Zetman volume 9

  » Posted August 6th, 2009 by arke

Seems like I missed chapter 101 when collecting the chapters together for volume 9. Oops. The fixed volume has been uploaded.

17 Responses to “Zetman volume 9”

  1. Thana Says:

    On a sidenote:
    The actual poll will influence my life forever!

  2. Mad Pete Says:

    Voted for B…
    It stands for Berserk, right?

  3. arke Says:

    Maybe! Needed a new poll so put up that one. The results are amusing.

  4. elijah Says:

    hey man, just wanted to say : Good job on scanslating zetman and keep going, its really awesome that we can finally get to read this masterpiece.

  5. Alb Says:

    Yeah, thanks for the hard work guys. Really appreciated =]

    Miura ma’ man, what are you doin’. We need more Berserk? =[

  6. Hiroaka Says:

    I want news Zetman´s chapters Ç_______Ç

  7. elijah Says:

    im waitin for more zetman 🙂

  8. DameNingen Says:

    I long for Berserk and are waiting for Zetman
    wasnt the new Berserk released on 26. July? cant wait

  9. reggie Says:

    can u guys please update zetman already? screw the other projects, zetman kills berserk and all the other manga currently out there

  10. reggie Says:

    update zetman please!!!!!

  11. reggie Says:

    did u guys just forget bout zetman? wtf yo.

  12. DrPepperPro Says:

    To DameNingen:
    Next Berserk is on September 25th.

    To reggie:
    You’re retarted.

  13. reggie Says:

    to DrPepperPro: ur a fag– zetman is the best manga, period.

    guys at EG: please focus on scanning the new chapters, its been over 40 days since the last update!!

  14. DrPepperPro Says:

    Actually, if you must know, we’re in need of raws for Zetman. If you could buy and scan the raws for the next chapter/volume that would be much appreciated. Also kill yourself while you’re at it.

  15. The Prince Says:

    LOL….Zetman smokes horse-C@ck compared to Berserk.

    Hey reggie:

    In case u haven’t noticed this is a fan site. Those doing scanlations do so out of their own time and money. Though it would be nice to see more updates on here, they are no more obligated to make it happen than people like u or me.

    I’d tell u to go somewhere else to get your Zetman fix…..but where would u go? So unless you plan on providing MiyagiCe and co., with a little incentive via paypal….you have no basis to complain.

  16. Thana Says:

    I support the idea “buy, scan and upload Zetman, then kill yourself”.

    Go, reggie! You can do it!

  17. reggie Says:

    well, that was enlightening- i thought some dudes got paid for this shizz. my bad. but yea, zetman ftw!!! screw berserk.

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