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Happy Holidays!

  » Posted December 24th, 2007 by psi29a

From everyone at Evil_Genius, happy holidays everyone and may you have a great new years. 2008 is almost here and it has been a great 4 years since Oro first founded EG. We started out as part of DigitalPanic, a swell group of people in their own right that helped incubate us in our Gantz and Berserk speed scanlation days.

We did eventually outgrow (and piss off a few people) Oro decided to strike out on his own and with a bit of help from Mindwerks we are now self-hosted and have developed slowly over time into what you see today. While Oro has moved on to bigger and better thing, he is still the founder who guided us into what you see today. So, many thanks to Oro for pioneering the way and I hope that we at EG have kept your flame alive and made you proud.

Now, time for the torrents! 🙂


Yes, you read that right… Blame Academy, B. Reaction!, and AngelHeart! Woohoo!

Take care everyone and enjoy the holidays!

hbi2k Presents Episode 20: “Swing and a Miss”

EDIT: Also, we are in need of experienced editors. Please contact Eldo if you are interested in helping out, by emailing him at eldoes at gmail dot com or PM him at the forums. Some projects are idle with no editors at the moment, so we would very much appreciate the help.

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Just a bit of what’s up.

  » Posted December 2nd, 2007 by psi29a

So many of you perhaps are waiting for the next Berserk chapter, while others are anxious for another bit of Biomega, Angel Heart, Zetman and B Reaction… here is the run down what is going on.

Angel Heart: We have lots more in the pipeline that just need to be QCed before we can push them out the door.

Berserk: Waiting of course… always waiting… for more… *sigh*

Biomega: We had made significant progress, but Nomimono’s laptop burst into flames and fell into a swamp. Well, not really but the laptop is toast and so are the translations. Good news is through this pain, he is a real trooper and re-translating. We should have more tastiness for you soon.

B. Reaction!: Progress is steady is on this, we hope to wrap this up too much like NHK. This will make 2nd manga we have finished. 🙂

Zetman: Yes, there are chapters floating around out there but they are crap quality. We try to stick with the tanks (Volume) scans as they are really top notch. However, this hasn’t stopped our team from looking at the chapters to do a pre-translation in lieu of the tanks.

???????: Indeed, we have a treat for you all. Something we have found that EG members think will be a fun project.

And now… a message from hbi2k

Berserk Abridged: 18

Berserk Abridged: 19

Also, I’ve taken this oppertunity to remove the volumes of NHK that are currently out on the shelves at your local bookstore. So stop fucking stealing you cheap bastards and go buy it. Thank you Tokyopop! (please don’t sue us)

Look forward to more goodness. 🙂

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Happy Berserk Day

  » Posted November 23rd, 2007 by psi29a

To those in the States, happy turkey day… to the rest, merry berserk day. 😉 Get your Angel Heart, B.Reaction!, and lovely Berserk.


Many thanks to Vicissitude , Eldo, LordMune, Starnum, Uncempt and Mystic.

Have a great weekend gang!

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Berserk 292 Preview – Mist of Death

  » Posted November 20th, 2007 by psi29a

第292話 死の霧 – Mist of Death

Berserk 292 Preview

What a wonderful title…

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Das Berserk 291

  » Posted November 17th, 2007 by psi29a

Apologies for the delay, real life takes priority is all that can be said at this point. Fear not, we will continue to bring Berserk and more, just hopefully not as late in the future. 😉

Major kudos goes to both Mystic and LordMune for their time and effort. Thank you guys!


Another PSA from hbi2k

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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