Long live Berserk!

  » Posted December 22nd, 2006 by psi29a

It was just brought to my attention that 280 will be released on January 12 of 2007. You can find out more at the official Berserk page hosted by YoungAnimal.

As I said in the previous post, EG will all over it faster than Eldo on your Mom. 😛

57 Responses to “Long live Berserk!”

  1. SAMfh Says:

    Awesome, welcome news. I guess if the whole episode is as detailed as the preview, I can see why it took Miura so long. But still, that was a long time.

  2. LordMune Says:

    Eldo get away from my mother >:(

  3. Reynolds Says:

    That is great news =) have been dying for some berserk manga!

  4. psi29a Says:

    From everyone at EG, happy New Year! We look forward to 2007.

  5. The Slayer of 100 Says:


    I’m crazy about berserk!!! i searching night and day for the ps2 game here in brazil!!

    I read the hole manga( 279 chapters) in english in 4days!!! and now that they launched the portuguese version i’m buying every month but every volume is the half size of the japan version 🙁 and is on vol.19 only!!!!! My heart won’t take it!!!!

  6. Berserker Says:

    words cant describe what i feel ;____; Happy new year indeed!! Berserk is baaaack!!!!

  7. Benoît Says:


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