The great fund drive for new hardware!

  » Posted February 7th, 2007 by psi29a

We are currently leasing our server hardware for $75/month but the hardware isn’t mine.

That means $75 a month, for 12 months (1 year) is $900 USD a year to keep this place up and running, most of which comes out of my pocket with one third being paid for by spurious donations and google adverts.

So I plan on building one and the cost for that is $525 USD and having it co-located for much cheaper by friends who share the EG passion. 😀

However, the wife and I would like to re-coup our upfront cost and if you guys could help us out that would be greatly appreciated!

Forum based donation widget.

or if you don’t have a forum account:

Thank you all again for your support and hopefully we can move forward with a smooth transition and my wife and I can breath a little easier by not having to spend $75 a month. 🙂

PS: I’ll post specs of machine later.

11 Responses to “The great fund drive for new hardware!”

  1. Phireo Says:

    Sure, just wait till I find a job.

  2. selm Says:

    i’ll see what i can do

  3. psi29a Says:

    Thank you very much for those who have helped out thus far. 😀

  4. Lucas Says:

    Dudes, i’m from Brazil, i love your work.
    i am seeing berserk trough your work

    congratulations, u are making a brazilian happier xD
    i intend to donate some simbolic money someday x)
    keep with your excelente work
    best regards
    Lucas xD

  5. Mammoth314 Says:

    I just send $10, it isn’t much but I hope it help out in any small way.

  6. Kavaron from Greece Says:

    I’ve donated 15$. Its not much but I hope more people help and you will succeed in the end!

    PS. If not then we will have to donate more

  7. Storm Says:

    Well, no only one brasilian happier, but two with me, haha

    It´s hard for me to really like any anime/manga, but berserk did that from the very beginning.
    Keep the good work, I love it.
    May help some day, if the things get better for me.

  8. Tiago Says:

    I’m another brazilian!!!

    I wasnt a big fan of anime/manga… but one day my neighbor lend me an DVD with Berserk…
    I watched all the anime in 2 days in the middle of my exams in College, and the manga i read in 4 days!!!
    And now i’m waitin for the 282!!!

    Well Done EG!!!
    Great work!!!!
    I’ll help soon as possible!

  9. psi29a Says:

    It is a Brazilian conspiracy! 😀

    Actually, you guys should head over to the forum. There are a few more there as well, plus more conversations.

  10. Daichii Says:

    Well i’m not from brazil lol but i’ll help too, gosh it’s already feb/9 and i can’t wait, berserk will be released tomorrow, don’t it? coz the delay of 7 hours or so

  11. pato Says:

    mermão, se eu naum fosse querbrado, eu ajudava nas moral… soh ki a situação aki num tah das melhores naum….
    flw aew

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