Berserk 357

  » Posted August 26th, 2018 by DrPepperPro

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17 Responses to “Berserk 357”

  1. Thiago Says:

    Thank you, as always, great work.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Ooh, thanks. Can’t wait to see the true dark side of Griffith’s utopia.

  3. prosehack Says:

    Thanks Guys!

  4. zRabbit Says:


  5. SilentSnake Says:

    Thanks EG, great work!

  6. james Says:


  7. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Another “to be continued”… but great chapter, very interesting, brings some new elements of Griffiths’ strategy and logistics, thank you EG !

  8. Larry Says:

    Page 16-17, the mechanics of the helmets where the face-guard latches in place and folds down on the pins; that’s marvelous attention to detail because it would literally work. Amazing.

    Two questions;
    Guts, how are you going to beat all that?
    Does that portal have a path to Elfheim?

  9. Shuls Says:

    Great work guys, thanks for the translation!

    Guts isn’t alone, Schierke is jsut as strong as him depending on the spells she casts and don’t forget that the Skull Knight is still around and is also really strong (and maybe can’t die?).

  10. Gustav Larsson Says:

    I envy everyone who started to read Berserk recently, and not having to wait… I don’t know.. DECADES?! for this?!

  11. jherson Says:

    Yooo this is such a big hint that elfhelm and other hidden parts could be breached and battled. Griffith is just tryiing to remove any opposition i.e king of elfhelm

  12. Ziomnioxe Says:

    Well the ”portal” had to be activated before they could use it, so i don’t think Griffith could just appear in Elfhelm, he, or someone else would have to travel personally and open the gate in order for the rest of the troops to invade.

  13. annarek Says:

    also doesn’t that means that the return of guts will be much faster and if someone destroys the end of the “portal” that place becomes inaccesible until someone rebuilds it?

  14. jherson Says:

    @Ziomnioxe- as Sonia said “Griffith and I are the only ones who can Navigate the world tree”, because “Unless you have a special sense, you’ll get lost among the twisting branches”. The activation was having it rebuilt .

    @annarek I’m sure the elf king knows all about the world tree and its branches. I think the elf king will get involved in the battle and help Guts, some new power or control of the berserk armor..maybe even an option to become another type of skull knight..

    On a side note, remember the moon child(caska’s abortion) was seen navigating the branches once?

  15. littleReader Says:

    Thanks for continuing to deliver Berserk goods to us! It is really appreciated.

  16. Shuls Says:

    @jherson They rebuilt ONE of the gates, If it was that easy don’t you think Griffith would have already invaded while he has the whole kingdom on his side? Griffith is a strategist so he wouldn’t waste such an opportunity.
    Also I don’t think Griffith even knows where Elfhelm is, at least not yet anyways.

  17. jherson Says:

    @Shuls Yeah I guess so, but so much is left for conjecture. I mean, is there a power the elf king has that Griffith deems as powerful? the attacks on creatures must clearly be an evidence he’s trying to crush opposition.. I mean Grunbeld was sent to kill Flora.. kind of an easy pick. Surely Griffith knows who his remaining enemies are and why he hasn’t gone after Elfhelm is what I’m hoping to find out

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