Re-Release of AngelHeart and NHK

  » Posted January 25th, 2007 by psi29a

Well, every once in awhile I get a message saying “Where is AngelHeart 56-58?” and so I felt it was time to fix the issue and reroll our chapter releases in volume releases. So, here you all go:


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So enjoy, and we at EG are cranking away for this weekend. 😀

10 Responses to “Re-Release of AngelHeart and NHK”

  1. titogod Says:

    lol, where is berserk mormel

  2. Jacob Says:

    today? tonight? Tomorrow??? WHEN will my cute little B-boy come?

  3. Tiago Says:

    The same… where is Gatts??? and the new fellowship!???? My heart won’t take it!!

  4. Daichii Says:

    They’re still on it.. gatts will be here 2morrow, i can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  5. Steve Says:

    Be patient people, remember that EG usually pushes for a weekend release. And be grateful that theyre even doing this at all. They are doing this for free after all.

    Thanks for the update and all your hardwork thusfar EG crew. And please take your time to both ensure a quality release and retain your sanity. lol

    Thanks again! 🙂

  6. Samuel Caceres Says:

    Long Live E.G!!!!! hurray for E.G!!!!!

  7. psi29a Says:

    Thanks Steve.

    We waited for the HQ raws and are in the middle wrapping things up now. Problem was that the LQ raws that came in last night really didn’t cut it for us. So we proceeded with the translation and held off on editing till we got the HQs in.

    For those who can’t wait any longer, there is a release of 281 by cez using crap quality images with a sketchy (read uber fast) translation by winterlion, both of mangahelpers.

    *shrugs* We don’t like it, and feel the same way ETC does about their SAO. If they want to help out, then they can join us at EG. If not, we will continue onwards regardless with the higher quality raws and more accurate translation.

  8. Avalanch Says:

    Waiting madly for another Berserk release. Thx EG for your work!!

  9. Tiago Says:

    How long will be berserk??… Some people says that they will go up to vol. 60+/-… so… we have about one decade? What do you think??? With one chapter every 2 weeks… in one year we have +/-25 chapters or 2 volumes…

    i don’t know… but i hope EG will stay with us till its done…

    thanks for everything!!!!

    Berserk&Gatts ROX!!!

  10. KLAU$$ Says:

    no more b reaction?????? 🙁

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