already did with Zodd when fighting the emperor if I remember well.

  23. Mad Pete Says:

    Hey, Poke, from where you take Griffith can’t hurt Gatts? When they first met after the eclipse Griffith throws Gatts downstair. I know it was with his mind, but all the same, I can’t remind had read anything suggesting this in the manga

  24. Lara Skadi Says:

    Yeah, this “touch” thing just doesn’t make sense at all. He can’t hurt him because he offered him to die (on his benefit, I might add)? What I know is that if Guts approaches Griff, he’ll feel unbearable pain, that’s all…
    (shit, I want #300 already!!!)

  25. Pokes Says:

    My inference of this fact comes from my general understanding of the whole plotline but I can try and be specific. Firstly though, why do you think Flora was so happy to meet the branded two? Why do you think that the skull knight, keeps saving Guts? Notice how Flora and the skull knight are old friends? Even though Flora guarded the armor for presumably a very long time, and taught Schierke to fear and beware it’s power, she gives it to Gats in an instant. If you hyaven’t figured it out yet, flora and the skull knight played the roles Gats and Schierke are now. Skull knight owned the armor, was friends/partners with a magic user and shitkicks apostles/attempts to kill and defy the evil godhands. Like Gats will innevitably be, as his own visions as well as Flora foretell, Skull knight fought vs apostles/godhands until he was consumed by the armor. From the world of the dead, he’s still trying to meddle in the godhands work by preventing the next apocalypse of the living (saving gats from the eclipse). Why else do you think he saved him? Out of respect and admiration for his badass fighting skill? No, he might have taken the chance bc Gats’ skill showed him he was capable of walking the same path he did, but he did it bc only a surviving sacrifice from that very being’s physical conception, can kill the supreme astral being, the fifth angel incarnate. Yeah our ol pal Griffith.
    On to the specifics: in volume 22, ch. 4 when he meets griffith on the hill of swords and fights zodd, yes griffith does let zodd fight him, but he shields caska from harm when the duel poses a threat to her,and then, after realizing his very presence is causing her pain (because of her brand and proximity to him), he tells zodd they have to go. Now it could be for sentimental reasons he saved caska but hey, he did rape her last time they hung out so who knows…but until then he was enjoying the fight, and we know from the eclipse and him raping caska that he never had a problem with hurting her before, so I can’t imagine why else he chose to leave then unless it’s some odd coincidence.
    Also, notice how Ganishka wasn’t the only one who tried to defy godhand Griffith? Zodd lost his horn trying not to bow down; he liked things the way they were, him peerless on a battlefield. As Ganishka tells in his mobile fortress, when Griffith confronts him face to face, if Griffith touches you, you lose your will to oppose him. Zodd may have lost his will to oppose him but Zodd also chooses not to crush the black swordsman, his mortal enemy, after they team up vs ganiska even though Gats is all helpless and another apostle is pointing out the alarming apparent logic behind doing so. Zodd knows what’s up. He knows it doesn’t hurt to keep around the only guy who, as Gats just showed moments earlier by dipatching the intangible ganishka, can fuck with astral powerhouses.
    Volume 24, ch 6: Staying at Flora’s, Gats and she talk and then schierke complains to Flora, afterwards, about how pointless it is for Gats to oppose the godhands, particularly griffith (“the hawk of darness written in the apocalypse”!!!), flora tells her cheerfully that the hawk is also the one who branded Gats and then there’s a monster exclamation point!!! next panel what does schierke say in a suddenly optimistic tone? “So that means it can’t…!” Umm hello ppl? Did you guys sleep on this? Miura isn’t going to come out and say it completely, give him some credit. But you are supposed to fill in the blank with “..harm him!” yes that’s right. And the whole talk she has afterwards, flora is basically telling the sheltered schierke who until then had a low esteem of the human world, that maybe it’s worth saving. Her question to schierke about what this experience means to her, is asking her if seeing these ppl has opened her mind to the worth of the human world and whether she’ll play Flora’s one time role of saviour to them.
    Another point, why the hell else do you think Griffith is looking for all the magic users in the realm? Because, however remote the chance, they pose a small threat to him because of the cosmic slip up that was Gats and Caska surviving the eclipse. Because of the fact that gats can’t be hurt by him and yet, thanks to all the astral beings he’s slayed, can probably harm griffith, Gats is the only possible hope to prevent the imminent apocalypse.

  26. Pokes Says:

    And if you don’t know, now you know N!&&@!

  27. Pokes Says:

    Also, the more I read vol 24, the more I am convinced puck is going to become an apostle. It’s not a coincidence that he takes the beheit away when gats tries to give it to flora. She had just said that if you’re it’s owner, you can’t get rid of it, it will always find you. Well, gats doesn’t want it, no one else in the party seems to want it. Unless Miura is a meanie and plans on making caska some crazy branded apostle that gats has to kill in self-defense, which pushes him over the edge and lets him succumb to the beast in the armor, thereby massacring everyone in his party as countless prophecies foretell, I can’t see puck not becoming an apostle. πŸ˜›

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