Big weekend ahead of us….

  » Posted May 26th, 2006 by psi29a

We have a load of stuff we want to release, but it will all wait till after Berserk 274 is released. We do have the raw, and are working on it now.

Enjoy the weekend folks, it has been a long week and now for a treat. 😛

16 Responses to “Big weekend ahead of us….”

  1. kenshiro 2 Says:

    what a great news!!! i wanna thank u folks for all your hardwork to provide this supergreat manga!!


  2. ifallible Says:

    Thx as well guys.

  3. mungkee Says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait till 274 is out. Looking forward to it!

  4. seishi Says:

    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
    GREAAAT thanks 😀

  5. Shadow8 Says:

    Yesssssssss the chapter 274

  6. Lothirel Says:

    yesssssssssss please translate it as fast as you can.

  7. moozooh Says:

    just awesome, keep it up!

  8. ogar Says:


  9. SarahofBorg Says:

    Dam that’s fast! Wow, can’t wait! Will there at least be a preview?

  10. oro Says:

    FUC* YEAH, you guys kick arse, that was fast though i gotta say, BIG UP YE’SELF

  11. braveman Says:

    can you give us the raw ? pleaze

  12. psi29a Says:

    There is no preview… no point since we are close to release anyway.

    We do not release raws, only the end product.

  13. oro Says:

    close to release?? I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT BABYYY

  14. psystorm Says:

    Great thanks to you all from evil-genius for the great work youre been doing.
    I’m waiting for the ch274. 😀

  15. fredpop Says:

    Really a great website here ! Your work is so good ! Thx one million time for let me discover Berserk the manga ! And sorry for my bad english…. Good Luck in the future

  16. ran Says:

    u guys deserve many “thank yous”!! Many berserk fans owe you their souls.
    I wish I knew japanese, i would love to contribute to such a great cause.
    Thank you so much. ( ch274!!!! #$@* yea!!)

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