Keepin’ it cryptic

  » Posted September 15th, 2009 by miyagiCE

It appears it’s time we released.


Also, Berserk is out next week, so check back then for more of the good stuff.

18 Responses to “Keepin’ it cryptic”

  1. tufi Says:

    Yaaaaay! ty!

  2. Slumber Says:

    Thanks for the health serving of Zetman

  3. JG100 Says:

    Awesome, love Zetman!
    Is there a backlog of Zetman-raws or are you up to the latest chapters?

  4. tyler durden Says:

    no, berserk

  5. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Alaah ! Berserk is on it’s unstoppabl[e](y slow) way

  6. Macs Says:

    Yay, more Zetman! Thanks!

  7. Phy Says:

    You guys are so sloooooooooooooooooooow with Zet.

  8. miyagiCE Says:

    We’re not caught up, so yes, there is a backlog.

    Might as well continue your whining elsewhere.

  9. Thana Says:

    I love those fools who think EG draws Zetman 😀

    Anyways… Berserk in round about 2 weeks – YAY!

  10. leo Says:

    omg omg omg omg finally zetman ive been waiting for this a long time believe me, youre soooo great evil-genius

  11. JePiNaY Says:

    Thanks for uploading Zetman.

  12. ekiow Says:

    not much longer and the AH manga keeps up with the Anime…
    I´m tensely waiting for that time to come (but as to me, the manga´s better than the anime, these chapters are fine as well).

  13. ZetMan Reader Says:


  14. Kain Says:

    Wouhou, a whole batch of angel heart, thanks a lot!

  15. DamnedBones Says:

    Thanks guys for both AH and Zetman.

  16. Syhming Says:

    Thanks for the Zetman scans.

  17. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much!

  18. Froggy Says:

    OMG yay Berserk!

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