Berserk 298, Angel Heart 128-129, and Zetman 97-98

  » Posted October 25th, 2008 by arke

So I hear Berserk was released or something?

Griffith says yo
Coloring courtesy DrPepperPro.


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  1. uvonky Says:

    Very nice!!!!

  2. MmM Says:

    Is there a season 2 of the anime Berserk ?

  3. Phireo Says:

    MnM… Not yet, no season 2. (I also wouldn’t want to see a season 2 without Pak) There are some rumours… but not much more than that!
    New Berserk Chapter in a week!


  4. Thankful Member Says:

    I want to see a season that actually ends and griffith is dead. the rest I dont care about.

  5. Harold Says:

    Phireo – really? in a week? i’m excited for this rumour.

  6. Moss Says:

    @102: I checked the release date of this chapter and was like “wtf, liar, It’s been more than a week since the 25th…”

    And yeah, I suck. That means that it’s FIVE DAYS TO GO!!! Right?

  7. Phireo Says:

    14th November!


  8. BerserkBerserk Says:

    this place has been dead since the last chapter release. wth.

  9. krazyivan Says:

    Oh yeah, that. Psi29a came back with some strange red stone and apostles came here and killed everybody. We are two lone survivors and you seem to be suffering from memory loss already… i miss my arm

  10. BerserkBerserk Says:

    Well, now this will give me a chance to use that huge dragon slayer I’ve kept in my grandpa’s shed and wield it for vengance I may or may not ever find.

  11. ultra lucky cat Says:

    14th is my birthday! My humble gift request is a nude Caska jumping out of a Behelit-shaped cake please. :p

    And a 500-page chapter of course…get working Miura!

  12. BerserkBerserk Says:

    hahaha ultra lucky that would be an awesome cake. I should have thought of that before.
    And 500 page chapter would be awesome. You know how killer that would be? So much would be explaine dand so much would happen. That is my dream! Get this over wiiiiiith!

  13. MmM Says:

    Well than tomorrow is the big day ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. geroprog Says:

    next chapter (300) is in 14 days already!
    it sad in mangashare!:D
    I hope this is the truth, i didn’t download the 299chapter, I’ll wait for yours!:D

  15. Mad Pete Says:

    Looks like the f5 button is going to overload this weekend

  16. assquach Says:

    RAW for 299 available at mangatraders. Already scanlated by another group. Will wait for EG.

  17. Marte Says:

    Chapter 299 seems to be already out.

  18. Marte Says:

    The art is incredible, it’s a good chapter imo. Still very little dialogs. Next chapter on 28/11/2008.

  19. guren no kishi Says:

    Yep, great art.
    Maybe the fastest chapter of Berserk to read.

  20. BerserkBerserk Says:

    It is already out ??? 0_0

  21. BerserkBerserk Says:

    wow nice. It really is out. I’ve seen a berserk chapter with so little dialogue besides chapter 298.

  22. umaianime Says:


  23. krazyivan Says:

    instead of spoilers please wish a very happy birthday for Ultra Lucky Cat!

  24. un francophone Says:

    saw a raw from 299.
    saw double pages.
    felt sorry for cleaners

  25. ultra lucky cat Says:

    Thanks mate! I love ye all! ๐Ÿ˜€

    My gf got me a “Where’s Wally” book and i couldn’t help thinking it would be funny if Miura had drawn Wally somewhere into the whole demon battle scene hehe. We would never have known. :p

  26. serious Says:

    wow keep that stuff to your self. this no place for girlfriend boy friend bullshit.
    Ihope miura draws your precious wally burning in an oven….

  27. Anonymous Says:


    Jealous Troll Detected.

  28. MelroseMan Says:


  29. CascaOrCaska Says:

    your file downloader is shit. but i read the mangas on another site wich didnt have all the chapters you have but it was still good.
    by the way your uploader is shit

  30. Berserk Says:

    Another troll? Seriously, if you have to complain, do so on the newest post so other people can flame and hunt you down for the troll you are.

    That or you can learn to be polite and give some actual reason on why you dislike something.

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