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  » Posted December 2nd, 2007 by psi29a

So many of you perhaps are waiting for the next Berserk chapter, while others are anxious for another bit of Biomega, Angel Heart, Zetman and B Reaction… here is the run down what is going on.

Angel Heart: We have lots more in the pipeline that just need to be QCed before we can push them out the door.

Berserk: Waiting of course… always waiting… for more… *sigh*

Biomega: We had made significant progress, but Nomimono’s laptop burst into flames and fell into a swamp. Well, not really but the laptop is toast and so are the translations. Good news is through this pain, he is a real trooper and re-translating. We should have more tastiness for you soon.

B. Reaction!: Progress is steady is on this, we hope to wrap this up too much like NHK. This will make 2nd manga we have finished. πŸ™‚

Zetman: Yes, there are chapters floating around out there but they are crap quality. We try to stick with the tanks (Volume) scans as they are really top notch. However, this hasn’t stopped our team from looking at the chapters to do a pre-translation in lieu of the tanks.

???????: Indeed, we have a treat for you all. Something we have found that EG members think will be a fun project.

And now… a message from hbi2k

Berserk Abridged: 18

Berserk Abridged: 19

Also, I’ve taken this oppertunity to remove the volumes of NHK that are currently out on the shelves at your local bookstore. So stop fucking stealing you cheap bastards and go buy it. Thank you Tokyopop! (please don’t sue us)

Look forward to more goodness. πŸ™‚

37 Responses to “Just a bit of what’s up.”

  1. lon3vvolf Says:

    Alright! More Berserk Abridged to hold us over. Also, I don’t think the poll is working correctly.

  2. Ogmios Says:

    glad to hear news about B. Reaction! πŸ™‚
    As always thanks for your great work .

  3. Hikarub Says:

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the progress. It warms my heart to know that there’s more Angel Heart on the way.

    Regarding the new series you’ll be working on, any hints on what it could be?

  4. Daichii Says:

    just one question… are u ever gonna translate Blame NSE anymore? since it’s still in the Torrent Downloads…


  5. psi29a Says:

    @Hikarub: No hints. πŸ™‚

    @Daichii: There is no more NSE, only one was released. If you find more though (somehow we missed it), by all means send us a link. We are operating under the assumption that the wikipedia is correct and only one chapter was made.

  6. Dyhalto Says:

    What kind of wait for Berserk are we talking about here? One more week? Or one of his one month holidays?

    What’s going on with this guy? Keisuke Itagaki does Grappler Baki and Garouden simultaneously. He even managed to cram a 1 volume manga called Pickle in. Why does our Berserk mangaku need a full month holiday every 2-3 chapters? Does he have something else on the go?

  7. psi29a Says:

    @Dyhalto: Because he has been doing it for nearly two decades now and is well worth the wait. Quality not quantity.

  8. The Vogfather Says:

    abriged #18 = best ever IMO

    keep up the good work on bolth sides πŸ™‚

  9. EC Says:

    Hilarious. Thanks for the update.

  10. Arto Says:

    Berserk abriged is great!!! Thanx! Keep it up!

  11. Cower Says:

    Biomega lost ??
    arrgh! that’s bad.

    any news on Gram Gakuen translation ?

  12. Kattan Says:

    Nice that the abridged series is up, but you are missing one that shows griffith dying.

    you can get it at:

    or look it up at daily motion under Helsing ultimate 1 abridged.

  13. BigBonk Says:

    Nice to see that hbi2k didn’t stop the abridged project prematurely. I like how he releaunched the project as hellsing abridged until Zodd interrupts and refuses to back down. Lol, this guy is good.

  14. Daichii Says:

    i believed that the entire volume had been released!! sorry bout that..

  15. Shiva Says:

    I wish to read latest Zetman volume:P Are you working on it?

  16. Emanuele Ciriachi Says:

    The Abridged episodes are *GREAT*!

    Griffith: “…I’m still going to nail your fine ass daughter and become king.”
    Queen: “But I thought you were gay!!”

    Bwa ha ha ha ha…!

  17. Ahmed Says:

    Guys, anyone know the “cowboy” song in berserk Abridged 18 ?!

    i want it’s name

  18. Daichii Says:

    it’s “wanted dead or alive” by bon jovi

  19. DiscoMouse Says:

    Great to hear you guys are still sticking with Biomega, thanks a lot for your work!

  20. Gatsu Says:

    Frist off I wanna say thanks so much, you guys r awesome!! Kings! GODS!!!

    anyways soo we got another wait for berserk?? -_-?? and what about B.reaction only 14 chapters out so far.. it dosint seem very steady or is it just FUCKIN SLOW like berserk -_-…

  21. imguin Says:

    Can someone tell me what is the name of the music that was played during the fight between guts and griffith?

  22. Kobra Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job with the scanlation. Also: Berserk has to be the absolute MANLIEST manga story ever!

  23. hbi2k Says:

    “Can someone tell me what is the name of the music that was played during the fight between guts and griffith?”

    That’s “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye),” originally by Steam. The version in the episode is a disco cover by Crazy Frog.

  24. Zetboy Says:

    I don’t really care for quality, i like you all cause you do! but the wait for the next zetman has just been soooo long! cant you release a few crappy ones and then to the tanks when they are out?

  25. Daichii Says:

    guess not uh? haha

    any words on berserk??

  26. psi29a Says:

    Still no words on Berserk.

  27. Wickian Says:

    Maybe we’ll have a very merry christmas and TWO chapters will be out before new years…

  28. Ogmios Says:

    Do you plan to release anything in the next days ? Like B.Reaction or Zetman for example … πŸ˜€

  29. Eltee Says:

    There’s an easy Berserk reference possible right here. We’re waiting so long, waiting so long, we’re waiting so long, we’re waiting….. *terrible guitar riff*


  30. psi29a Says:

    Why yes, we do plan on having a treat for Christmas. πŸ™‚

    No hints though. πŸ˜‰

  31. Dilemma Says:

    For some reason I like the Berserk Abridged very much! It’s nice to have some comic relief to a series as serious as this…

  32. Azurian Says:

    Merry Christmas, guys!

  33. Eldo Says:

    Yes, we are planning to make some releases for Christmas. I suppose I could give hints to what releases they are…so pay close attention.

    But anyway, from the bottom of the EG collective heart, Merry Christmas everyone! The chapters are ready, and we can’t wait to see your reaction once they are released. But don’t blame us if your favourite manga isn’t released at this time. We can only do so much; we are not saints, angels, or miracle workers.

    Anyone want to guess what manga titles are being released? Note that the above paragraph has pretty poor sentence structure and the such to fit the clues in. Sigh, I’m not very creative.

  34. santaxgod Says:

    nice to hear EG’s words on Zetman, i’m really miss you guys’ Zetman releases..

  35. Grif Says:

    Hey i heard the creator of berserk died, is that true????

    btw how many times has the abridged series ended (not that im complaining)

  36. Lightning Flex Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. Personally I was very curious about the status of B reaction. Hope you will release some chapters soon. You really do a good job! keep up the good work…!!!

  37. Patrick_Bateman Says:


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