Happy Holidays!

  » Posted December 24th, 2007 by psi29a

From everyone at Evil_Genius, happy holidays everyone and may you have a great new years. 2008 is almost here and it has been a great 4 years since Oro first founded EG. We started out as part of DigitalPanic, a swell group of people in their own right that helped incubate us in our Gantz and Berserk speed scanlation days.

We did eventually outgrow (and piss off a few people) Oro decided to strike out on his own and with a bit of help from Mindwerks we are now self-hosted and have developed slowly over time into what you see today. While Oro has moved on to bigger and better thing, he is still the founder who guided us into what you see today. So, many thanks to Oro for pioneering the way and I hope that we at EG have kept your flame alive and made you proud.

Now, time for the torrents! 🙂


Yes, you read that right… Blame Academy, B. Reaction!, and AngelHeart! Woohoo!

Take care everyone and enjoy the holidays!

hbi2k Presents Episode 20: “Swing and a Miss”

EDIT: Also, we are in need of experienced editors. Please contact Eldo if you are interested in helping out, by emailing him at eldoes at gmail dot com or PM him at the forums. Some projects are idle with no editors at the moment, so we would very much appreciate the help.

66 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Hikarub Says:

    Can’t wait for the update and more AH!!

    Looks like I won’t have to wait too long for my fix. But you guys waiting on Berserk sure have it tough.


    I just finished ch. 292 after weeks of being hooked on Berserk. I totally wish that the anime had kept going like the manga has. The ending pissed me off so bad that I had to read the manga to figure out wtf was going on lol. Btw, anyone have any manga suggestions for me to read while waiting for my Berserk fix (that are on par with Berserk)?

  3. kuji Says:

    berserk is the only manga that pulled my full attention i declair that its the top….the best……the ultimate….

  4. Daichii Says:

    indeed.. berserk is the best of the best but the wait is a bitch, i too started reading at age 17 now im 21+… berserk will end when im too old and tired for even read it

  5. Marte Says:

    The biggest problem IMO is that time doesn’t change just the readers(after ~20 years), but the author too. I hope he won’t start to get bored of it and that he will be able to maintain a certain plot coherence and meaning.

  6. kuji Says:

    A full team should be working on this … cuz its worth it ….. bring back the tragic hero dont let this masterpeice die, im just saying this cuz time might really kill the manga series

  7. kuji Says:

    long lives the tragic hero

  8. Thankful person Says:

    I would first like to say that this wait is cruel and financially unethical. Why wait so long and take so much time just to put some some of the best peices of a legendary manga known as, Berserk. No chapter should ever take this long to finish. No set of chapters should keep the readers this antsy about a release date for so long. I just dotn understand.

  9. oli Says:

    hey guys a news to tell us what’s going would be nice.
    I just feel like the website is dead which is sad knowing how you do a great job…

  10. krazyivan Says:

    I don’t see what seems to be the problem. I’ve been waiting for such an occasion to do a re-read of all the previous chapters.

  11. Mohammed Says:

    We know you are busy EG, and we do appreciate the work you have done so far. But we all know your lives come first,work, family etc comes first.

    Thanks for all the work you have done so far, and take your time, people who want quality will wait.

    EG, you are the best ever.

  12. Marte Says:

    In more than 2 months I’ve re-read it already 2 times.

  13. yatamura Says:

    Doesn’t anyone have mercy to us,poor fans?I have a really bad feeling about this Berserk delay…I just Hope Miura won’t let us down…Last issue was posted on November 22 thanks to the guys in EG…It’s January 27 now…All this wait is killing me and supports a fear that Miura is gonna stop Berserk.Then what??

  14. EvilGeniusFanboy Says:


    what about the status report u wanted to give this weekend?
    Hope u can give us a date for the release of berserk, biomega and/or zetman 🙂

    And thanks a lot for the thing u do, i/we apreciate u for doing that

    greetings from germany

  15. Wickian Says:

    The only manga I can think rival Berserk in both art and story would have to be Battle Angel Alita.

  16. Deppie Says:

    I really hope nothing bad has happened to Miura…

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