Biomega 29 and Zetman 96

  » Posted October 1st, 2008 by arke

Another midweek update to get you through the rest of the week.

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EDIT: We have the raw, currently working on it right now.

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  1. Byku Says:

    Omg…. omg.. :D… Evil-Genius prepare for big translation…. 42 pages…:D OMG!

  2. don Says:

    mmm im afraid that this new chapter will be the last for this year, dont you think?

  3. BerserkBerserk Says:

    From that picture, I can tell Griffith is some going to have some huge area of a effect powers that either destroy all of ganishka’s little demon hordes or block himself completely from them. Or maybe he will let his band of the hawk (throws up) fight off ganishka.
    @Bluestar -> I agree. It would be better to just have this ark be done
    @Don -> I don’t even want to think about berserk ending for a year after this chapter. But personally, I really don’t think that will happen.
    @Ganishka please…..just die this time….for good. And take Griffith with you to Hell.

  4. ultra lucky cat Says:

    I like that picture Arto! I’m sure the next chapter will be awesome as always.

    Offtopic: Have any of you played the PS2 Berserk game? Think i might try and get a copy once i get a PS3 (hopefully the game is backwards-compatible). Anyway here’s some glimpses of the game for anyone who hasn’t seen it already:

  5. Eugene Says:

    Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  6. Adavanter Says:

    Looks to me like he and the new band of the hawk will fight together. I’d prefer that to the simply wave of Griff’s hand. Maybe even some of the Hawk will die.

  7. BerserkBerserk Says:

    I wonder if Guts will have to fight the other strong members of the band of the Hawk. there is the guy who can shoot arrows with the demonic bow, the locus lancer, the rest of the giants, that fucked up cunt little girl who is obsessed with griffith, and then Zodd and the shadow guy who wants Griffith’s head. Not to mention Daiba, too. wtf. SO many more enemies for Gutz to have to kill. Hopefully most of those isted above will die. Not including Gutz. That little girl needs to die fast. Seriously. Ishidoro and that girl are so annoying and they are little brats I hope they burn in hell with the count and the rest of the fallen apostles.

  8. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    I’m wondering when’s Skull Knight going to show up again? he’s still a big mistery, and he hasn’t been involved in the plot for quite some time. he presents a lot of potential to the storyline

  9. BerserkBerserk Says:

    yeah, skull knight still needs to come full circle with us, too. I wonder if he will ever turn back into a human looking man again.

  10. Cower Says:

    what bothers me more than anything is – When the girl from second/third volume (you know that daghter of weird wormlike apostol) will appear?
    She seemed like a character who’d come back in later volumes. But still no signs of her…

  11. rebellion Says:

    did think about that perhaps in the eclipse everyone would have died even if grifith rejected the offer.
    so for that perhaps grifith accepted the sacrifice only to gain power and kill the other 4 of the god hand taking revenge for what they put him through but first he must take revenge on the kindom.
    oh and the first episode of berserk was that grifith was king and guts was alone with puck or just found him but grifith isnt king yet guts not alone and he already knows puck as at the beging it says that grifith is king and after that he meets puck

  12. Kntrville Says:

    Gutz has yet to kill the other god hands, i think he’ll become something like the skull rider(god hand killer)

  13. Fizban70x7 Says:

    Skull Knight will probably show up again when Gutts starts directly hunting the apostles again. That or when Miura needs to explain some new revelation.

  14. Harold Says:

    i don’t know why you guys are thinking that guts is going back to demon hunting after this. “remember, what you want might not be what she wants.” ring any bells? also lets not forget the fact that caska gave griffith a hug at the reunion on the field of swords.

  15. BerserkBerserk Says:

    @Cower –> I agree, in another forum I also talked about the posibility of the girl, who was the daughter of the worm apostle Count, comming back to haunt us and dragging on the story even further. However, she still is very young.
    @Harold –> I think that Gutz will def. have to kill the godhand. It is all gutz thinks about. it is part of the huge reason he is still fighting. Also, caska is retarded she doesnt know what griffith did to her, so I can’t say that Caska actually hugged him, and if she DID, it was probably only because she feels the old son she used to have in him. Could you imagine the berserk world in which gutz just kills griffith and lets the godhand go? wtf. thats half the plot wasted.

  16. Ice Says:

    make no mistake – Guts will go ape-rampage-berserk-kill-everything-in-my-path-mode in his new armor, completely transform into a mother B of a monster, and will face each one of Griffith’s friends. and waste them. and then an epic battle with griffith’s flaming tail will pursue. and Guts will p0wn him again. then caska will magically get her memory back, and Guts will then proceed to bone her. end of story.

  17. Harold Says:

    i think that’s all just wishful thinking. right now, i don’t see a happy ending coming to this manga. i’m always afraid that some time in the future everyone is going to die again in another eclipse.

  18. InterRage Says:

    I believe you can only get away with the one true eclipse in that era. With the second one being a mock eclipse and no main characters dying, it won’t ever happen again.

  19. krazyivan Says:

    Yeah right, after the epic battle between two most powerful demonic forces stay tuned to see how Gutts gets attacked by a little girl – using a army of evil puppies! that would be just lame 😉

  20. jarole Says:

    The saga of Berserk is definitely a Tragedy, not a Comedy. In Comedy everyone gets married in the end. This does not mean that Tragedy doesn’t have humerous elements. In Tragedy, a lot of people die at the end. Obviously the latter fits with Berserk. It’s hard imagining Guts living on a peaceful life into old-age after he defeats all of his enemies. He is an extremely dire character that harbors a lot of personal evils, hate, and drive. He WILL get his fucking revenge, and because he has given so much of himself to his hate–his berserk side and the black dog(his revenge and id)–there will be a price to pay. Thus I believe that he most likely will fall in the final battle, or shortly after.

    Guts was born of a dead mother’s womb–marked(also in many other ways throughout the story). It would be appropriate that he die in a great climactic battle in the end. The fact that a man stood up for his own dreams and dared challenge to bring down a god is inspiring and beautiful in itself.

  21. InterRage Says:

    With Guts being out of commission, Azan will take his place and get together with Caska. Both of Guts mothers will come back from the dead and marry Griffith, making guts the step son of his nemesis/child. That’ll spice things up.

  22. GiLgAmEsH Says:

    The RAW is out!!!

  23. BerserkBerserk Says:

    First @ Ice -> dude, nice termonology. I couldn’t have said it better. idk. maybe. But that is definently how Guts is gonna have to do this. A full throtal assault on the band of the hawk and the godhand.
    @ Harold – > I feel that there has already been way too much tradgedy for a grim ending. Otherwise this was useless. All of the pages were worthless. We get a sense that if we work hard enough and continue getting back up even if we can barely stand or breathe we will suceed. If guts were to die or lose everything, then this plot makes no sense unless miura were going through some sort of depressive psychosis. And if he is, he better not let it affect his work = ) In short, Guts’ attitude and methods wouldn’t go with an ending that contradicts himself as a character.
    @ InterRage -> that would make griffith a necropheliac. which i wouldn’t put past the guy. this guy is totally warped and demented. That, or he is just a puny douche

  24. Phireo Says:

    New chapter of Berserk… ALREADY OUT!!

    Newer chapter of Berserk… 14th of November!!!



  25. guren no kishi Says:

    The 298 raw is out.
    21 pages with minimal dialogue and awesome art.
    Next, November 14.

  26. krazyivan Says:

    I was really counting on this 42page gossip to be true. ;(

  27. Marte Says:

    IMO, things are going more or less like this :
    There’s the black hawk of destruction and the white hawk of salvation. Peoples are usually stupid, so if they see someone beatiful and white they consider it the good one and if they see someone dark/black and somewhat bad-looking, they consider it the bad one. So basically we’ve gone from the white hawk/griffith and the black swordsman/Guts, to the actually black hawk of destruction/griffith and the white “let’s say hawk” of salvation/Guts(notice also his hair are becoming white!). Obviously in the Berserk world(and in reality too!), the good ones are not saints, but still they suffer, they feel pain, they feel human emotions(notice Guts’ reactions when he had to kill all those kids who had become pirkaf/monsters), they bleed and sacrifice themselves for those they love, fighting against their demonic(human) instincts.(instead of those who give up and sacrifice their humanity and their feelings, becoming true demons). Remember what Jill said after Guts left her : “He vanished into the darkness. After all, until it was over, I didn’t understand what kind of man he was. When he showed that to me, I realized that he carried the evil with him….But the mist is burning off. The mist had never vanished before. But now the blazing sun is clearing it away. And now all that remains is the clear sky. It’s nothing like the sky Roshinu flew me through. The sight didn’t make my heart dance. It was brutal and lonely and cold, but the sky was so vivid. It was as if the storm had blown itself out, leaving just the clear sky.”
    That’s what Guts will probably do. He won’t give humanity a stupid Eden, but he will free it from the pure evil.

  28. BerserkBerserk Says:

    guren no kishi where and how can I obtain these chapter 298 raws? think you could send me a link to the raws you have or something like that?
    @Marte – > I agree.

  29. Marte Says:

    Just read the raw. Well, what can I say, the art is great like always, but the chapter is really poor of contents. After all this wait, I give it 4/10!

  30. Marte Says:

    @BerserkBerserk : I can post a link, but I don’t know if this goes against some policy of this site.

  31. BerserkBerserk Says:

    @Marte -> What is your policy? And are you serious about this raw not having alot of good content? After all this wait, too. What the fuck >_<

  32. make money money Says:

    i think griffith will actually wind up being portrayed as the good guy after he kills ganishka and guts is going to have to deal with this baggage of wanting to kill the man who brought midland out of the ‘dark ages’ and into a renaissance so to speak. i also think caska is going to get better and she is going to complicate things by following in guts’ camp but still having the motherly bond going with griffith.

    the whole manga is still probably a decade from being finished, but i think after ch. 300 things are going to start coming full circle. that’s probably why these chapters are slowing down…i think miura wants to make sure the art is perfect and that the storyboard comes together as dramatically as possible without any loose ends. i also think the time has kind of passed on guts’ massacring and bloodlust like in the eras post-eclipse up until now. i don’t understand why people think every chapter that comes out is going to turn out liek this. i’d go so far as to say he has a few epic fights left in him and thats it.

  33. make money money Says:

    also, with griffith now being portrayed in a positive light, miura is going to be more reluctant to write about his character and kind of put his in guts’ spotlight for a little bit. i’d definitely bet that the next 3 or 4 volumes are going to be focused on griffith (and the neo band of the hawks) and his rise to power and guts and elfheim will kind of become the side story.

  34. make money money Says:

    “less reluctant to write about his character and kind of put him in guts’ spotlight” is what i meant. sorry for the triple post 🙁

  35. don Says:

    wtf it wasnt 42 pages, well at least its something

  36. Marte Says:

    @BerserkBerserk: Sorry for the lae answer, but I went to sleeep. I’m serious, but that’s just my point of view. Anyway, I don’t know if there’s a problem about posting direct links to raws here, but at least I can tell you, if you still need the raw, that you can find it through this search engine :

  37. guren no kishi Says:

    @BerserkBerserk: sorry, but I won’t post links to external sites. It’s very easy to find though, if you follow the manga scene and scanlation in general. The places where to grab raws and the likes are always the same 🙂
    @about the 42 pages rumor. It’s not a rumor, it really said 42 new pages on the Young Animal web site Berserk page. BUT you all know that the japanese language can be misinterpreted quite easily. So, yes, 42 new pages BUT not all togetheter in one chapter. That’s why the next episode comes out so close (well…). Let’s hope in the meantime Miura drew some more so we can enjoy even another chapter for November 28. It’s a veeeeery faint hope though.

    Btw, I wonder how many of you will enjoy the extra cover that Umino Chika drew for the 33rd volume of Berserk. It’s kinda “cute” but cute is not something that goes along with Berserk and the monsters lurking on its pages, doesn’t it? Still it’s a nice bonus.

  38. BerserkBerserk Says:

    @Marte -> Thanks alot for posting the link, however, in light of Guren no kishi’s policy I won’t check out the site. Too bad about the new chapter release , huh?

    @Guren no kishi -> as I said above I won’t check the link.

    Alright, wow, I was sure that once the new chapter came out things would start looking good. damn it. What is going on with Berserk? Can’t wait for the english translation. Gutz must have his revenge.

  39. Ripper Says:

    The next issue will be out 14 of november!!!!I am about to read the new one in a couple of minutes another group have translate the 298 chapter!sorry I cannot wait this site to publish it but I ll read it again as soon as you get the work done .you are the best og evil genius!! ^^

  40. thedude Says:

    I just read the new chapter and i must say im a little upset.

  41. BerserkBerserk Says:

    @thedude, the way you feel about the new chapter times 3 and thats how I feel. very disapointed.

    In other news, The ganishka fight is finally beginning. The fight has ensued. Now all we have to do is……wait it out and see who wins. And there better be a winner….one must die….one must die…..

    At least we have this awesome evil genius website. Thanks again for helping us through our addiction.

  42. Harold Says:

    i broke my BWS (Berserk Waiting Syndrom) about a month or two ago so i wasn’t too disapointed. it was about the same length and development as the rest of the updates this year. very little.

  43. krazyivan Says:

    please- no spoilers! I’m waiting for the EG translation

  44. InterRage Says:

    I’ve seen the other translation of 298, and I’d rather have some coherent dialogue.

  45. thedude Says:

    i agree with u interrage. i dont want to just look at pictures.

  46. RedSamurai Says:

    Although I’m sure everyone will probably be somewhat disappointed as to how much they waited to have little (actually very little) story development. But as ‘Harold’ said, it’s not something we’re not already used to 🙂
    Although I’m saying that, I actually haven’t read the new chapter yet (waiting for EG’s like always), and still hope that it’ll bring back the addiction that started fading out after 5+ cruel months of wait.
    And one more thing… Enough with Ganishka-Griffith, we WANT Gatsu for god’s sake!!

  47. InterRage Says:

    “This is…”

    No more “this is..” please.

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