Mega Release Weekend!

  » Posted January 26th, 2007 by psi29a

We got your bag this time: Angel Heart, Berserk, Biomega, and NHK! So without any further delay,


So, happy end of the first month of January! Remember kids, 282 on Feb 9th! Join us in the forums for discussions.

Edit by Eldo:

Many of you have asked what’s the deal with Zetman and other projects, but I think we should get it ready for next release, along with chapter nine of Breaction. We have not dropped it or anything, everything is in readiness and planned. Note that this is not a definite possibility, but we will try to produce the goods.

35 Responses to “Mega Release Weekend!”

  1. MiLKiS Says:

    thx a lot for NHK CANT WAIt for chap.33

  2. Apraxhren Says:

    Thanks, I own you guys my first born child.

  3. kai Says:

    new berserk. i declare it to be funky

  4. Laisha Says:

    Cheers, perfect timing for the release of berserk.

  5. The BlackSwordsman - A Berserk Fansite Says:

    Chapter 281 Weekend Release…

    The latest chapter in the ongoing Berserk manga series was translated and released by Evil Genius today. Awesome work on their part; now download!
    Download: here


  6. Patrick Says:

    I like reading Berserk, is that other stuff good (for a Berserk fan)?

  7. SAMfh Says:

    You guys are almost as cool as Guts. This is the highest praise I can offer.

  8. Farla Says:

    Yay more Berserk! You guys rule!

  9. lfe Says:


    is it me or are the numbers counting down on the last page?

  10. LordMune Says:

    Patrick; Biomega and Zetman are pretty good seinen titles with solid stories and great artwork. You might like them.

  11. Patrick Says:

    @LordMune: Cool, thanks, I will check them out.

  12. Alan Says:

    I love you guys!

  13. Rancid Says:

    tnx dudes, u guys rock
    but i have to ask, what’s going on with Zetman???

  14. Kreshi Says:

    yeah, thx alot guys!
    I agree with Rancid, where´s Zetman?
    Zetman is such a great manga!…

  15. Lone Wolf Says:

    Cool!!!BERSERK again!!!Keep up the good work!

  16. joeh Says:

    thanks for the release!!!
    was just wondering though what does the poster on the 1st page mean? is berserk coming to an end?? T_T

  17. Ruroni Says:

    Definitely ready for B.Reaction.

  18. arcanes Says:

    Awesome!!! keep it coming!!!
    Now that we have berserk 2 times a month I’m happy lol:)
    And NHK rocks too!!

  19. pato Says:


  20. TenriKun Says:

    Thank you for the NHK!

  21. altekterror Says:

    Thanks EG for the releases. dont know where i would be if it wasnt for you guys. yeah some new zetman would be wicked, but take ya time. we all can wait. thanks for the hard work again =)

  22. Mr Heroux Says:



  23. fenrisulfr Says:

    Thanks guys, as usual.
    Berserk 4ever.

  24. vincent Says:

    “You guys are almost as cool as Guts. This is the highest praise I can offer.”

    hehe true

  25. vincent Says:

    after all i’ m waiting for “gatts vs. grunbeld” part two

  26. wicked Says:

    you guys rawk!

  27. Belliom Says:

    GREAT NHK!!! Very funny chapter. Can’t wait for more!!

  28. axemurder666 Says:

    oooh man thnx for bererk… and the quality…man thanx u guys rock

  29. ogar555 Says:

    We love ya!

  30. baloghp Says:

    Thanks for the hard work, very much appreciated. Keep it up please

  31. skins2153 Says:

    BY THE ZODDS!!!!

    praise be to evilgenius..SUSTAINER OF THE ADDICTION

  32. Harkan Says:

    WOw, something fired up the dude that does Berserk reall bad. No more a month untill the next , awesome. Lets hope it continues like this

  33. Reiketsu Says:

    More BIOMEGA…

    I love you, guys!

  34. Neodaishi Says:

    Guts is definitely death incarnate! Keep up the scans guys, and thx for feeding this addiction.

    Ever Vigilant…

  35. erosenin69 Says:

    sup guys… the ZETMAN SERIES IS COOL.. plss.. post the lastest manga… ^)^ thnx

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